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Asanda Foji  GOD BEFORE MY LIFE!!! South African Actress🇿🇦 'Film student' Amsterdam📍 Owner- FojiSportsWear [Online-shop currently closed]

WCW 2013 Me! It’s amazing how a woman’s body transforms, not with age but contentment: knowing exactly what you’re capable of; counting all your blessings; and appreciating where God has placed you at this moment💥

I Pray in Jesus Name for in His Name all things change. Amen

Happy Women’s Day to all our gorgeous ‘Rocks made of Steel’ out there✊🏽 .... Show off your fly sis in-law today! @ciamnene miss yah sis❤️

Lord I BLESS Your Name today for this man🙏 My Man Crush everyday. Thank you for loving me this much Mthembu💥

It’s been 2 full weeks since I started jogging 3-4 km everyday ↖️[See Live video]↖️ and it hurts bad. I realized the spinning bike I have targets everywhere else but the hips🙆‍♂️ So here we go🏃🏻‍♀️

Don’t limit yo challenges, challenge yo limits💥 #gymgirl #backday #staymotivated

I don’t drink beer but let’s talk about how the hot Heineken mannequin just dropped his hand on my hips and pretends to be just chilling there🤔. It’s the Experience honey @heinekennl

Good morning ya’ll...

6am after my morning jog... You have the power to create the person you want to become💥

One of my biggest fears: “being taken soo young and leaving my son all alone”!!! So I asked my coach why we always have to write such depressants as monologues and his answer: I quote “One can try but it’s typically very hard to show true/genuine emotion in a happy monologue”... So as I continue to write these real-life tear-worthy monologues trying to find myself as a writer 💥

Your Will not mine Father🙏

Summer ereng mo-ngwaneng...

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