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Oh jejus here I come 😬 when your Christian wife does all Hindu rituals with complete faith say Hail Mary with equal faith #velankanni #secularjoda

And he is guilty of stealing from the bin #kranti #guiltydog #petparent #russianlab @archanataide

बदलाव है सत्य सबसे बड़ा
जिसका समय है उदाहरण सबसे बड़ा
बदलता वो भी हर घडी है
या हर घड़ी को वही बदलता है
दो कांटो में बंधा समय आज़ादी से
निरंतर बदलता है, दोनों कांटे एक ही धूरि को पकडे
समय को हर पल बदलते हैं समय बदलो 'पंडित' धूरि नहीं!!
-AS (पंडित)

Tried these amazing flat sole runners made by an Indian startup @azanisport and i recommend highly for those who are looking for comfort natural flat running feel #madeinindia #flatrunner

Everything else lies in grey in between #blacknwhite

If you are destined for greatness,greatness will find its way for you @tomhanks absolute fav 🙏😘

In deep discussion.. #toofan

Salasar balaji sthapana diwas ki badhai..May he bless us all always 🙏🙏

Two people who inspire every word I utter or scribble..guess this date 18th August gifted with prolific writers a very happy birthday to you dad @ashvaniaugust and #gulzar #वक़्तसेकुछआगे #अँधेरेकीचीख #कस्बेकाकोलाज #रेतरेतधड़कन

शब्दों से रूह में उतर जाने का फन आप ही जानते हैं #gulzaarsaab #happybirthday #त्रिवेणी

Almost 4yrs on and It still gives goosebumps #vandematram @saurabhtewari #rangrasiya #happyindependenceday @tewarisaurabh

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