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Rainy evenings call for chai biscuit, my biscuit of choice to dunk into tea us the mildly coconutty nice time.
What's your tea time indulgence?

The southern Italy Pop up being curated by chef Nicola Costa from Naples. He brings a wide repertoire of subtle and delightful dishes to the event. A lot of the dishes are recipes from his grandmother and completely home style.
Do not miss the terrific arugula roasted pumpkin salad with a mousse like goat cheese, parsley linguini and the absolutely sublime parmigiana gelato.
It's on at Tuscany, Trident hyderabad till 22june for dinner.

Throw a hissy fit to be taken for a walk 101. Bark loudly to spoil the silence of the house, then wait to see if humans respond.
Also birthday boy. Made him a ❤️ shaped cake with kibbles as sprinkles. He loved it

Just about sums up my life ❤️

Long time no overprocessed flower photo. Also can I just place on record how happy I am that summer is finally and undeniably over and just how happy I am? #kthanksbye #summer #monsoon #onmywalk

Three years to the day I did my first class outside of home in my newly acquired studio. I still remember the butterflies in my stomach throughout a session I'd done multiple times before.
I spent half an hour walking up and down, touching shelves and making sure everything was set up and telling myself I couldn't believe this was all mine! To do as I pleased to make what I wanted of it.
Three years on, I've learned patience combined with passion and perseverance can give you more than you've imagined. The studio has made me fret less about overheads, be more disciplined than I've ever been, plan and visualise and just enjoy the moment.
The countless days spent with flour, butter, sugar and eggs, custom birthday baking, with some Indian cooking, salads and pasta thrown in have given me and my students such moments of undiluted joy that nothing else comes close. That moment when you meet a perfectly baked cake or that first loaf of bread, that's the moment this studio exists for.

Inside that blue door, ramulamma sold tree ripened mangoes. She asked me if my dog will 'do things like shake hands and roll over and other tricks because it's an English speaking one'
I laughed and said no, it's English understanding but still a very spoilt dog with a mind of its own. Her house is more than 100 years old. Cool in the relentlessly​ scorching sun of Telangana because the roofing is made from stone slabs that insulate it.
She invited me to lunch, I promised I would come back.
#behindthedoors #telangana #people

Doors of rural Telangana ❤️

Work wise, having a very busy week, the Young Chefs Summer workshop ended yesterday, I begin a two day advanced baking workshop today. Pupsicle has missed me. The siege of the house is complete with a super hyper non stop talking 5 year old nephew who wants to know 'why is sage not talking to me?' After class yesterday he climbed onto the bed I was napping on and refused to leave my side for 4 hours. Lots of cuddles were involved in the making of this picture.

Eat Street of the World - the global street food festival currently happening at Amara. The festival showcases some known favorites and some new ones I got to try. The festival is on till 27th of May and is available for dinner.
From the Indian offering I really enjoyed the Lakhanpur ke bhalle, reminded me of the South Indian style bonda, the live counter with pav bhaji, dhabeli and bhel Puri. The main course included some well made chole bhature and litti chokha. The Tex Mex offerings had some interesting dishes. I loved the picante banana peppers stuffed with beans and batter fried, the mini sandwiches with tomato soup aced for presentation and the sliders were good.
From the Mediterranean offerings I loved the mezze platter which is almost always available at the buffet, didn't try anything else.
What really stole the show was the Asian offering. Everything from the chicken satay to the som tam, ramen in a vegetable broth, sticky rice bowls with meat ball soup and the outstanding chicken bao was excellent.
The dessert counter had a good assortment of Representatives as well. There was Mishti doing, churros, mango sticky rice, raspberry gelee stuffed crepes to choose from.
Food festivals are a good chance to showcase food from a region, rarely does street food get this kind of representation. If you're in for something different to try, do drop in at Amara for a treat.

What actually happens in my Young Chef Summer workshop 😂. This is the twist karo, lick karo version they didn't tell you about 🍰

Miss the days when I would zip around town on my two wheeler - movies, shopping and just the occasional sight seeing. Have so many memories of shopping in these very same chappal shops on SD road with @maroonpaisley @nav_samuel. Some of those friends are social media hermits. Some aren't on insta. But oh the memories this brought me. Spent a brief part of the day with my dearest namesake and her family today. I'll be eternally grateful to the internet for connecting me to her @arun_rag

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