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IM NOT ASHER IM A FANPAGE  Used to be @asherscrush & @asherdoavngel Asher opened a picture of me and dmed 3x I’m NOT Asher guys Pfp credits to @gazingjonah Started 11/22/17


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This took so many tries to get right. I love it tho and I hope you love it too.

I’m lookin for my friends...

Some amazing clips from the episode....
So many ss
Anyways, I love how Cyrus comes out to andi. Andi and Cyrus are the iconic duo. I just love how now andi has. Someone to talk to Jonah about, and have relatable conversations with about him. Josh plays Cyrus very well and Josh is a very great actor. He needs to win an Oscar! Andi reacting to this looked so real, and Buffy too. I wonder when he’ll tell Jonah. This episode got me hating and loving, just a mess of emotions. The biggest part is when Jonah has his panic attack. I could tell Jonah was going through a lot of pain. I hope he doesn’t have another one if andi says no. Tj has a learning disability. I love how Terri is throughing in all this stuff to make diversity normal, as josh says, and I’m happy to quote it. Tj is mean at first, but he’s working his way around it. I hope tj gets better!!! Buffys moving. Buffy take me with you I don’t wanna be here rn😂 but seriously. You need to write to Andi and Cyrus, over text, email, or letter. It doesn’t matter. They will miss you and I hope it shows your side of the story when u move. We’ll never forget you. BOWEX IS FORVER!!! You can actually tell that they love each other 😍 I can’t wait for him to break up with Miranda and get with bex. We all love bowex I mean raise your hand if you don’t.😂
That was how I felt on the episode. Wbu?
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I think Andi Mack is so amazing, not only because it’s diverse, because it- because it makes diversity normal. Cyrus happens to be Jewish, he happens to be gay, And those are just facest of his own personality, and I think not only does it show that his story is real and that it’s valid, but it shows that ALL of our stories are valid. So any kid watching can turn on the tv and see Andi Mack, and see a story that they understand, that they can go ‘Oh yea!! That’s me!!’
-Joshua Rush

Joshua Rush’s (@joshuarush) speaking part was everything, and I absolutely loved it!! I loved how he explained what’s most important about the show, so that other kids don’t feel left out. So that those kids will love Andi Mack and want more of it. That’s why Cyrus is my favorite character!! He’s the one that will make more kinds of kids want more of this and make parents expect more from Disney Channel.
Oh the other hand, thank you @terriminsky for a season 3!! This doesn’t just joy the cast, it makes the fans go BALLISTIC!! I’m so so happy!! Oh my rush!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Why didn’t Asher talk at all?☹️

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Jyrus❤️💙 Jonah pulled Andi aside, staring at her with a long face. “Is everything ok?” Andi said with confusion, ignoring all the fun she was having. Jonah looked into her eyes and knew it was time. “Andi.... I um... I need to tell you something..” Jonah responded while blushing, looking up at the sign that said “Cyrus Goodman” on it. He scooted a little to the side and saw Cyrus dancing with his friends. “Ok..?” Andi started waving in your face. “Earth to Jonah!!” She screamed. Jonah snapped out of it and realized that he was staring at him, at Goodman, Cyrus Goodman. “Oh- uhh yea... I wanted to tell you that...” Jonah pulls her outside. “This is something super important...” “Ok, I’m here, just know that” Andi says while looking into Jonah’s eyes. “It’s a weird feeling I get... I feel different... but I don’t think I’m into...” Jonah gulps and starts to cry. Andi hugs him and cry’s with him. “Into girls.... you’re not into girls...” Jonah nodded, and still crying. “I like him....” He points to a sign that says “HAPPY BAR MITZVAH CY!!” Andi is in complete shock, but supports him during his time.
“I’m not ready... im not ready for everyone to know... it’s just.. I saw him in that suit and I couldn’t help but get butterflies...”
Andi smiles at him and understands. “Everything’s ok... don’t worry, when you’re ready, just tell me”
He nodded again, wiping his tears.
Meanwhile with Buffy and Cyrus
Buffy and Cyrus are dancing and Buffy happens to have a flashback from when Cyrus told her his big secret.
Then, the two stories collide. Andi looks at Jonah, holding his hands, and crying for him. Buffy and Cyrus are in the spoon and Buffy looks at him with caring eyes. And at the same time, Buffy says to Cyrus what Andi says to Jonah: “Youve always been weird.... but you are NO different...”
- if you’re here congrats👏😹 This was based off of the extended promo for when Jonah told Andi that he needs to tell her something.
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Asher is literally my everything, I’m surprised yesterday they let me make time to talk about him in church even tho I’m obsessed😂 I love him with all my heart, my rights when I do wrong, my good intentions, not the bad. Asher if you ever come across my page it would mean the UNIVERSE and more. Ilysm and never forget that your biggest and loyal fan is @asherdovangel 😂❤️❤️ I love you and I can’t stop saying it
It would mean the world if I win, I still love you❤️❤️❤️❤️ one outta a million, here we go!! @asherangel @asherangel @asherangel @asherangel @asherangel @asherangel @asherangel @asherangel @ysbnow @ysbnow @ysbnow

Love you!! If I support Asher, I’ll support ALL the angels 😇😘 Love you London, have a good bday!🎉🎁@londonbleuangel @londonbleuangel @londonbleuangel @londonbleuangel @londonbleuangel @cocomatil @cocomatil @cocomatil @cocomatil @asherdovangel @asherdovangel @asherdovangel @asherdovangel

It’s been a wild ride...😭❤️

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