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Tony Cheong  It's hard, it definitely isn't pretty, but it is worth it in the end. Run free and run fast my friends.

They are inspirations.
One for the magic uncharted exploration of ever new experiences.

The other for always believing in himself and others in this thing we love to do.

Congrats to JIO on becoming a #RisingNYRR!
Thanks @chicka__boo for the easy almost 7 taper miles. 🤔😂 #bulldogrunning #TeamRunNYC

In the diminishing light

As I prepare

My mind is elsewhere

Life means a dancing partner, the unknown.

Trying not to trip over the cobblestones.

If one can summon a jump
After 10 somewhat little bumps

Toss a smile or two

Knowing how well you made it through

All signs point

To a Fall marathon that will not disappoint.

Nice work everyone on Cat Hill. 🙌


Smell of smoke.

Angry flare in the distance.

Glow of flashing lights

I turn

Into the wind.

#bulldogrunning #bridgerunners #TeamRunNYC

Safety always come first.

Waiting out the viscious skies

Until we could get some calmer miles.

From East to West and then back East once more

Finding that 12 miles should never be a chore.


When humidity stays for a long visit.

When relief from skies
Is too late to materialize.

How welcome it is

To scream
For ice cream.
#bulldogrunning #pacerfamily #TeamRunNYC

I expect more

That is probably fair to say
I want them to realize

They can exceed

Beyond the scope of imagination.

Very proud of @piatempongko and @mndunge. They came out on probably one of the muggiest nights of summer and survived. 🙌

#shrc #bulldogrunning #blue group💙🌚 #bridgerunners #TeamRunNYC

There was a birthday today.
So we ran around and around

Turning 40th street into a 40 kilometers 40th celebration playground.

There was heavy rain on Saturday.

The kind where you don't mind splashing

Because the kid in you loves the soaking.

Although I did not measure up to being a 38 mile machine

I sure did enjoy the it's finally over sugar and caffeine.

Next time @chicka__boo , 41 meters is a much more manageable birthday mileage .
BlueGroup 💙🌚 Women have retained the jumping timing. The guys have not. 🤔

Co 📷: @trexfrei
#bulldogrunning #pacerfamily #TeamRunNYC #shrc #bridgerunners #bluegroup💙🌚

I do my damndest not to dwell on the negatives.

To constantly look forward.

The past can only inform.

In about a half month

I go out once more to the sound of the horn.

Summer Streets tomorrow. I hope to see everybody out there on the Long Run.

#projectmoonshotnyc #nikenyc #nikerunning #bulldogrunning #pacerfamily #bridgerunners #TeamRunNYC #shrc #bluegroup💙🌚

I only want the best for them.

If that means the end is a little faster

That means I care for them that much more.

To watch their progression

Has been a treat

Now to bring about a satisfying marathon feat.

I know 8:40 pace for the last mile and a half wasn't their idea of a celebration run. 😂 I am forever grateful that @mameimei and @youngster1111 humor me with their understanding that I know they can do it.

#bulldogrunning #pacerfamily #TeamRunNYC

I told myself to stay on form.

I wobbled a bit nonetheless.

I was never going to be the first to the top.

That was not point.

The effort had to go deep

It is the only way to honestly assess
What it means to push through the max stress. 📷: @elizaq
#shrc #bulldogrunning #TeamRunNYC #bridgerunners #bluegroup💙🌚

When the world is big

There is much to do

And to explore.

Whether she remembers this visit or not

She brought smiles to all who shared in the adventure.

#pacerchildren #pacerfamily

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