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Tony Cheong  It's hard, it definitely isn't pretty, but it is worth it in the end. Run free and run fast my friends.

For @nochevalle, I would come out and even participate in a group @bridgerunners picture.
Happy Birthday, my friend. Only the best for someone who is one of finest examples of what it is to be a caring selfless human being.
On a side note, @msdutchlatte and @elizaq got their Unicorn confirmations and they are #boston2019 bound. 🙌

On top of the birthday celebration for Nacho and special viewing of the Bridgerunners Speed Project video , I got to conduct an impromptu post #projectmoonshotnyc Purple speed session for @alldaydaoyi and Eliza on the Willy B. I know I enjoyed it, they may have a different opinion. :) #bridgerunners

My only wish
Is for their Osaka marathon finish

To end in happiness

Awashed in medal bliss.

Taper Time does not mean let everything slide time.

I wanted to show @mameimei and @youngster1111 how all the hard work translates into something remarkable. And it did.
The last picture got cut off: 8:05 for the last mile. 🙌
#bulldogrunningtours #TeamRunNYC #shrc

Hey there.
It has been a long while.

Today it is only you and me.
No other footsteps except mine
Nice to see you again old street signs.

#bulldogrunningtours #TeamRunNYC #bridgerunners #shrc

I did my best.

I hope many fulfilled their quest.

Passing with flying colors their race test.
For me

A quiet return

To just me


The road back.

When injuries beset it is hard not to doubt when every race turns into a struggle. The heart is willing, the mind prepared, but the body says not today.
And just when you feel like you have turned a corner, something else happens.
@cubemonkeychun had to wait a long time to get back to a marathon start line 100% healthy. Through the frustrating fits and starts, he never gave up on hope.
Last Sunday, under picture perfect skies in Staten Island, he lined up knowing he had gotten himself in the best possible condition to run a painfree marathon.

Although the bugaboo cramps affected his final miles and finishing time, that did not detract from a really good Sunday. No pain. More importantly a breakthrough, an affirmation on training, walking away confident about the process and the evolution.
Way to go Chun.

In the private moments

Where there is no one to witness

When the burn has subsided

A flicker of what is it all for


And we go onto the next.
Improvement is incremental

Masked in the day to day

Making it hard to see.

But I can see. 🙌 @mameimei @youngster1111 The last 2 miles last night. I could not be any prouder or in awe of both of you.
#bulldogrunningtours #shrc

These peeps. One more marathon training program has come to close. Absolutely love you guys.
Big shout out to @sam_san_ for the unheralded behind the scenes work as Run Club coordinator. Kudos to once again doing an amazing job, Sam!
Congratulations once again to everyone who participated in #projectmoonshotnyc 2018 edition. Best of luck to those who have @philly_marathon on deck.

A big Thank You to all the indefatigable MKTG folks who worked so hard at making the session logistics seamless.
And Thank You @nikerunning @nikenyc for special night to end the season.

Until next time.

#pacerfamily #nikerunning #nikenyc

Although I did not run the #tcsnycmarathon this year that did not mean I was not swept up in the excitement of the event. This time I was able to experience from a different but equally special perspective.
After the finish line, after receiving the medal, the walk out of the park is a scene of the full range of emotions out of the sight from family and spectators and is only understood by those who have ever made that walk. From the tears of joy to the agonizing painful footsteps, the commonality that binds all is the medal that is adorned around the neck of each and every one. Even as I clapped and spoke the words, "Congratulations MARATHON FINISHERS!", I could see the elation and fierce pride in the eyes of those who trudged past. Marathon finisher; a distinction no one can ever take that away. Not Ever.

To all those who put on the racing shoes or made that cowbell ring @teamrunnyc #projectmoonshotnyc @bridgerunners @suicidehillracingclub, I salute you.

#projectmoonshotnyc Runners:

Photo 1 - Me happy you are being patient and running your race.
Photo 2: Me wondering why the hell you are going so fast over the Verrazano and dying on 5th Avenue between 110 and Engineers Gate.
Guess which one I would want you to visualize?
We the pacers, and coaches @steve__finley @rebekastowe @jeslynnyc @justrunjulia have done our best to get you ready to toe the start line. Now it is up to you to fly.
Go fly. 📷: @miss.hart_
#pacerfamily #nikenyc #nikerunning

My first marathon was NYC Marathon 2006. I did almost everything wrong. My level of naivete was off the charts. I knew next to nothing about race strategy let alone being in a race.
A healthy dose of stupidity made the day a not so pleasant one of great struggle which this picture captured well.
I got through it. Learned painful lessons. Learned more painful lessons the next four consecutive NYC marathons after that. I never lost faith in the belief I was becoming a better runner, but it was hard not to be discouraged about my marathon times. I had to keep pushing the rock up the hill.
2011 NYC marathon everything came together. Weather, the surge of adrenaline seeing my friends on the course and cheering as spectators got me from start to finish without stopping. After that breakthrough marathon, the light stayed on and has never dimmed.
To all those lacing up Sunday, I wish you all only the best.
Savor the experience, there is no other marathon that can take your breath away like NYC. When you are on the Verrazano and slowly making your way up the bridge, you will never forget the unfolding panorama of the city skyline framed by the thousands who have decided to join you.
No better time to be ALIVE.
The pics are chronological: the first one from 2006, the second is from 2011 (me and @sheilamonaghan were not that far away from each other 5th avenue) and the final two are from last year when I paced some of my beloved #bluegroup💙🌚 peeps (Issac, Ali, Eliza, and Zev). Photo cred to @gnp_photos for the incredible pic of @aligrewe @elizaq and me as we got a confetti cannon greeting at the mile 21 cheerzone.

I'm not good at being scary.
Happy All Hallows' Eve!
Thanks to @fredgoris for agreeing to the @trexfrei photo backdrop inspiration.
#nikenyc #nikerunning #pacerfamily

Bonds forged during any marathon training season are undeniably strong. The rollercoaster of emotions that result over the course of 16 weeks reveal who we are and what we are willing go through to climb the mountain and find our unicorns.
This photo (which can be seen at the TCSNYCMarathon Pavilion or the occasional subway car/subway station) encapsulates Suzy and Maureen and what those in #bluegroup💙🌚 felt for each other during 2017 #projectmoonshotnyc, we coalesced and became a very tight family by the time marathon season was over.

One year later.

We are still family.

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