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Arwen  I like to bark, try to eat cats, bark, fart and look amazed, sleep then bark and love my human owner thingy

I really hate bath time. It makes me really dizzy

Human said I have to wear PPE to enter work sites... I'm dreading the steelies and hard hat 🤔😣

I am soooooo comfy right now

The beast in the snow

I've seen the cats doing it so what do you mean I can't???!!!!

They are now playing Hanson mmmmm bop..... kill me now

"HAPPY" new years.... look at my face fellow canines.... are you feeling "The Scat Man" from the 90's like me???? No. I didn't think so

Can I be re-homed in 2017????????

Tis' the season to be jolly.....??
Is it over yet??

Lukey Pukey "Don't do it stoooopid dawg"

Arwen "but I just want one little lick"

Referee Polar Bear "now I want a nice clean fight!!" Arwen "I've changed my mind, I've changed my mind!!" 😣😣

Merry Christmas to all my furry friends..... remember, give your humans a hug and a lick to make them think you're cute.... then you get some turkey.... win!!

I'm thankful that the human made my best mate Sammie look a plonker too

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