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ARYANA SAYEED  •Singer/Songwriter/Composer •Human/Woman Activist •Judge on AfgStar 🎤 •Judge on"TheVoice"Afg •Humanitarian🙏•Philanthropist •AtlCouncil FreedomAwardee

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The excitement of visiting family 😜🤓🤩 #offtodenmark✈️ #travelcomfortably

My LOVE/S, I honestly can’t think of words beautiful enough and worthy of expressing my appreciation for your constant love and support! I just got the news that yet again (for 3rd week in a row and I think for the 7th time in the past 9 or 10 weeks), one of the songs of this humble and earthy Artist of yours has been crowned 👸🏻 as the Song of the Week on the Best Radio in Afghanistan, @armanfmofficial . All I can say is that I promise till my last breath I will sing for you and will be loyal to you! Thank you!!!! 🙏🏼😘 -Aryana

نمی دانم با چی جملات از محبت و حمایت شما عزیزان قدردانی نمایم؟؟ برایم خبر رسید که باز هم این هفته (برای سومین هفته متواتر) یک آهنگ این هنرمند خاکسار شما مقام اول را در چهل بهترین آهنگ های هفته رادیوی دل ها، آرمان‌اف‌ام گرفته است. فقط این را بدانید که‌ تا آخرین نفس یک هنرمند خدمتگار و وفادار شما خواهم ماند. تشکر!! 🙏🏼😘 -آریانا

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Outfit: By the AMAZING @michaelcostello 🙏 #secretproject #michaelcostello

Always proud to represent 🇦🇫❤️✌️💋 #afghan #afghanistan #proudafghan #afghangirl #afghanflag

Hi my LOVE/S! I hope you are all doing great. So I am back from my one month trip to LA as some of you might have followed my stories & already know it. I am done with my project in USA & glad that it was something that added to the experiences of my life AND work. I promise that I will post about it when I am allowed!! Now coming to AFGHAN STAR !! A LOT of you are sending me messages in this regard which I find very very sweet. I know that everyone is missing me I miss you guys too!!!! And as I briefly spoke about it on one of my live videos a few days ago my colleagues at “Tolo” have been in touch with me for the past few months & there is a huge request again but I can’t make my mind whether I should go back or I shouldn’t ... I am very confused 😐🤷🏻‍♀️. Help me make a decision! 😎

❤️. I honestly am so lucky to receive so much love ... #feelingsupergrateful 🙏❤️ #aryanasketches

Wow 👌🏼❤️ 🙏😘 #aryanasketches

❤️ it !!!! Thank you dearest @tarahi.naghashi8 🙏 #aryanasketches

Beautiful day at #hollywood

If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary . #afterabeautifulnightoutwithfriends ❤️

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