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  Life is the bubbles 🐚

Some people come into your life and leave a lil light on your heart, this gem did that for me. You'll never be forgotten sweet Angel, until we meet again rest peacefully 💙💙. cherish your friends and hug them like it may be the last- life is too precious #ppl

🌈🌴Looks better in rl #havearainbowday

Can't live with emmm can't live without emm 💜#imakeepyou #bestfrannn #myluckybell🐞 #spillinwhileimsippin

Fringin awesome #twirlin #rośe 🍭

The city different; find your light and never let it go ✨#santafe

Albuquerque, New Mexico ⛰#chinkeyed #peakin


REPOST @inner.bliss ---LOL🤣 BEFORE YOU GET OFFENDED! - it's a great spiritual practice to have self distance and to be able to laugh at one self!!! Don't be so identified with this that it actually offends you!! It's just quite funny how everyone moves away from religions and into a very similar behavior in "spirituality", isn't it? 😅😘 I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with it at all, just try to see the similarities and you'll realize it's all oneness ☺️😘❤️ Here are some examples: (from @awakenwithjp )
Religious person: "Jesus loves you" Spiritual person: "The universe supports you"
Religious person: "I'll pray for you" Spiritual person: "I'll send you love & light"
Religious person: "God will provide for you"
Spiritual person: "The universe is abundant"
Religious person: "It's all about getting into heaven"
Spiritual person: "It's all about getting back to the oneness"
Religious person: "Hallelujah"
Spiritual person: "Ohm"
Lol! Have a laugh, it's spiritual 🤣😅😘😍❤️ -------Love love this! #allthesamethang #coexist #ihaveeveryitemonhere

Don't jean-ix me 👖#wetdem⛴

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