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PLEASE SHARE IN SYDNEY NETWORKS🌟 This young lad; Bryn Thomas is missing if you know where he is or can share and boost this post across your networks please do. Contact CHATSWOOD POLICE SYDNEY if you have any info. Young ones, if you know anything or have seen him about, you won't be in trouble just let us know so we can tell his family who are worried for their sweet boy. 💖🙏 #cammerygal #sydney #manly #missing

Dear ones, tonight Full Moon is in Libra and blesses us with a little peace, a little adjustment as we work through the difficult karmic work of the Saturn/Ketu/Pluto alignment. (See prev post). Venus, Libra's ruler, is with Mercury in Pisces - Venus in exaltation but Mercury in his fall, there is a strange blending of benevolence but confusion. While Ketu & Saturn provoke us to let go of ego attachments by making us face how much trouble we cause ourselves with our habits, attachments & desires; Merc/Venus in Pisces help us to surrender - Merc is clouded in Pisces so we can't attack our issues with mental strategy - we must give up thinking it out, and with a sigh, perhaps, just surrender & find solace in hope & faith. Mercury is about to enter new ground leaving his retro shadow for the first time since Feb marking the true completion of the Merc Rx process - if it feels like all plans and realisations have sort of fizzled, don't fret - wait it out - in a few weeks he will be back in full energy in Aries. Jupiter now properly retrograde takes us back across the knot of Sagittarius/Scorpio renetering Scorpio on the 22nd. Jupiter takes us back over the ground harrowed by Saturn in 2017 when Saturn retro'd here. He helps us understand & learn from those difficult lessons, and helps us reclaim barren pieces of our creative life - breathe life & hope into them and restore joy to closed up parts of ourselves. Many of us will resume spiritual/religious practises we've had to set aside in the last few years; during this retrograde. Sun is still close to gandanta of Aries/Pisces creating an agitating tension and keeping Aries, Leo & Sagittarius very busy. Sun moves clear of this zone in the next few days & we get to really enjoy his exaltation in Aries from then. Tonight's full moon blesses any actions that support fair & balanced relating, restore harmony to our lives & preference calm resonance over active & boisterous activity. 💖 Asha
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With 4 Planets now in Sagittarius - Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter & remote planet Pluto - this area of our life is blowing up. Where am I going? I don't even know anymore...and with cares pressing hard upon many of us the sweet vision sensed after the eclipses and karmic axis shift earlier in the year seem to have sunk out of sight.
All April Jupiter influences all, with both Pisces and Sagittarius active - both signs are owned by Jupiter. Only Mars escapes - in earthy Taurus he struggles to make ground, and he adds to the tension squaring Merc/Venus in Aquarius; while Sun squares Saturn. In the midst of all this, Jupiter quietly slows, preparing to turn retrograde from April to full post up on Patreon.
~ Dear StarFamily, I have been having some really big struggles with health and pain. I have been unable to write or even focus very much. Over the next few days I will be reflecting and trying to seek the best path to bring stability and calm so that long term I can keep writing and sharing these beautiful traditions of astrology, tarot & soul-work. For now, I am not taking any clients for at least 28 days. I will be in touch with those on my waiting list to let you know my plan, once i know it. Keep faith through these transitions, though they are hard. Break to breakthrough. Thank you to all of you for your patience & understanding as I wrestle with this challenge. In love, xxx Asha
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Today Jupiter & Sun join with Moon all in gandanta - all on the 3 knot points between fire & water signs. Today we rest, regathering our magic after the tense, squared aspects of the week just passed. Sun is about to enter his exaltation in Aries & Venus her exaltation in Pisces. Don't try and tackle the frustrations right now, trust in your soul purpose (Sun), instinct (Moon) and highest wisdom (Jupiter). You'll find your way. You know how to manage yourself & your life. Not being able to achieve your goals according to your plan isn't a sign of failure, except the momentary failure to understand you are part of the weave & tide of the world, perhaps! We are here to create, love & live as best we can til our time comes. Make sure you make time to remember - while it's a fine & noble thing - to have goals & work towards them, that ultimately it's just life. Seeking success all the time will wear you thin. You can coast some days. You can not know, you can be waiting on insight or a solution. Teach yourself how to listen to your inner high priestess...your wise voice. Give yourself grace 💖
Deep within you the post Merc retrograde analysis meets with shifts in your view of your place in the world, mingles with doubts & new hopes for your calling.. all are harmonising, finding a new tone, a different but still delightful resonance. Listen for it, then amplify it. Let it arise in you with ease. Love Asha xxx

