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arvida byström  maybe she’s born with it, maybe she watched lots of youtube tutorials 🍒

I didn’t post this cover cuz I thought I looked ugly hahhahaha also don’t tell me that I’m hot cuz I know and yeah we all b a little unpretty sometimes and maybe this is still a cute photo and I wish women’s success wouldn’t be built on beauty and hotness lol hello

me listening to sweetener and queen

cherries as a symbol of womanhood as a construct, femininity as a fetish ~ me bring my props to set for a @theforumist editorial

The art world and it’s history is a hoax built on social exclusion but also at times pretty enjoyable and this flowery still life by Montpellier is so prettyyyy

I low key support if somebody managed to tag on my face also ah I’m a mural #LTYbyurbanears @urbanears

Reluctant of posting this video cuz everybody always think my art is about sex, but I guess it is about a symbolization of femininity which have become intrinsically tied to sex due to the sexualization of women and queer bodies which makes visuals tied to this get read as such.
Well here you go: a symbolic butt eating with a distinct crunch.

Happy birthday to me I got a zit on my back I wish someone would pop

An object which purpose is for you to fill it with content to make you a more efficient being in the system and where all this work of yours to become a better you™️ also gets turned into profit somewhere else. Let’s be upset and annoyed with how this whole system is made so that somebody that isn’t me get the strength to do something about it 🎀📱

A candid shot of me at the beach where I just happen to wear @urbanears new pink collection earbuds #urbanears #ltybyurbanears

Tyra Banks would send me home from America’s next top model due to this neck but alas here I am on a cover of a magazine.

Me flexing in pretty light in front of a wall print

At my past two art openings I have been live streaming from within the gallery and encouraged people that if they want to talk to me they need to log into the live stream in the chatroom. This idea sprung out of the way I always been communicating with people regarding to my art; namely from an online space where I don’t need to discuss my practise face to face with people. To me this have been essential for me even showing my creativity and its outcome to people. I simply think it is too embarrassing to do art and I am way too socially anxious to pull off an elevator pitch on any subject either or.

The fact that people can’t get eye contact with me on the show openings seems to make people interact with me in pretty dehumanizing ways. Since I’ve been sitting in the middle of the gallery on a stool or a daybed I get that people read it as if I’m on a stage and that this encourage people to take photos of me. What is truly strange and objectifying to me is the people that start posing with me as if i was a statue or the ones photographing or filming me for hours in very intrusive and physically close ways.
I get that me presenting myself as a femmy creature unwilling to return the gaze can be problematic and walking in the paths of old ways of depicting females, but what if one is just too shy and uncomfortable with talking with people offline - should they really get punished like this just like a woman becoming a victim of sexual assault getting the blame due to what she was wearing?

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