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ALISSA HALE  Actress.Model.Alissa Shaye Hale but u can call me ASH⚡️2nd page @alissashayehale contact: alissashayehale@gmail.com SnapChat:Ashbughale MUSIC👇🏼


when i walk i get chills .. #ANGELTEARS out now link in bio

ANGEL TEARS out now on YouTube! To everyone who doesnt have a valentine or someone to tell you they love & adore you.. if you’re hurt from heartbreak or whatever it may be.. i know your struggle. On this date each year, it can be such a lovely day and you feel so appreciated like you’re on a mountain... or you may feel the total opposite. Empty. Unwanted. Lonely... and it sucks.
I’ve felt both.
I’ve been so high and I’ve been so low. As most of us have ❤️ People often at times say “How could anyone hurt you? You’re so beautiful” or “I bet you don’t even know what it’s like to be heartbroken, you’ve always broken theirs” based off of my “image” but truth is, I’ve felt more heartbreak in this world more than you could imagine. It made me anti for quite some time. Blocking everyone out who tried to get closer to me.. but I’m slowly getting better.
This isn’t an interview so I’m going to stop rambling as if it is haha but this is for everyone who’s feeling a type of loneliness or sadness today, just know there is always someone who adores you and loves you. Even if you feel differently or treated otherwise. There is ALWAYS someone who cares. I do for one. ❤️
Directed by @reel_taylor shot by @torinpenwell
Actor/Artist himself @nevadastone 🔥 -
Produced by @2cold_4k

No, i don’t like to ride bikes I’m scarred from a wreck i had when i was younger 🚲😂 but
Denim & t-shirt Days with my non caffeine 0 calorie cotton candy @BANGENERGY beverage is what i do like 😌
I’ve mentioned in many posts this particular flavor is my favorite.
I’ve never been much of a sweets kind of girl but i do love some cotton candy! This is just in a liquid form with no calories and it makes me happy! 🍬 Try yours today at vitamin shoppe and GNC Nationwide! Invented by @vpxredlineceo

Valentine’s Day sale 💘 use the discount code ‘LOVE’ to get 40% off your @wonderwear bra! Sale runs till Feb. 19th! 👼🏼🏹 Comfy. Strapless & backless. 🙌🏼 #wonderwear

issa barefoot blue jean kinda day 💧

These really make me happy. As well as my girls thing 1 and thing 2 ( . ) ( . )😂😂 y’all @wonderwear bra really works and i use them all the time. Backless and strapless. Perfect for this coming up summer for all our strapless dresses and crop tops we’ll be rocking 😌 also, guys, it’s a cool v-day gift for your princess 💘 #wonderwear

berry cute 🍓🚚

When i was younger i use to LOVE sour heads. I would always make the 😗 face while eating them bc they were so sour but so good!! Now, we have sour heads caffeine free 0 calories delicious @BangEnergy beverage!
I absolutely love this one!
Give it a try! They’re nationwide at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe! Lemme know what you think! 😍💚💚💚@VPXRedlineCEO

Got the clip of the ANGEL TEARS music video tonight! I absolutely love it. so happy & can’t wait for you all to watch it! Feb.14 #ANGELTEARS 👼🏼💧💗

let’s move on to better things.. 👼🏼 #AngelTears Feb. 14 💔#newsingle
I’m ready 😍

Happy asf about the visual for #AngelTears coming soon! can’t wait for you guys to watch/listen it. it’s prettyyyy 👼🏼💧
How was everyone’s Super Bowl Sunday? 🏈

So I’ve decided to drop my newest single Angel Tears before the country song bc i just feel it’s not fully complete yet. I fell in love with this song and wanted to share it with y’all asap. Those of you who are asking about it “what is this feeling” (the country one), it’s coming. But this will be out before and I’m stoked for you to watch this movie we all created this morning. Best people. #AngelTears #newmusic #musicvideo #comingsoon @nevadastone @reel_taylor

This is one of our newest drinks and it’s caffeine free zero calories COTTON CANDY!! Every time I sip on it, it brings back summer time and then I realize it’s not that far away!!
Can’t wait to be on the boat soaking up some sun popping these cold ones!
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my hearts gone 👋🏼🖤-
exciting news coming this weekend so stay tuned.
In the meantime, here’s another pic of me in my bikini acting like my ass wasn’t cold it’s just so warm out here

i don’t fully understand my vibe today, but I’m feelin it tho. Go stream #HALFMOON link in bio -
Comment “HalfMoon” letter by letter and I’ll go stalk ur page 💕🌙 (gotta be un private)
Adding the rest back on snap from previous my posts tonight.... some think i forgot but noooo boo i gotchuuuu. so many of y’all lol 💖💖

won’t make it to bed no time soon 🌙🧚🏼‍♀️ #halfmoon in bio 🌙 go stream it 🧚🏼‍♀️ x

cute for myself 💅

Gooooodmorning! Love poppin open an ice cold one and riding some country roads ❤️🐴
Named the horses Root and Beer just like my delicious @BangEnergy drink in the RootBeer flavor!
Try yours today nationwide at GNC & Vitamin Shoppe 🍻
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Talking myself up in the mirror like girllllll you the only 10 i see 😉 lol in Tennessee today. If you’re from here, what’s some things you do for fun?! -Go comment “LIT” letter by letter on my previous post and I’m choosing a person to follow ⚡️🔥🚀xx

Hey Arnold👋🏼
Lol that was one of my favorite shows growing up as well as Ed Edd and Eddy🔥 what was yours? Comment below and I’ll go like 5 of your pics!

Just got done playing in the snow by myself and it wasn’t fun 😂 my hands hurt from making snowballs that wouldn’t even form into a perfect ball they kept melting. My snow angels looked like hand fans and my snowman wasn’t a man at all. His puny ass ⛄️🙄🙄😂😂 lol did it snow where y’all are? (My bff’s top)

Comment your snap so i can add u

suns out & so am i ☀️ finally over the flu & my country song is dropping soon! it’s called “what is this feeling” ☺️ happy Sunday! Xx 🐔

Black cherry Vanilla 🍒😍 never been much of a cherry person BUT when it comes to these @BANGENERGY drinks I’m down to try any flavors and this one is bomb! The vanilla just makes it taste that much better too 😍 full of energy and i love it! Go to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and get yours today! Inventor of BANG: @vpxredlineceo

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