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Oh, how I'm gonna miss you and our mental bike rides , Dhanusss. πŸ™‡

I am so happy for you and all the very best, bujji. ❀ #BrotherFromAnotherMother #NewBeginnings ✈

P.S. Our favorite spot and I are gonna miss you so very much. 😫 @dhanush_chowdary 😭

#BonVoyage πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

" Ala kodthe ne, ila ochesaaru " πŸ™„

Happy Valentine's Day anta! πŸ™†
#DarlingMaalachimi #Webseries
P.S. Naa kopam shaapam! πŸ™‹

" The beauty before the darkness,
The beginning of the end. "

#Sunset πŸŒ‡


This picture is life!
Thank you so much! 😭 @seshi_kiran ❀

I was challenged by @deepthi_sunaina to upload a picture holding a pad. But that's not the reason why I'm uploading this picture.

Arunachalam Muruganantham, a dropout, noticed his wife using rags-newspapers during her periods, so he made pads out of cotton but his wife & sisters refused to be the test subjects for his innovations.
He started testing on himself using a bladder with animal blood.
A man who didn't even finish his schooling went above and beyond to help women in his village with a basic necessity, but no woman volunteered. Not even his family members.


Women have been taught to keep our periods a secret and to literally put girls in isolation during their first period. But most important of all, PADS NEED TO BE KEPT UNSEEN. Not only men, but even women shy away from speaking about bleeding.

Period taboos are not only crazy, but also ridiculous.

#Padman was not afraid of these taboos and he tried helping people in ending the period taboos even when his own family ostracized him when he created a #sanitarynapkin

The way people have been shaming girls for posting pictures holding pads, the " Do you think you're a celebrity to do this? " are the reasons why I'm posting this.

How many of you feel weird to go to a medical store and buy sanitary napkins?
Or did you ever see a woman take her entire bag to the washroom? Ever wondered why she can't take a neatly wrapped pad with her?

#PadManChallenge is all about spreading awareness that people have to stop following the rules and restrictions created by myths. And people who are participating are trying to make a difference.

There are 530 million smart phone users in India and there are 201 million FB, 43 million Instagram accounts.Social media is the best way to reach out to people.

There's no rule book which says only " celebrities " are allowed to make a difference. Even if you create an impact on a single person, you're contributing.

So, spread awareness, break myths, challenge beliefs surrounding menstruation.
It will not only improve the quality of life for women, but also help them to keep themselves healthy and hygienic.

Also do read about #ReusableSanitaryPads :) Thank you! πŸ™

Ah navvu edaythe undho! 😍

#Rangasthalam #RamaLakshmi #Sunshine ❀

" Some days are a bit darker than usual.

I feel nothing at all and I also feel every at once.
I feel empty like something scooped out my soul and I also feel full with sadness and undying pain at the same time.

The words I gather to express myself and my silence are constantly at war.
I try facing this with all the courage I have.

These days come and go and honestly, I think it's a routine check by my life to see if time has made me any stronger.

It is just a way of my life asking me to not give up and not to just stay under the dust!

And my victory lies in survival. "


#YouAreNotAlone #FightAgainstDepression

🎢 We keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts were never broken
And time's forever frozen still.

So,you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me closer 'til our eyes meet
You won't ever be alone.

Wait for me to come home. 🎢

PC : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal ❀

#MoodyGrams #SnapSeed #GrainyFilm #Photograph

Forever my favorites! ❀

And you! @karthikreddy7789 😘

#HappySunday #HappyPicture #FavoritePicture #FavoritePeople πŸ₯

❅ Grey ❅

PC : @seshi_kiran ❀


There are 53 other synonyms for the word : Beautiful and I could go on and on and on, but watching her on screen was like magic!

She cast her spell on me.

I fell in love with her everytime she smiled.
Her moist eyes, trembling voice, gracious hand gestures. 😍

How can a human look so perfect! 😭

I don't wanna call her a #Queen ( #RaniSaa ) anymore.
MAN, she looked like a #GODDESS ! πŸ™

The BGM and her proud smile during the #Jauhar scene have been haunting me since the day I watched @filmpadmaavat 😭

This truly makes me happy! ❀


So! Proud!
@deepikapadukone 😘

#Padmaavat #Padmavati #DeepikaPadukone #LoveOfMyLife #FanGirlForever #GirlCrush ❀

Your heart will stop mentioning him.
You will heal and get on with life.

