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Ezra Koenig 

the other week, things got heated on IG when we started talking abt the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. I consider the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to be the best. There are many HGoB heads who agree with me. I consider the Colossus of Rhodes to be the worst. I don't like having to sail between a large set of legs to enter the city of Rhodes. I shouldn't have to put up with this to run a successful trade business in the ancient Mediterranean world. It's stressful. The HGoB, on the other hand, were (probably) relaxing & gorgeous.

took a desk nap & used this fine Italian sweater as a pillow

various of depictions of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. number one ancient thing I would like to go back in time to see. three of my primary interests are: hanging, gardens &, of course, Babylon. any other HGoB fans out there? fuk the Colossus of Rhodes


during Passover, the Jewish people eat matzah instead of leavened bread. We also only play thin-crust guitars instead of the usual deep-dish acoustics. 🙏

every day I get comments & questions about the next Vampire Weekend album. obviously, we gotta take our time & get it right but the fans deserve some information. I know it feels like it’s been an eternity since the last one but time…is strange. this is what’s been happening:

2013- MVOTC release
2014 – still touring/promoting
2015 – mental health year (putting 3 albums in stores was taxing), worked on a vibey project you’ll hear abt soon
2016- writing LP4, long days in the library researching w/ the grad students
2017 – recording, trying to finish ASAP what else can I tell you without playing myself? hmm, it’s a lil more springtime than the last one. guitar’s not dead. there are songs (currently) called “Conversation” & “Flower Moon.” Flower Moon is hard to finish but I think it belongs on the album. working title is still Mitsubishi Macchiato cuz it is a helpful concept. I should probably stop there cuz all of that information is subject to change & I can't tell you the really good stuff anyway 🍍🔥🍍🎶🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌚

trying to stay minty in a foul world

how I sleep at night knowing my meme mask is protecting me from harmful combinations of text & image

on rare occasions, one must give a fuk. "Never let it be said that punctuation doesn’t matter.

In Maine, the much-disputed Oxford comma has helped a group of dairy drivers in a dispute with a company about overtime pay."

Do not use ur phone without a Meme Mask. A single meme takes an hour off ur life. Protect yourself.

"From the white fur option at Alexander Wang to the cozy plaid offering from the recently revived Band of Outsiders, fashion bathrobes have emerged as somewhat of a micro trend on the Spring 2017 runways. And this has left everyone (mainly just me) wondering if the bathrobe is a viable everyday garment. I mean, we have athleisure, which has inexplicably made wearing sweatpants with heels completely acceptable. And the whole underwear-as-outerwear movement has been gaining steam for some time now (corsets and bralettes for the win!). But bathrobes? Really? How do you style something once reserved for spas and the boudoir?" - Katharine K. Zarrella


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