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Associated Students of CSU  The Associated Students of Colorado State University is your voice to make a difference at YOUR CSU! Official ASCSU Instagram page. 🐑

*Free Food Alert*
Don’t miss out on these awesome events coming up before school gets out! #BeTheImpact #PancakeDay #RampedUp #ArtsFest

Want free food? Head over to the CSU Plaza for Ramped Up on April 30th to May 4th to destress from Finals! #BeTheImpact

Interested in working for ASCSU? Application are open NOW! Apply today! #BeTheImpact

Bring your art work on April 30th to the Sutherland Community Garden at 10am! #BeTheImpact

Don’t miss out on Write Minded with Fjord Collins NEXT Thursday from 3-6pm!

Meet Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Tristan Syron and Kevin Sullivan! "Syron Sullivan seeks to lower the rising cost of parking on campus. We also want to advertise the fact that there is a waiver to bypass U+2. Yes, a waiver already exist, but it could be cheaper and more accessible. Finally, why is it that every student fills out course evals at the end of the semester but never sees the data? We will make that data accessible online through ram web during registration.”

Come to the Plaza! Join our campus and take a stand that CSU will not tolerate these acts.

Meet Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Liam Aubrey and Lynsie Roper!
They will fight for food security and housing affordability so that education can be the top priority for CSU students and they will assist with this process by not raising student fees other than the mandatory minimum wage hike. With recent events on campus, they are committed to making campus safer and more inclusive for everyone.

Meet both presidential and vice presidential candidates, Allec Brust and Mareena Winchell! "We want every student on campus to feel welcomed and comfortable with us. We know what it feels like to take out student loans and we will make it easier for you to not have to by not increasing your ASCSU student fees. We are going to work internally within ASCSU to ensure equal and substantive representation across all student organizations and colleges."

Meet both presidential and vice presidential candidates, Jake Epperson and Carter Hill! "Epperson Hill is a campaign that advocates for both the academic and overall success of the students of CSU. The voices of the student body of CSU have been ignored for far too long, and it is time for their voices to be heard. Students of CSU, Epperson Hill hears you loud and clear. We understand the problems you face, and it will be our job to fix them."

This week we are going to be featuring all of our Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidates running for office. Stay tuned for more information about each candidate and what they plan on doing for YOUR University! #BeTheImpact #ProudToBe Swipe ⬅️⬅️

Want to hold a position with ASCSU? We are hiring for a new Deputy Director of Campus Engagement! Apply at TODAY! #BeTheImpact