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Kaylie💕Airstrikeallstars  《Welcome to my world 🌎》 《Cheerleading stole my heart 💓 《Cheifs Junior 3 💚 《California 🌴 《Cheerfit ambassador 💪 《Cheer is a sport Deal with it 😏

( I have too ) 💕✌
Ppl be sayin cheer isnt a sport. Allstar cheer is. Side line cheer is. What other cheer is there?? Im a cheerleader and i know whats a sport and whats not. Ive been doin it for a while. The people saying its "not a sport and saying its a dumb thing to do. Its a waste of time" Its not. Your wrong. You probaly never even tried it. You dont know what it takes to be a "true cheerleader" it takes courage and lots and lots of work. We sweat, we cry, we even don't feel good sometimes. But its all worth it. You just need to have trust in others, and feel confident all the time. You cant just say its dumb and not a sport without proof. You cant just say it cause you want to. You say it to make people mad. If you ever say its fake and dumb and what not. You should try it. You'll see how hard, struggling, frustrating, and pain you go through.( Not to make it sound bad )
It takes everyone to do something right. Your a team. YOUR A FAMILY. Its not all about you. Its about all of you guys. So think before you speak, please. ~Kaylie

School was out a week ago, i miss my friends 😭 i wish i could see them. Have a good summer guys 💓💕

Practice makes perfect- As they say 😊 @cheerfittraining

Good job stealth! An amazing competition to end the season! I love all of you stealth 💓 12th out of 30 teams 💕 this was an amazing season. Everyone heading home today? Have a great day & flight! #usfinals #12th @theusfinals

Waiting for awards. .But, we hit zero! @theusfinals #thisisit #whitejackets #lastcompetition #endofseason

Im here! @theusfinals

Day 2 complete!! 1 more competition left. 4th out of 9th! Good job stealth :) #americanshowcase #goingforthegold #zerodeductions #ryh #cheer #absolutezero

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