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Asa Hole  Selfies only.

Video selfie

Everyone knows the rules. OneBite selfie, toddler shirt selfie.

Sunbathing selfie; iPhone shadow selfie.

It's a chocolate stain, you animals. Dirty JFK shirt selfie.

Cupping selfie

NYC ✈️ LA with just a purse. I think I'm officially bicoastal. GED selfie

Trying to turn my gay trainer straight like... Workout selfie

You know LA has officially ruined you when you're comfortable going in public dressed like this. Shout out to Zero Blog Thirty, tho. Even-more-casual-Saturday selfie

Casual Friday selfie

Backwards selfie

Saturdays are for creampies and Sundays are for facials. @barstoolsports selfie

Already posted this on @asahole but I love this @marriedtothemobny shirt too much to not post again. Double post selfie. AYCDICDB selfie.

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