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Asa Akira  I have an award-winning asshole. This is Instagram attempt number 7.

Rise and shine @digitalfoundry

Today’s @pornhub Podcast guest is someone I consider to be a Perfect Male Pornstar, @thesmallhands_ !!! He’s had a very unique journey into porn; from the shy, socially awkward son of a preacher man, to rockstar, to Joanna Angel’s boyfriend, to top Pornstar! First of all: Wtf kind of stage name is “Small Hands?” What’s it like for an outsider to date a pornstar? Does porn sex differ from at-home sex? How can a guy keep from cumming too soon? What were the biggest challenges in becoming a male performer, and what makes someone really, really good at it? or link in bio!

Nothing brings me more joy than recognizing an obscure child actor in a current production. From the moment I awoke today I’ve been trying to place why Kendall’s ex-wife from Succession looks so familiar to me. 7 hours into focusing all of my mental energy into the matter, I finally realized she was Valerie in Sabrina the Teenage Witch! However, a swift google search proved me wrong - the actress from Succession hasn’t been in anything shot prior to 2004, and Valerie from STTW is someone completely different. Anyway, that was my entire day. Happy Sunday everyone! #successionhbo

September 6th, 2018: I’ll be hosting the first ever @Pornhub Awards Show!

That thing where you’ve never spoken Japanese on camera before and then you see the footage and you’re so much worse than you’d ever imagined. My friend @official_hitomitanaka explains the logistics of a bukkake, how she got into porn, why Japanese porn is pixelated, and the authenticity of her O-cup size boobs. (Yes, that’s an “O,” as in LMNO.) Also... she TEACHES ME HOW TO DIRTY TALK IN JAPANESE!!! Watch the SFW Youtube video in the link in my bio; you’ll have to search for the slightly more NSFW version on @Pornhub.

ELEVEN years ago. Pre-porn, 30lbs heavier, high on (at least) opiates. Don’t text, BBM only.

Gay Pat, Barstool Sports’ first openly gay blogger - who has never been in a fight, btw - is boxing a homophobic redneck ex-convict in a Rough N Rowdy fight this Sunday LIVE on Pay-Per-View! What happens if someone accidentally gets murdered in a professional fight? Is there such a thing as an educated homophobe? Is it homophobic if a straight guy think it’s gross when two dudes kiss? Do gay guys innately know if they’re tops or bottoms right away, or is it a trial and error thing? Is gay-for-the-stay a real thing? Why does man-on-man fighting make me horny? Also: that time I was arrested. @barstoolpat or Link in bio!

The latest installment of my column for @menshealthmag is up! Link in bio : )

We judged our personalities based on how we ate our ice cream cones. The results are in, we are both disgusting. @brookecandy

Is it just me or is my vagina always in the discount bin? Anyway, it’s on sale again. Go get one on the @fleshlight site! It’s cheap! Just like the real thing!

R u in LA? Go check out PORNHUB NATION at Union for the next month! R u somewhere else? Walk through the show with me (link to full YouTube video in bio,) as I talk to pornstars @ryebreadwithbutter, @joannaangel, @keiranlee123, @thecharlottecross, and more, as well as the co creators of the show @maggiewest and @ryder_ripps, AS WELL AS a very bitter @pornhub Aria and then eventually a very bitter me in the end too tbh. LINK IN BIO FOR FULL VIDEO

She almost seems like a halfway pleasant-ish person here. Almost. Halfway. Ish. ❤️ @pornhub Aria ❤️

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