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Sunday memes #taurus #capricorn #virgo #aquarius
I moved house. Somehow. But its a cute spot but also I am deceased. Despite knowing the transits, chaos like this still hits me upside the head. Being in Rahu Mahadasha = constant chaos & trying to convince your Baptist Mum it's not a personality trait but a karmic cycle. Although also Rahu cycle being most of my adult life...doesn't that make it a personality trait at this point?! I am delirious 😁 Do you know which planetary cycle you're in? It's a foundational principle in Vedic astrology and improves accuracy by a factor of lots.
Rahu mahadasha (great cycle) lasts 18 YEARS with the 6th and 8th the worst (its true). Love ya! Xxx
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From Sun to Saturn every planet is in hard aspect. Jupiter is now retrograde and Saturn/Ketu connects with outer planet Pluto. The tension affects psyche, body, emotion. We feel a new potential humming but also held fast in the practical concernes we must attend to. Keep your head clear and don't get ensnare in doubt, fear & regret. Stay present. Deal with each task at hand. Eventually the way is clearer & you can strike out on a new path once again. Love Asha
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🌟WEEKENDASTROLOGY🌟 Cancer moon weekend brings emotional intensity, breakthrough in the midst of nostalgia - old griefs even...the Cancer Quarter Moon squares everything else. Squares build tension but also resonant strength. This is a cauldron to brew healing, a sacred well, a place to ritually bathe and emerge renewed. With Mercury now in Pisces retracing the mental processes of early Feb combined with Jupiter stationary retro, the mess of Saturn/Pluto/KetuSthNode square to Sun the Moon in Cancer themes around mother, home, histories & how we tell these stories well to the surface. Venus hovers in the last degree of Aquarius about to flood us with sweet blessings as she enters her exaltation in Pisces in 3 days - but not yet for now she's helping us understand. But for this weekend, be willing to open your heart and let go. Release and let emotional burdens dissolve into tears, trigger them if needed and loosen the blockages carried in tired muscles, mental exhaustion & low creativity levels. Don't be afraid to let it flow out of's old water - held in a pond cut off from the river by dryness. Now, it can run to the sea, dissipating salt and bitterness. In turn, the waters will return to refill your wells and sweeten your fields as cooling, fresh rain. To step into our destiny we need to leave some things behind. It's not forgetting - it's about putting our stories in order, finding them the right place in the new reality we are making for ourselves. With all my love, may you heal & have a safe place or shoulder to release & share the burden of sorrow; a sweet place to drink in renewing love. Asha xxx
With deepest love to my daughter, my greatest teacher. Xxx
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Since 2003 babes 😉 😁 Do you pre check your crush's astro deets? Which sign or aspect can't you get over? I love some intense water placements espec Scorpio, or Mars Moon energy. I also love some Sagi fire 😍
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Over on Patreon we’re moving deeper with our astrology basics lessons - today we look at conjunctions and how appropriate with 4 planets in conjunction RIGHT NOW in Sagittarius (Pluto, Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter now Retro). Make sure you jump in the comments, share aspects from your chart so we can all work on the interpretations together. :) Thank you StarFamily for your patience this week - I got a virus and have been laid flat for about 5 days now (but it was totally worth snuggling my kiddo in my arms while she had a fever). Stay tuned for our big Jupiter Retro post and horoscopes coming up tomorrow! Love Asha xxx

