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When you are invited by Facebook to have a conversation on how they can help you be a better community leader.
I started @discoverafrica_ on facebook out of my love for travelling and wanted to meet fellow travellers and also share my journey.

Met with other Facebook community leaders today and got a chance to talk about my Facegroup group community DISCOVER AFRICA @discoverafrica_ and how we are connecting travellers all over the world through shared experiences and organised travel packages.

I'm no Meghan.
I'm from a royal bloodline.
A lineage of royal warriors and priests.
A clan of kingmakers, game changers.
We will journey to the land of my ancestors
Ifa priest will preach.
Oya will bless my womb.
Sango will fire bad belle people.
Daughters of Oduduwa choir will minister.
My dress will be from the finest silk aso-oke,
Handsewn by the Palace dressmakers.
My great great great grand father wrestled the god Esu, He lost an eye, three fingers and walked with a limp the rest of his life.
But He returned with the Bogun Bolu staff Esu stole from our shrine.
This I shall carry on that day.
Eledumare will bless us with twins and triplets Asoebi will cost 1000 cowries.
Vow exchange at Oyo shrine.
Ogun will be our witness.
Amala & Ogufe very plenty.

Dear Future Husband,
The chiefs of my family,
They will test you.
For they are feminists.
The female is sacred.
For you dare to enter warrior territory
The heart of the great Oyo Empire
To carry away a Queen.
Gird your loins.
Call your brothers in arms.
For the day you carry a Queen away from her clan.
You also will become a god.

Dear Givenchy,
You had one chance to show the world an amazing wedding dress and you came up this.
Yes I get it. Simple. Classy. Effortless.
I have mixed feelings.

I tend to post a lot more on my facebook wall than I do on here.
But seems a lot of my facebook posts go viral to the point where I become accused of "stealing" from the people who plagiarised it.
Well...y'all will be seeing a lot of my facebook shenanigans frim now on.

Hello Monday.

Joined my oga at the top @kolakuddus on the Silverbird TV @silverbirdtv live show this morning talking about the Business of fashion, Met Gala, Lagos Bridal Week and fashion trends.

Earlier today at Ebonylife TV @ebonylifetv filming MOMENTS talking about @asakeoge, @discoverafrica_ , label stigmas and why they are so prevalent in society.
I spoke about my personal experience with label stigma. Why can't a woman be strong, bold, vocal, shave her hair without the lesbian or bisexual tag.
Was an fun, interesting discussion with @bolanle, @miss_vimbai, @tallulahglossy
Will share viewing dates soon.
Peep my bantu knots mowhawk.

Only for the brave !
June 2018.
Who's coming ? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
#BackPacking #WestAfricaByRoad #DontTellMyMummy

Something about francophone countries that draws me in all the time.
Their friendliness and hospitality, their food, the quaint charms of their buildings, the culture. Abidjan is no different. The beaches are so beautiful.
Is it because I'm part francophone ?
Anyways the opportunity to practise my French is always a joy.
I'm taking most of June to do a West African tour all the way to Senegal.
10 countries. 10 days.
Nigeria -Benin -Togo -Ghana -Cote d'Ivoire -Liberia -Sierra leone -Guinea -Guinea Bissau -Gambia -Senegal.

#TravelAddict #DiscoverAfrica #Cotonou #Lome #Accra #Abidjan #Freetown #Banjul #Dakar

They were drawn to her beauty, her power, her strength, the promise of something they could reach that was ephemeral, supernatural. They threw caution to the wind.
She left them #shipwrecked

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