#Promise ❀


#Writings #Musing #WritingCommunity #MessyThoughts #UnfinishedThoughts #Love #Pain #Tragedy #ThoughtsOfABrokenHeart #Him #Home #BrokenHeart #Snippets


" Dil ki pathang dekho, udi udi jaaye "
PC : @____catherinee___ ❀

" She lit a cigarette with bundles of tears racing down her cheeks and after, her lips somehow found the strength to stretch into a smile. "

Sometimes, when chaos burns like wildfires around us, we have no other choice but to fall in love with the warmth. - Christopher Poindexter

To book a shoot, dm : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal πŸ’ƒ


#sonya7rii #sonyalpha πŸ€“


" Ounu, rowdy ne! Endhippudu? "

#CurrentMood πŸ‘Š

To book a shoot, dm : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal πŸ’ƒ


#sonya7rii #sonyalpha πŸ€“

Outfit : @archanareddy6 ❀

" Kaliki chilakamma yerramukku, yerramukkule pilla vaakku.
Puvvai pusina yerra rojaa, putha gulabi pasi padam.

Yerrani roopam udike kopam!

Sandhyaavarna mantralu vinte yerrani panta padamante. "

#Candid ❀

To book a shoot, dm : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal πŸ’ƒ


#sonya7rii #sonyalpha πŸ€“

Let your smile send off so much positive energy, that it shifts the vibes in the room.

Let your love and kindness shift the vibes in the world.


To book a shoot, dm : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal πŸ’ƒ


#sonya7rii #sonyalpha πŸ€“

Outfit : @archanareddy6 ❀

" I'm obsessed with Sunsets.

Watching the #Sun disappear hurts me.
Yet I love Sunsets.

Everyday, I watch the Sun disappear behind the buildings, painting the sky in the hues of orange and pink, the threads of light lingered in the sky, mingling with the rolling clouds, until all that is left of the #Sunset is chalky mauve.

And I don't know how I relate my hopes to the light of a ball of fire, that is millions of miles away from me, that every good thing ends into something sad.

I never stayed long enough to watch the page turn over and to see the other side of the story.
I've always grieved over that one Star that disappears transforming my beautiful bright day into darkness.

Maybe, I am blind.

Cause I never notice there are a million more stars in the sky, that only appear when that one star is gone.

They've always been there, they'll always be there.

Maybe, there are no sad endings.

There is no end at all, just one thing leading to another.

And someday, maybe someday, I'll realise that its beautiful. "

Amen? #AGirlWhoIsObsessedWithSunsets πŸŒ‡

PC: @seshi_kiran ❀

#Writings #Musing #WritingCommunity #MessyThoughts #UnfinishedThoughts #Love #Pain #Tragedy #ThoughtsOfABrokenHeart #Him #Home #BrokenHeart #Snippets #TheEnd πŸŒ‡


If you're going to look back, do smile and be very fulfilled. " Having no regrets is all that she really wants " ❀

To book a shoot, dm : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal πŸ’ƒ


#sonya7rii #sonyalpha πŸ€“

" I am a forest, and a night of dark trees; but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses. " - Friedrich Nietzsche

PC : @lightsandclicks_bykaushal ❀
CC : @archanareddy6 😘


#sonya7rii #sonyalpha πŸ€“

" Oonchi hai building "

Dm @s_and_n_by_nimithabajjuri to shop! ❀

PC: @satyakrishna_filmmaker πŸ˜€

#DarlingMaalachimi πŸ’ƒ

I just realized that we click very few pictures and make a lot of memories when we are together.
Happy birthday, Kiddo! ❀

Stay strong, stay blessed. 😁

I looooooooooooove you, Bujjooodaaaa! 😘

P.s. Be you and the world will adjust. 😎

#kiddo #bujjimaa πŸ€—

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