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It's Monday and this Venus/Mars in Pisces is feeling it. 👆 Do you have planets in Pisces? What's your special way of avoiding reality ? 😁
The planets this week (astronomical sky as it actually is)
Sun: Pisces til the 15th
Moon: Aries/Taurus
Mercury: Aqua til April 11
Venus: Aqua til April 15
Mars: Taurus
Jupiter: Sagittarius turning retro April 12
Saturn: Sagittarius
Ketu (South lunar node) : Sagittarius
Rahu (North lunar node): Gemini
Full Moon: Libra April 19

Repost @ja.strology

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Deep in the birthing waters - we turn, we prepare for the life to come. While Saturn and Sun square - reality blocking our vital energies…Our outer and inner worlds are hemmed in on all sides by at times frightening realities - our dreaming & magic matters. You must work to keep the water sweet & nourishing, you must resist the urge to escape the pressures of mundane life in daydream & illusion. Your love, desire, spiritual practise, the labor of your hands - let it build towards your driving vision. Do not let yourself despair as you are pressed up against old karmic patterns you thought you’d burned through. They are just shadows, echoes of an old song. New Moon cycle has begun and culminates in shining Libra on April 19 - we will emerge to gently adjust all our bonds - romantic, friendship, professional, the social contract itself - how will you act? Will you raise yourself in a love nourished by spiritual wisdom and a heart burnished with justice seeking, noble anger? How will you, Smallspark, shape the world you long for? What needs to change? Which rigidities can you rest on - a sure foundation - which limits must be burned and a new structure built in its place? May your dreaming inspire your waking mind. May your bright mind interrogate the impulses of the heart. May we all move deep into not just a personal truth, but spiritual, universal truths that bless those around us - beyond the edges of our class, our country…the world herself needs us. She has nourished us - what can you offer her in turn? The month ahead is indeed one where we begin deep spiritual change. I am unsure, but I am willing to dive deep and learn to listen, despite pain or frustrated goal. We are part of a deeper rhythm, old as time renewed daily, with every sunrise. We've got this 💖 Love Asha
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Are we feeling dreamy or tense? Or a little of both? Some tense aspects heighten over the weekend with Aries Moon day in Bharani star. The influences of Venus & Mars in a conflagration of passion (and frustration) as Mars & Venus/Mercury square off with Jupiter (only just in Sagittarius) lend us to hot words, annoyance & high spirits too - how we act or respond determines whether the high energy turns to joy or annoyance. Saturn & Sun are also square...blocking our sense of achievement. It's easy to feel mad at life, your crush, yourself right now - you can almost touch those dreams you've been cultivating since the karmic axis shift in early March. But Merc's retro delayed and confused matters and while Jupiter dawdles through the first degrees of Sagittarius before turning retro in a few days we can't seem to capitalise on our visions & new perspectives. Saturn & Ketu approach close alignment making karmic stuff weigh heavy on us and doubt creep in with a nasty voice -" all is futile, stop striving so hard, you aren't in flow". Well, yes all striving is futile, thanks but I'm here & now incarnate and obligated to keep at the work of transformation thanks for the existential cliché but I'm not gonna undo my vision by listening to doubt. Today focus on some structured creativity, don't give up but don't strive too hard to get through things either. Passionate escapades, activity for joy & pleasure's sake (includes a hard work out or invigorating hike not just sexy times 😉) will get your courage up & heart beating again. For the more Venusian types, Bharani makes us a little more indolent & demanding than usual. Don't get too mad if you're loved ones don't have time for it today. Everyone's a bit tense - thrilling with a sense of something needs to shift but we can't find the lever to make it happen. Keep to your path, deal with the annoying stuff piece by piece and know the magic will be flowing again soon enough 😘 Love Asha
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