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Ashe Salvatore  Glimpse of someone who having fun with her cosplay related stuff.. Perhaps 😬 ❀ cute stuffs ❀ laces ❀ ikemen ❀ trap


Got both cloudy and sunny days here

Well then, enough spamming (and laughter) for today
Good night 🌜

Taken at Eternity Costudio
πŸ“· by Machoman & Co

And thus the photosession went chaotic, but we love (almost) every second of it. Lots of inappropriate pics taken. Thank you @macaroonheather @rachtatouille @adeliea_ for inviting me! I can't type anything else cause I'm too tired after looking all these pics (after nonstop laughing in front of my laptop) but I want to let you guys know that I'm really grateful meeting you.
Taken at Eternity Costudio
πŸ“· by Machoman & Co

Still in #throwbacktime
Sorting some photos again today!
My first crush on Touken Ranbu game, Shishio ❀
I told myself to stop loving those mainstream 2D boys bait but.. well... It was harder than I thought. The "gaooo~" phrase that he said is truly precious and adorable hshshshshsssss
Taken at Eternity Costudio
πŸ“· by Machoman & CO
(Make sure to check out their page on Facebook!)

It's Saturday, can I go back to sleep?

Found this while sorting photos on my laptop last night. It's been a year since this photoshoot, my braces was there as well lol
Didn't fond of this softlens cause turned out the yellow was too bright, sorry for making Kotori-chan scarier than ever πŸ˜‚ /poke idol ninja fellas @karmakichi @hesi_hesi
Kapan mau ninjaan lagi/ πŸ“· @rnr.photography

FINALLY I MET @pugoffka_sama /rolls happily/
I'm truly enjoyed your stories and cosplay photoshoot tips! I have to admit, I was distracted with the cute bunny ears for several times. When she made light head gesture, those ears jiggled a bit and it was really, really cute ❀

Thanks @_yuuki.b_ for taking this pics of us!

Quite tired and ran out of idea so it won't be long
As usual, I forgot to took any selfie. Just remembered when I wipe off the make up.

Thanks for today!
Happy meeting new people as well, I had fun with chatting and taking pics with you guys XD


Berasa sudah share tapi ternyata belom pernah sama sekali
Thank you everyone for this photosession! Ini kostum jaman kapan yang akhirnya baru berani keluarin sekarang, mana pas timbangan badan lagi naik. Gw berasa lebih kayak dugong drpd si lumba ini 😌

Salam kenal juga @lam.ento, udah mau fotoin, sabar arahin gaya dan segala keanehan yang terjadi. Foto belom jadi aja gw berasa puas /lha/ Thank you @karmakichi yang udah menyeret (dan panas panasin) gw buat ikutan bareng dan bole nebeng pas perginya huehehee
Makasih juga buat yuti yang rela jadi bantu jaga barang bawaan. Seengganya elu bisa mainin pistol air sepuas lu kan ya bwahahaha

Its been a few days yet I find it hard to move on since AFA especially when @rnr.photography uploaded their shoots this afternoon.

Berawal dari gym-- maksud saya diracunin P5 padahal gamenya waktu itu belom keluar, dengan nekad berniat coba bikin. Ada keinginan pribadi untuk sesekali pengen punya kostum yang nyaris semua buatan tangan sendiri -- selain karena bokek lol
I know its just a simple costume compared to others and still far from perfect but at least I managed to made something from scratch ;w;

Thank you buat semua pihak yang kasih sumbangan ilmu, semangat, tenaga, lem, tumpangan transport dll. I love you fulllllll ❀❀
So much other things to say but it will be way too long

Note: Selalu mesen kostum/ props ke orang lain tuh bukan dosa. Buat apa nyiksa diri dengan bikin semuanya sendiri tapi ga menikmati prosesnya? Semua kembali ke self satisfaction πŸ‘ πŸ“· by RnR Photography
Belt by @_yuuki.b_ (oh man, I love her works so much)
Gloves by yuuchan
Costume and other props by me

Ennichisai day 1! (Swipe to see more)

Only attended it on the first day cause I got some stuff to do today *sobs*
So happy that finally @hesi_hesi and my wigs finally came! Both of us ordered for saber and turned out.. the caps were freakin small 😒😒 but they still really pretty tho.
And thank you so much to Lee Gunawan (idk his IG, sorry. I'll edit this later) for lending us your saber proto's sword! It was the most detailed and prettiest cosplay sword I ever seen! 😍😍 Thanks mpu for introduced him to us, it was really nice to met him :) No wonder why you trusted your waifu's weapon to him lol

I met several friends at the event too! And as always, I'm relying them to upload our wefie cause there was a time that I forgot to took some pics together with my phone OTL

Bumped into her when I though I won't see her at all at this event
But goodness gracious, I met her when I was ready to go home :") Thanks for taking photo with me! Hope to see you again at next event 😁

Anddd I thought I've posted this.
Thank you so much RnR Photography to join our photosession on such short notice ;___; Thank God @karmakichi knows you guys!
And the results look awesomeeee

Despite my lens look too vibrant and scary, I love this shot very much. Thanks also for lending the butterfly, @hesi_hesi 🐞🐞 The last but not the least to my dearest fairy godmother @_yuuki.b_ who made this costume ❀

#cosplay #kotoriminami #lovelivecosplay #ninja #kunoichi

How silly I am
I forgot to mention that actually the idea of this pose is from @_metalguppy's masamune (aoharu x kikanjuu)
HER COSPLAY IS SO HNGGGG ❀❀❀❀❀ /losing words to describe it due to massive fangirling/

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