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Ash Dykes  👣Yangtze Expedition 🏔Explorer / Extreme Athlete 🌍2x World Record Setter 🎤Speaker 💪🏽Fitness Athlete 📖Author #ashdykes

Leaders are not leaders because they’re smarter, more talented or more organised than those around them. Nor because they’re tall, wealthy or muscular.
Leaders are the ones who take courage.
Regardless of what’s going on around them, they repeatedly exercise the courage to step up and use their influence to move others in the right direction.
People will follow a leader, even if he doesn’t have it all together.
But they won’t follow a man without courage, because a man without courage won’t lead.
- Stephen Kendrick

Not long now, all the training and preparation has lead me to this! Under two weeks left before it all kicks off!

I was caught out! Keeping my head down, training, grinding and learning mandarin, but the news articles in China were found by the hotel 😆
But I do really enjoy it, spread the word, hopefully help to motivate, inspire and maybe share stories that are relatable and could be useful.
What a great crowd to present to though, one day to organise and it was a full house.
The Q&A is always interesting in China, I get asked such diverse questions.
Great event all round at the Jade Emu Hotel!
📷 by Insider

Absolutely awesome day!
Here are some photos I took earlier today, using the Mavic Pro Drone.
I’ve recently been sent a drone, as I’ll be doing an awful lot of self-shooting down the Yangtze, so it’s important I get some stunning footage of the landscape along the way.
This is my second time flying the drone, I almost crashed it last night (the drone doesn’t like flying at night) 😆
But I’m getting better and feeling confident 😁
There is a YouTube video on today and I will be putting it on my IGTV soon 😃

Life’s a journey, not a destination.
Everyday, make it a great day! 🤟🏽

Solid work, all day, everyday. Because in my game - there are no second chances!
You must be on top psychologically & physically.
I’ve dragged myself out of the Gobi-Desert, through the densest jungles, battled Malaria, faced hell and climbed out.
Some people may call it luck, but I don’t like to use that as an excuse not to prepare, hoping that “luck” has got my back.
I put it down to preparation and training your body and spirit to be able to adapt during the darkest of times.
I’m feeling stronger than ever, weighing almost 11.5st and breaking into my wildside ahead of the commencement date at the end of this month! 👽

Under one month left until Mission Yangtze begins, with a commencement date of around July 21st!
Tag a friend who loves travel and adventure, so they can follow the journey!
Attempting to make the impossible, possible!

Presenting to all departments of the British Consulate General in Shanghai!
Left = the Consul General
Right = Founder of @watertogo
Onscreen = Gertrude becoming world famous!
Literally, swipe left - he is published in the same book as David Attenborough 🤣🤣
My question to you:-
if you had to take on an adventure with ANY animal, which animal would you pick!?
Not that I had a choice, but Gertrude turned out to be pretty good company 😆🐔✊🏽

‪Great day teaching people jungle survival techniques, just after the launch of Mission Possible in Ningbo!‬
Fact of the day:- bamboo actually has a tensile strength greater than steel. Tensile strength reflects how hard it is to pull a material apart. Not only is bamboo stronger than steel, but it withstands being smashed better than your average concrete.... and is my favourite plant in the world 😁

What an incredible launch of the Mission Yangtze expedition and the Mandarin version of Mission Possible, in partnership with @watertogo and Health & Happiness!

Hiring out a ship and cruising round the bund, with global media and key individuals who flew in from around the world!

Not only is it an honour to be working with such key players on the expedition, but like with all of my expeditions, I tie them into specific angles whereby I can give back to the local communities, promote positively and spread awareness.

Water-To-Go will join me at key sections along the Yangtze, to provide their revolutionary filter bottles to communities, in order to reduce plastic and provide them with fresh drinking water.
Here is one, of many angles to be showcased 🙌🏽

🎶 Oh man, I’m on a mission and I won’t stop 🎶
It’s all go here in China from talking filming and TV in Beijing, to book launch discussions in Shanghai, Co-branded kit deal in Guangzhou and now training, learning and working on logistics in Dali.
This is just a quick video I threw together, more professional clips from the team are coming soon 🤩

Not a bad place to train! Getting in the zone!

What a day, @kyleobermann and I just summited a mountain here in Dali at just under 4,000 meters and ran back down! 25km all together through forest and up steep ridges, a tough training day, facing varied weather along the way. It was then good to jog on top and push my body at altitude. No issues at all, so 🤞🏽

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