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Asaka Fushimi  remake artist/Los Angeles I waste my life making waste to reduce waste.

Uploading my recent work to my stories !! Please check them on my profile page :)


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Had a super rad weekend! Now that it's over, I'm feeling a little hollow though... Congratulations to my friend gokichan (#tomoogokita) for another successful show in LA, and thank you for bringing out all our friends from Tokyo and NY and making us all feel so proud :) I miss them all already :)

また今回も大成功の展示おめでとう。 そして私達を一同に集める機会を作ってくれて、更に友達として誇りに思わせてくれる五木田氏に感謝です。

I love how my patchwork piece looks in the room of the guest house, Corsage that is run by my friend in Kyoto, Japan.
Can't wait to visit there sometime!! 😊
京都の友人の経営するゲストハウスの一室にある私の作品。飾られているのを見て、私がむしろインスピレーションをもらえている。ありがとう :)

Regrann from @foxcatchers_usa - Tomorrow! Our bandana will be showing at Vintage Fourth Friday's @lidomarinavillage #newportbeach
along with other fabulous vintage shop owners such as: @wemovevintage @sr.apachevintage @valentinevintage_ @goldenthreadsvintage @retroblades @stylingbyjo @louellabasil @m.landeshop @heat_fa @carnycouture
It's going to be great!

I'm so honored to be a part of this great event, Vintage Fourth Friday's 8/24(Fri) at @lidomarinavillage with lots of amazing vintage shop owners :) I will bring some of my vintage rework items and @foxcatchers_usa 's bandanas!
These awesome Levi's in the pic will also be available at @carnycouture 's booth, so feel free to stop on by! 😉


@wemovevintage @sr.apachevintage @valentinevintage_ @goldenthreadsvintage @retroblades @stylingbyjo @louellabasil @m.landeshop @heat_fa

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Spent a whole week with my childhood friend from Tokyo. (We've been friends since we were 6yrs old!) We did nothing special, just hanging out, cooking and shopping like old days.
We both are old now but I don't feel like it whenever I'm with her :) 6歳からの幼なじみが遊びに来た。子供の頃から一緒にいるせいか、会うと大人になった今も一瞬で子供に戻れる友達。

Having real Portlandia moments.. The guy working at the coffee shop explained where the all ingredients of their pastries come from. And of course they all are LOCAL!! 😆


He says he met someone (on Etsy) and leaving me.. 😢 #oneloveonelife

"自分で着るわけじゃないしvintageとして価値が高いわけでもないのにちょっと売りたくないやつ" が売れてしまった。

Such a warm and lovely birthday evening!
I'm so grateful that I have so many beautiful people in my life 😊

さて明日は誕生日1日違いのアンドリュー@androotee と合同のビッグパーティーだ💨💨💨

When it's this cold outside and all the trees without leaves look a little sad, it gives me a quiet, humble kind of feeling...and I love it :) ずっと冬嫌いとか言ってたけどLAに住むと何だかんだ四季が恋しくて、この冬の冷たさが何を人にもたらすかを考えるとそう悪いもんじゃないなと思う。

I heard there were a lot of people coming at the Tennoz harbor market in Tokyo yesterday! So grateful for my friend @ishii_chang who is also great ceramic artist, having my remake items along with his beautiful plates and cups at the market! Swipe to see my pouches and his ceramics :) 天王洲ハーバーマーケット、初日の昨日はなかなかの盛況だったようですが今日日曜も引き続き開催中です。
teto ceramicのシンプルで美しい作品と共に私のリメイクアイテムが並んでおります。

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