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I’ve received many questions from a lot of people on reducing waste. Many of you know that I’ve been on a journey to reduce my waste and embracing a more minimalist lifestyle. Reducing your waste isn’t always easy and I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work for me. However, there are a few staple things you can easily replace with less wasteful alternatives and I am here to share that with you today! Check out this list I whipped up of 10 very easy ways to reduce your waste.

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Feeling super grateful at the moment for the schedule and life I’ve created for myself. I used to suffer in office jobs, constantly feeling trapped, wanting to quit, dragging myself to work every day. That lifestyle is just not for me. I need air, sun, freedom. I’ve finally formed the lifestyle that I’ve been aspiring to have for years. One that allows me the freedom to be outdoors, the flexibility to travel, all while doing what I love to do- help others. Never stop chasing your dreams, the life that you want to live is 100% possible ❤️ how about you? Are you fully content with your work life balance? #outdoors #nature #beauty #wonderful_places #sheisnotlost #telaviv #israel #yoga #meditation #vegan #plantbased #travel #traveler #inspire #insta #instapic #inspiration #journey #adventure #photo#photography #photographer #breakfast #view #nationalgeographic #rawvegan#camping#hiking #hike

I used to think
What’s wrong with me?
Nothing was wrong
I just wasn’t ready.
Was doin my own thing
For quite some time
Learning and growing
It ain’t not crime
Understanding who you are
Feeling brave to stand alone
Not letting just anyone
Into your home.
I had so many years
To form who I am
Not let that be determined
By any man.
If you’re worried
And often find yourself in doubt
Have no fear
Keep takin your own route
You’ll be ok on your own
When all is said and done
being able to count on yourself
It’s you who won.

Why you should just find a cheap flight and go to wherever ~ people always ask me how I travel so much and afford it. Here’s the thing, I usually find a cheap flight first (using sky scanner) and let the trip come into play following that. The thing is every place has beauty to be discovered, and an experience to be had. The actual place is less relevant. So what are you waiting for? Find a cheap flight and GO! hiking#bulgaria#explore#travel#wanderlust#picoftheday #instapic#instagram#inspire#instagood#traveler#photo #photography #photoftheday #instamoment#nature#mountains #outdoors#sheisnotlost #girlsthatwander #gopro#positivity#inspiration

Thoughts from my coffee shop ☕️ You guys.
Never SETTLE! Listen to what your heart is telling you. Never settle for a job you don’t like, never settle in a city you’re not happy in, and never settle in a relationship that doesn’t make you smile from ear to ear. After moving around a million times, switching multiple jobs, people always used to tell me that I had to settle down and give something a chance. But I knew when things weren’t right for me and I listened to myself. I didn’t stay in something that I knew just wasn’t a good fit for me, I knew when to call things quits, even if other people thought I was impulsive. Although I did doubt many times if maybe I was looking for the perfect job, place to live, boy etc, and perhaps this didn’t exist, I trusted myself enough to know when something didn’t feel right. I have had many experiences along the way, have lived in many places and had my fair share of emotions. But I have grown and understood what I want. Don’t settle for ANYTHING that doesn’t make you LOVE life and be excited to wake up every day, stay true to yourself 💕 #beauty #wonderful_places #sheisnotlost #bulgaria #israel #yoga #meditation #vegan #plantbased #travel #traveler #inspire #insta #instapic #inspiration #journey #adventure #photo#photography #photographer #beach #view #nationalgeographic #rawvegan#workout#fitness#health#hiking #hike

I used to be one of those people always taking my coffee on the go. However, I’ve started to focus more on giving myself time, before starting my day and also a break throughout the day. This time I allot myself makes me a hell of a lot more productive throughout the day, more calm, and gives me the time and space to let out my creative energies. If you have ever been to a third world country you understand what life is like outside of a world which thrives on big corporations and 9 to 5’s. People sitting on the streets together, sipping chais, spending time with loved ones. I take this as inspiration to slow the hell down and not get sucked into the constant hustle and bustle. I have found myself a job which gives me the space and freedom to live the lifestyle I want to live. Not feeling trapped inside of an office all day, and having control over my schedule. Happy Friday 🌸

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