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When a company celebrates 125 years and asks you to bake for them, how do you not say yes? Even if it is 600 cupcakes. This is one of the most fuss free clients I've ever worked with. They're easy to deal with, easy to talk to if you have issues sourcing stuff they need and are flexible with stuff everyone else fusses about like colour match and logos and will relentlessly follow up to collect payments 😂

GE celebrated 125 years and I was honoured to bake for them. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with butter cream and whipped cream frosting.
Thank you for being the sweetest ever client @theurbanpilgrim #mydayatge #cupcakes #baking #egglessbakes #frosting #buttercream #bakingmarathon

Squishy was in the care of his favorite human J because amma and daddy had to create history by taking a flight together for the first time in 5 years!
We were back in one day after a lightening trip to Maximum (stink) city.
He made his displeasure known by ignoring Amma upon return, and then abandoning his pride and plastering himself in my lap.
#sagetales #doglife #dogmom #dogmommy #goldens_ofinstagram #goldensofinsta #goldenretriever #retriever #retrieversgram

What does it mean to you to photograph your food? I'm a recipe blogger and teach cooking and baking as work. Even for me, tho I do it so much, it is always reflective of a good meal and gratefulness to all the hands who worked to put it on your plate.
This shot by @mahadevkrsna makes my everyday whole wheat pizza that I've made a hundred times atleast look so good.

Last weekend, I met the soft spoken and gracious Swarnali, an absolute gem of a home cook who I was told will remind every Bengali of their grandma's cooking. I don't know if every Bengali grandma will be a match to her tho.

Chef @mandaarsukhtankar has pulled off a wonderful coup by bringing the sisters Swarnali and Sarbani to showcase the flavours of East Bengal. Barsho Baran will be available only on 14-16th April at Aish, The Park.

My full review of the preview meal is posted on the blog. Do read and if you have not yet made lunch or dinner plans for the long weekend ahead, do not miss this. At RS 1199 per head it is an utterly​ Good deal.

Yesterday I decided to spring clean. Dumped all my precious jewelry (I I can hear my mom barf) onto the dining table and sorted them by colour, length and frequency of use. And also carefully disentangling the knotted ones. I'm not much of a Bangles/ bracelet person but I love stuff for the neck and ears.
Two places I store my stuff, the heavier ones on the door of my wardrobe on a tie hanger and the delicate stuff on the door of my dresser on small individual hooks. This way I can see all the stuff I have and makes the decision making process easier when I'm pressed for time(which is always). I do this twice or thrice a year and trim down the collection, stuff that's broken and tarnished and just won't be used anymore.
Each bauble brought back a memory of the friend who gifted it to me, or the time and circumstance I bought them at. Some are from posh stores, some off sunburnt girls on the beach, some heavy as hell because they're made of actual stones, some so loved that I have them in multiple versions. Some I just keep out of sentimentality​. No #kondo method for me!
What's in your jewelry box? Show me! Tag me in a picture of your baubles, I'd love to see!
#indianjewelry #junkjewellery #accessories #fashion #fashionjewelry #souvenir

My weekend was filled with lots of baking, classes, food, family time, movies both good and terrible, partying with friends and trippy music at this open air place in Hyderabad. For someone who loves her life in the slow lane, this was completely action packed and I enjoyed the change of pace.
These installations make for some pretty pictures.

That's all it takes, cuddles and an immovable lap #sagetales

One of the easiest most satisfying salads to make is this jowar and spinach spin on the classic tabbouleh. Using spinach which is in abundance in India and jowar pearls instead of bulgur wheat makes this a gluten free and localised option.
The dressing is simple enough with lemon juice, cumin powder, smashed garlic, salt and pepper and a splash of the best extra virgin olive oil you can lay your hands on.
Finished with salted crumbled paneer (fake feta, have you tried buying feta in India? ⚠️) And a liberal dose of pine nuts and sesame seeds, this is a filling meal as it is, or can be amped up on a toasted slice of bread or rolled into a chapati for a filling roll.
It's exciting to teach this in the gourmet soups and salad workshops and introduce fellow foodies to savouring bright, fresh and uncooked spinach.


It's apparently national pup day. So here's one from the pupster's past. #sagetales #nationalpupday #npd #goldenretriever #pupsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #goldensofinstagram #goldensofinsta #pup #dog

Hand rolled tagliatelle made fresh, with the simplest of ingredients using Chef @mandaarsukhtankar 's recipe from his lovely anecdotal book 'Romancing the Chicks'. The book is a delightful read full of stories that are fun and chuckle worthy, taking the reader through the myriad experiences of the boy, young man and finally star chef that he is. From his past as the son of an army officer to life in various kitchens, learning, searching for and practicing his craft with various mentors around the world, the book weaves stories around ingredients and dishes that are relatable. It also has very simply explained recipes for the everyday home cook, complete with little tips and tricks to finish off a dish with a flourish. This is the best feature of the book if you ask me, no fluff, no BS and no complicated procedures to prove he's at the helm of a very sophisticated kitchen. Just recipes that make you want to rush to the kitchen and try them out because you may already have almost all of the ingredients at hand.
This pasta was made from the dough that chef uses for ravioli, I need more practice to make them thinner and smaller, but the tagliatelle turned out so light and fresh that all it needed was to be tossed with some olive oil, butter a smattering of vegetables and finished with lemon zest, lemon juice and some pine nuts. It was the perfect summer dinner. This picture was taken straight out of the pan!
Looking forward to trying out more recipes from the book. Thanks chef!

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