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On this day 17 years ago a baby faced 16 year old Adam took me back to the restaurant of our first date. (Applebee’s y’all! we were small town kids with slim pickins) He reserved the same table we sat at for our first date and every time the waitress came to the table she brought me a red rose. I was so embarrassed and so in looooooove. Hey @adamamoroso, we haven’t been to Applebee’s since then - maybe next time we’re in Baton Rouge we make a stop. For old times sake 😘 Love 33 year old you even more than 16 year old you. xx

sibbie - always angling to be the favorite pup. i’m gonna miss this patio! we’ll just have to build a better one at the new place 🏡

it might be a little late, but i took some time off the beginning of this year so i’m just now getting around to celebrating the wins and learning from the struggles from last year. 🙌🏻 above all, i’m so fortunate to be able to do what i love! it brings be so much joy, pride, and fulfillment. a special thanks for @tequilacazadores for the celebratory extra anejo and the lovely personalized camera strap. working with them is definitely going in the win category. cheers! #losaltosamigos #ad

Hopped in the RX yesterday and opened the sunroof for the first time in foreverrrr🙌🏻 we headed to @clayimports to look for tile for the new house (eep!!) however, i spent way more time playing with this cutie because, puppies 😍🐶#drivenambassador @lexusofaustin @lexusoflakeway

did I mention the #amorpool and #amorgreenhouse come with the house? if you’re house hunting in austin come see our place! today is the last day to make an offer 🥂 (scroll 👉🏻 for more photos) #buymyhouse #forsaleinaustin

anyone in austin in the market for a house? because we are listing our cute mid-century ranch style home very soooooon 🏡✨

feeling so much gratitude heading into 2018✨ #drivenambassador // @lexusofaustin @lexusoflakeway

sometimes the self timer is faster than i am🤦‍♀️👉🏻 merry, merry y’all! if you ever find yourself alone on this day our doors are always open. (seriously, hosting is my favorite) sending joy to all of you! 🎄🥂

if we moved to kauai, maybe you guys could all just visit us for christmas? it would never snow, but i’d promise to make you these pomegranate ginger palomas with @tequilacazadores to remind you of home❤️
ginger syrup
* 1/2 cup honey
* 1 inch fresh ginger chopped
* 8 leaves mint
* crushed ice
* 1/2 cup pomegranate juice
* 1/3 cup grapefruit juice
* juice of 1/2 a lime
* 2-4 tablespoons ginger syrup
* 2-3 ounces tequila
* ginger beer or sparkling water for topping
ginger syrup
* Bring 1/2 cup water, the honey and ginger to a boil over high heat. Once boiling simmer, 1-2 minutes and then remove from the heat. Add the mint, cover and steep 10-15 minutes. Strain out the ginger and mint. Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
* Fill your glass halfway with ice. Add the pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, lime juice, syrup, and tequila. Stir to combine and then top with ginger beer. Garnish with mint. enjoy!
#losaltosamigos #ad

we’re both big fans of experience gifts over material gifts. (anyone else👋🏻) safe to say that this one will be one of adam’s favorites for a long time. we flew through canyons, over mountains, the ocean, next to waterfalls, and completely sideways.. oh, and did i mention there weren’t any doors?! (hi family, don’t worry we are alive☺️) adam loved just about every second and i tossed back and forth between complete terror and laughter. all in all, 10/10 #wifewin 🙈⛰🌋👍🏻🚁🌏

i nearly fell to my death at least 5 times to get here, but it was totally worth it. cheers to doing the scary things 🤸🏻‍♀️ #redsandbeach

we flew 10 hours, drove 52 miles around 620 curves and over 59 bridges to get here #drivenambassador 🚙🌊#roadtohana @lexusofaustin @lexusoflakeway

sending some things out into the world soon and i’m feeling pretty grateful about it. in tokyo at their shinto shrines and buddhist temples you can leave a small offering in exchange for an o-mikuji (small fortune). if you scroll to the next photo you’ll see mine 👉🏻 i got a “lucky” one and am feeling every bit of that today. i’m also taking note of each piece of advice...
Health: beware of hand injuries
Love: Value your partner’s feelings above all else
Study: best results if you take things goal by goal
Work: don’t forget gratitude to others for what you’ve achieved
Travel: travel with a companion when possible
Business: start by stripping things down to the essentials

hi friends! who of you guys are also photographers? i’d love to be able to pass along some of the inquiries i receive to the right folks. if you’re a photographer tell me below, let me know what you love to shoot, and where you’re located. // also, doors in tokyo are neat 👌🏻 #doortrait

last weekend i left @kkdwco with an RX trunk full of treasures that *i welded*. i took their welding/floral styling workshop and now i’m pretty much a pro-welder/wreath maker (jkjk) scroll to see more 👉🏻 #drivenambassador @lexusofaustin @lexusoflakeway

last month @delta called and said, “so, we want to send you on our inaugural flight of the new A350 Airbus from Detroit to Tokyo to shoot and share your experience and encourage other passengers to participate.” guys, it was a no brainer. with the help of a killer team and some amazing passengers i’m thrilled to show you what we created. #A350FirstFlyers #ad

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will” - Suzy Kassem // In January I will have been walking the path as an entrepreneur for 4 years. I dreamt this dream for 10 years, but only had the courage to leap 4 years ago. I count my blessings on the daily. If I had let fear win I wouldn’t have met so many of you, I wouldn’t have just returned from Tokyo on assignment with @Delta, I wouldn’t be driving this bonkers car that I have the opportunity to drive (thank you a million times over @lexusoflakeway + @lexusofaustin!), and I wouldn’t have even bigger dreams today. Every day is a blessing and a challenge and I’m still learning how to navigate it all. I’m just so thankful and somedays I need to say it out loud. xx #drivenambassador

in japan they call men who work for corporations and whose income is salary based, salarymen (which i love so much). weekdays at noon sharply dressed salarymen flood the streets in search of a quick counter lunch making this city even more photogenic. 🖤🍜🏮 #tokyo

probably saw this on my way to eat, again. #tokyo 🍜🍲🍚🍡🍢🍘🍥🍱

japan, i totally love you.

taking a quick break from tokyo photos to share a little gathering i threw before i left. my best pals and i celebrated Dia De Los Muertos with @tequilacazadores to remember the ones we’ve lost. we whipped up some margaritas with their special edition @mrcartoons bottle and shared some pan de muerto. how are you all celebrating the holiday? cheers! #LosAltosAmigos #MisterCartoonXCazadores #ad

tokyo: had i visited in my early twenties, i surely never would have left. i love it here. // thank you to @hernamewasjulie for a lovely day, to @latelier_del for a very memorable lunch, and to @tamryncake + @koid + @jessicavoruda for an adventurous dinner with new friends ❤️

TODAY IS THE DAY! i'm heading to TOKYO with @delta to shoot and share my experience on the premier flight of their brand new airbus a350. **someone pinch me** have you been to tokyo? let me know! 🥂✈️ #a350firstflyers

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