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Lift your head & put a smile on your face because this message applies directly to YOU! ••
Remember, God loves you SO much! ♥️

Had the honor of introducing our guest Pastor this morning! Thank you, FMPBC! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

That's right, that's right! God loves you SO much! 🙌🏽♥️

We get sooo caught up in what we don't have or what we wish we had. ••
I challenge you today to make a list of everything you're grateful for and give God glory for how blessed you are and how far He's brought you! ••
"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much"- Luke 16:10
Remember, God loves you SO much! ♥️

In Jesus name! ♥️ Be blessed. ••
Remember, God loves you SO much.

My everything. ♥️ Gone and hire her, @gerber @carters @oshkoshkids!

This smile is REAL 😌 ••
Only God knows what these last couple of months of my life have really been like. Full of self-doubt, uncertainty, confusion, heartache... March, I quit my job that I was very unhappy at & had planned to move to LA to further pursue entertainment reporting. Long story short, I landed a job at an ad agency & would've been making less than I was at my previous job & working longer hours; I knew deep down I would not have had the time to pursue entertainment reporting on the side as I would have liked, but still tried to convince myself otherwise that pursuing my dreams meant sacrificing, lowering my standards/worth, accepting lower pay, living uncomfortably, moving across the country from my sister who later that month gave birth to my niece, etc. & don't get me wrong, often times it do take those types of compromises to get to where you want to be in life.. but something, at the end of the day, just didn't feel right.. it felt forced. I remember a couple of days before leaving my old job I was sitting at my desk getting ready to sign my roommate agreement for my apartment out in LA and God spoke to me clear as ever and told me to rip up that paper and be still. He had a different plan for me.
So, I did. And I sat.. month after month after month unemployed.. but I look back now & I am so grateful for the time off because half way through after I had gotten sick of moping around and trying to do things on my own time & my own way.. I decided to surrender my absolute ALL to God. Our relationship grew tremendously & it's been truly rewarding to experience what all He will begin to do when you humble yourself and allow for HIS will to manifest in your life. ••
After steady prayer, learning & abiding by His word and remaining OBEDIENT.. I am so blessed to finally be doing something I love.. in ATL.. surrounded by family.. as the newest Talent Coordinator for one of the world's leading talent recruitment firms in beauty, fashion & entertainment.. literally doing EVERYTHING I love in the industries I love. I promise you.. when you're faithful to God, He'll give you all that you desire & MORE. & crazy part is.. this is just the beginning 😩🙏🏽

Daily prayer for forgiveness. *screenshot* ••
Remember, God loves you SO much!

"Throw yourself UNRESERVEDLY into the work that God has called you to."

Files from the weekend.🌺

Take a moment to read Genesis chapter 16 and ask yourself.. "How do I deal with frustration?" "Am I a forcer or do I flee?" Sarai was frustrated about not being able to produce, while Hagar was frustrated about having to produce with no control over the situation. Sarai looked at what was supposed to be happening.. & when it didn't happen in the timetable that she assumed it should happen, she made the decision to FORCE it. Hagar FLED from the situation.. choosing to run away from the problem entirely. ••
Be careful on how you deal with the situations that arise in your life. Both those who force and flee from situations miss or delay the plan God has set for them. Forcers miss it because they want to substitute their own solution in place of God's plan and those who flee miss it because they are not there to see the plan when it happens. ••
Accept God's promise of help in whatever situation you may be in. Stop trying to make His promises come true through efforts that are not in line with His specific directions. NO problem is too complicated for Him if you are willing to let Him help you. ♥️ God loves you SO much!

Always smiling ☺️

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