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ARYANA SAYEED  •Singer/Songwriter/Composer •Human/Woman Activist •Judge on AfgStar 🎤 •Judge on"TheVoice"Afg •Humanitarian•Philanthropist •AtlCouncil FreedomAwardee🦋

پیام شوی شار به علاقمندان آریانا جان! 😜 -ادمین - - -
A message from Shooye Shaar to Aryana Jaan’s fans! 😉😝 -Admin

همت کن‌با خودو با ما وطندار
هله یاهو یا الله وطندار
نمانی گر مرا تنها در این راه
نمی‌مانم ترا تنها وطندار
- - -
با وجود تمام مصروفیت ها و تمام جنجال ها، نمی توانستم صدا های شما عزیزان را خالی بمانم. آریانای شما به ستاره افغان و به افغانستان 🇦🇫 ما یک‌بار دگر برگشت. 😉😘 -آریانا
My LOVE/S... despite my busy schedule and all my upcoming travels, I simply could not ignore you sweethearts calling upon me! Your Aryana is back to Afghan Star and to our beautiful Afghanistan 🇦🇫 !! 😘😉 -Aryana

Amazingly creative painting of me by most talented @afghan_arthouse. Love it 🙏❤️ #aryanasketches #aryanadrawings

Ok so I don't think I have seen a more adorable video than this before....This is incredibly cute & funny. Made my day 😂😍❤️😂😆 #aryanasbabyfans

STUTTGART... 🇩🇪 only 4 DAYS left to the biggest show of the year!! —
Questions about tickets? Please call +49 162 2727581 !! 😉 -Admin-

عزیزان‌دل، به تاریخ ۲۱ دسامبر یک بار دیگر افتخار این را‌دارم که‌در‌برنامه بزرگ “باما” در شهر رویایی دبی به نمایندگی کشور عزیز ما ظاهر شوم و کاندید جایزه بهترین هنرمند زن افغانستان باشم. آرزو دارم شما عزیزان را در این برنامه با شکوه‌دیدار نمایم. -آریانا —
My LOVE/S... on December 21st, I will yet again have the honour of appearing at the prestigious BAMA Awards in the beautiful city of Dubai and representing our beautiful nation of Afghanistan. I am also nominated for the Best Female Artist of Afghanistan in this exciting show. I hope to see y’all at the event where I plan to perform a brand new song as well... bakhair! -Aryana #dafbama2018 #BestFemaleArtistofAfghanistan

چند‌روز قبل با همکارانم و نوازنده های تیم خود در شهر فرانکفورت جرمنی برای تمرینات کنسرت های شتوتگارت، مونتریال و تورنتو یکجا شدیم. با دیدن این عکس امروز خاطرات سال های قبل زنده شد؛ زمانی که گروه موسیقی کوچکی در عقب من قرار داشت و انتظارات عزیزانم نیز در آن زمان از من کوچکتر بود. خداوند را شکر گذارم که خواب هایم برای خودم و برای برنامه ها و موسیقی افغانستان آهسته آهسته به حقیقت مبدل می شوند. و شما عزیزان این را بدانید که بدون محبت و حمایت شما، حتی ۵۰٪ نتایج امروز امکان پذیر نبود. شکر و تشکر!! 🙏🏼😘 -آریانا
A few days ago, my Team and I along with some friends got together in Frankfurt, Germany for the rehearsals of our upcoming concerts in Stuttgart, Montreal and Toronto. Today, while looking at this photo some memories of past years came to life. The years when I had a much smaller Team playing behind me and at that time your expectations of me were also much smaller than they are today. Feeling very blessed and grateful to have many dreams of mine not just for myself but for Afghanistan Music and Concerts industry are turning into reality... and I want YOU my LOVE/S to know that without your constant love and support, not even 50% of all this would have been possible! Thank you and God bless! 🙏🏼😘 -Aryana

@nadi9nadim is not only the pride of our family but also the pride of Afghanistan 🇦🇫 as a Nation! So so so proud of you My Baby!! Not just anyone out there gets selected to speak at TEDx!! This is BIG!!!!!! Huge congratulations! 👏🏼👆🏼🙏🏼👊🏼 نادیه ندیم‌تنها افتخار‌فامیل‌ما‌نه بلکه‌ افتخار‌ تمام افغانستان می باشد. به وجودت افتخار می کنم جگر من!! 😘
#TEDx #NadiaNadim #GirlPower #TuMetani

And the countdown has already begun! STUTTGART in 9 days !! For your ticket 🎫 info visit -Admin-

We are ready to rock Stuttgart!!!! December 16th 🎵🎤🎶🎻🎸🎺🎷🥁 #memorablephotoafteralongdayofrehearsalswithmyamazingmusicband 🙏🏼🙌🤟

MONTREAL... good news!!! 🌟
Tickets 🎫 for the exciting show 🎶🎤👸🏻🇨🇦 on December 28th are now available for purchase... online and at Afghan Stores!
Please note that many tickets have already been reserved and others are going fast... so don’t delay and get your tickets today!
Get your tickets online at the following link:

Or “in-person” at the following locations:

Brossard (Kohinoor): +1 (450) 676-9550
Laval (Kohinoor): +1 (450) 934-7744
Laval (Marcher Kabul): +1 (450) 688-8504

Questions?? Call us at +1 (514) 497-9932. -Admin-

Ps. For Toronto tickets (more than 60% sold
already) pls visit right now!

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