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Adwoa Kwankye  I have lost & loved, and won & cried myself to the person I am today - never apologize for the madness that made you a warrior ✌🏾💜& 🧘🏿‍♀️ 👧🏽👶🏾🧔🏽 🌱


Eat like you give a fuck! #thugkitchen #vegancookbook

Missing my mama! #wishyouwerehere 😿 @mrs____aminah

The Will to my Carlton #u̸g̸l̸y̸dopesweaterparty

My five ornaments may not make it on the tree this year. I’m really diggin this tree just as it is. #pineneedles😩

It’s literally impossible to get them to cooperate 🙄

My homie for life 💚 #thankful

#HappyThanksgiving y’all! Grateful for everyone in my life and all the love around me. 🤗😘

Everybody love you girl- not just me #snapsawitfirst

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