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arvida byström  Inflated Fiction exhibition up at @fotografiska between 23 nov - 3 feb

Edited out still life ~ if u want to know a little bit more about the NFC chips you can read the interview at @dazed 💝 link in the bio

A little interview up on @dazed on my performance from my @fotografiska exhibition. Link in bio 🔗 biggest thanks to @fredrika.eriksson and @miomo who took the photos 💕

Me getting NFC chips implanted by @chaiatcalm 🤖 filmed by @horselover_g1rl_94

My most famous peach from an unseen angle. I wonder if she is the most famous peach in the world, maybe at least makes it to top 10 because I doubt there are many peaches out there aspiring for the title. #🍑

Siri talking about her actual embodiment that might not look like the regular feminized creature in a flesh body but is outsourced into devices all over the world. This is from my video called “Disembodied daughters” where I wrote a monologue to iPhones Siri that deals with a lot of different topics, but this specific little bit is touching on how tech companies and our society often talk about its technology as if it doesn’t actually manifest in physical objects that oftentimes aren’t too environmentally friendly and is put together by cheap labor 💔🤳🏻 the whole vid is currently up at @fotografiska

I find the mirror self portrait interesting, the self portrait of a person photographing themselves with an analog camera, a pretty common self portrait trend, in relation to the selfie in the mirror with the phone camera. What different connotations does these create and why? 💕 Also the phone camera is a camera widely used today but seldom get exhibited in museums ~ but u can see some of mine at @fotografiska . Also a lot of you all are really great phone camera photographers ❤️❤️❤️

Doing a @fotografiska Instagram take over where I am talking about the video in my show. It will be up in and as my exhibition Inflated Fiction until February 💕

Thank you to everybody that pulled through for my opening, my show Inflated Fiction will be up at @fotografiska until February 💕

Interior scroll 2018 after Carolee Schneeman’s interior scroll performance from 1975. A sliver from a little sad parodic performance I did on Instagram live earlier this year. Pulling out an interior scroll which is literally a Pinterest scroll with interior design labeled “feminism”. To pass it through IG guidelines one can’t be naked (in a way discussing both the positive and negative side with using Instagram as a way of putting out ones art. The censoring mainly due to Instagram being a commercialized and sanitized space but also the positive of not needing an art space or an institution to show work) and it is also a critique of how feminism been coopted and monetized the past few years, something I’ve at times been a part of escalating. Buh. Messy blurb but hi hope you all are well, some 101 art stuff ❤️

I’m not a robot 🤷🏼‍♀️ or maybe we all are. This is a digital sweatshirt from @carlings_official ~ if u buy a piece all proceeds goes to @wateraid #addressthefuture

I’ve implanted some NFC chips under my skin for a performance and on the one on my face you can currently find the flyer to my @fotografiska exhibition which is opening on the 23rd of November in Stockholm. Thanks to @chaiatcalm who implanted all the chips📱baby cyborg coming through

So happy I got to photograph @10magazine’s cover with amazing @sokothecat in some @gucci . As she was pregnant during the shoot the nipple pinch is a paraphrase on ”Gabrielle d'Estrées et une de ses sœurs” where the pinch of Gabrielle’s nipple is thought to be a subtle sign of showing how she as the mistress of King Henry IV of France was pregnant with his child. Congrats to angel @sokothecat and her new born baby ❤️ and bless all the people through history and that currently are pregnant and also let’s keep pregnancy a choice ❤️

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