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Ash Costello  Vocalist in @NYDrock & @thehaxans🔮 owner of @batroyalty clothing🦇 Queen of all things creepy 👑real life Harley Quinn♥️🖤 turn your pain into power☠️JT🔒

I’m reposting @officiallzzyhale’s post because I LOVE AND SUPPORT this idea. I am not perfect. No one is. “Mental health” isn’t something to be ashamed of.
Someone once told me, “why would you post that? You shouldn’t” when I would post when I was sad, or depressed or upset. They said that “it wasn’t a good look. That people look to me for strength, and shouldn’t see when Im weak”....... wow right? My answer was “because it’s real. It needs to be shown. It’s irresponsible of me to only show what’s “perfect” and not what really is. I struggle ALL the time. I’ve had quite the life that’s put a lot of what I call “dark thoughts” in my mind. I over think. I get scared. I get lost and depressed. I feel overwhelming despair and anxiety. Just like majority of you reading this.
I wrote a song called “alone” and in it is one of the hardest lyrics I’ve ever written. “Try to understand, that I hate the way I am.”
No one is happy all the time, if they were, they’d be a game show host and not a real person.
In that same song is the lyric “Breaking is the only way that I don’t fall apart” <——- meaning, I allow myself to break, and feel broken, to sit in my shit, so I don’t hide it and in turn fall apart. Allow yourself to break. It’s just another chance to put yourself back together.
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I got nothing to add. It’s all just very very sad. Hope everyone is ok today. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), which provides support for those at risk of suicide.

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Hey Freaks, I’d like to do something! I want everyone who has ever struggled with mental health to #RaiseYourHorns take a pic, tag and share it! The more people that are brave enough to put it out there, the more we will all see that we are not alone in our battles, in fact, we are the majority! Let’s get one step closer to breaking the mental health stigma! Much love in Rock n Roll #RaiseYourHorns

RIP #jilljanus .... I hope you’re with the metal gods and goddesses.
What’s going on in this world? I HOPE IF ANYONE who knows me personally, would reach out to me, in the moments of despair and hopelessness, So I could tell them how much better the world is with them in it. If you know me, and this is EVER a thought in your mind, don’t break my heart and take yourself out from this world on purpose.

#tourbuslife I just need to share a sentimental moment in hopes that it fuels your fires today.
When I was a kid, I waited by the gates outside, behind arenas, looking at the tour busses of my favorite bands (mostly no doubt and incubus and smashing pumpkins back then) and I would imagine what it was like, to play a show that large. To have that many people caring about what you had to share, how fun it must be living in those busses. I obsessed over it. I dreamed of it. I would get depressed because I would feel so scared that no matter how hard I worked for it, that maybe I’d never get to experience it. And now my lil bus is parked with the other busses, behind an arena, where some kids just shouted my name at the gates. When/how did this happen? I sometimes forget all the tears, frustration, heart ache it took to make it this far, and I’ve only just begun! Hope this inspires you today. ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤 as always, thank you to @inthismomentofficial and @halestormrocks for making these dreams a reality.

I do have a normal side....... sometimes...... I get down. I lack motivation. I get bummed for no reason. I get worried. BUT I don’t feel bad for any of it, cause that’s the thing, IT IS normal. Perfection is abnormal and also, pretty boring AND is impossible. No one is perfect. I love learning and growing and taking each day as another chance to discover a new lesson or work on an old habit.
I just started this book (swipe right) because the work and growth on a healthy mind is never ending. We are never done growing. I only want to become stronger and healthier.
I also keep a journal of daily mantra’s, things that make me happy and keep me focused. Sometimes I think training the mind is 100 times more taxing than training the body, but it’s just as important if not more. Posting this in hopes to help motivate anyone who needs it today to never stop working towards being healthier and happier. Thanks @flatchestedpirateprincess and @mitcheymitch for suggesting this book to me!

He keeps me motivated. I hear his voice saying “DRINK WATER. DONT QUIT” #frontcouple @jimmytrigger #fiance to those commenting-> I am his fiancé and he does call me that, as well as future wife and wife to be, but he loves me calling me girlfriend too. ❤️🖤s’all good

Find what you love, and obsess over it until you get to where you’re going. ❤️🖤 this took A LOT of dedication to the craft, loyalty to the destination, focusing on one goal, and never relenting ❤️🖤❤️🖤 never give up, never surrender❤️🖤 @nydrock again, thank you to @inthismomentofficial and @halestormrocks for bringing us along for their ride!

❤️🖤 Jokers heart, Harley Quinn smile 🖤❤️ when the show ends, and I can see and feel everyone in front of me enjoying the show we just put on, is when I smile the biggest smile 🖤❤️ (and when I’m also the sweatiest, but I don’t mind that either)

❤️🖤 1 more week-ish 🖤❤️ #misshim #thetriggers #furbabies

💋lick it up, lick it up, ooooohhhh it’s only right now 💋💋💋💋 that one time @officiallzzyhale And I ran into KISS. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The 30 min on stage that makes the rest of the day worth it 🖤❤️🖤❤️ photographer: @moongazer_stef top @killstarco shoes @sinistersoles

Bratz doll realness 💋
Top @fashionnova

Some women fear the fire, others become it. ❤️🔥 yesterday in Iowa. @nydrock #oceanofhumans #rocknroll #🤘🏻 yes that’s my hair. #medusa

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