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sugar, how'd you get so fly?

Swe ❤✨

Happy Birthdayyy, biroktokor Manush ❤💩

Too weird to live
Too rare to die

My wilderness won't be easy to explore but aren't you here for the adventure?

I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day!

Not going to lie, this is the most difficult note I've ever written, not cause I don't have things to express, but cause I have too much to.
I wish you the Happiest Birthday, mad amount of love and warmth and a fuckload of energy and will to make this year yours.🔥
I'll always be around to take care of you and your not so pleasant tantrums bestfranddd😒😑
Now now, my lazy ass wrote all this for you, isn't that enough of a bday present?!😂😏 HBD boo, ILYSM 💘

Today is legit a festival.
Not that I haven't said this before and not that I will ever get tired of saying this.
I Love You So much❤
May God Bless you with so much happiness that you can keep spreading it all around the world for the rest of your life. Thank you for being this huge force of positivity, inspiration and warmth.
Happy Birthday, love ! ❤🎉

her lips are like the Galaxy's edge

My dumb love 🌏💯

Okay so finally its your birthday biiissshhhh!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRUPAAA!!🎈🎂 May God finally give you a brain this year😝😂 I hope all your wishes come true soonnn♥ Have a lit bday🔥💫 I don't have much to say, cause I hope you already know how much you mean to me. I'm beyond blessed to have you. I'm just going to repeat, that whatever however be the situation, I will always be there for my Krupp. So budddhiii, golu molu gonna stick to ya no matter what😂😈😈😈
Also if I ever hurt you, just know it wasn't intentional🙈 Be Happy and try to stay away from negativity😁🙊
And always remember, you're the bitch that slays✨
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IDIOT💙💘 Also, how does being an adult feel?!?😂😂😝 @piikaachuuuu_

3:43pm, 11 July 2016.
Yes, I AM the luckiest girl!
Yes, the King himself replied me on this very day last year.
No, I don't have any better screen shot cause I'm an idiot who got her twitter account deleted by accident and long story short this is the only screen shot I'm left with.
Yes, I did manage to post this exactly at 3:43pm.
And No, the other slides aren't really related, just felt like filling my feed with some perfection✨
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @iamsrk And THANK YOU SO MUCH for literally making my heart pop out of my chest😂♥

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