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Zekia  《遙凛》 » next con: fanime » » 【 見たことのない景色見せてやる】

more pics from the shoot! sweater: @toshikigirl, wig: @evahairofficial, 📸: @ellydaze, editing: me

one of the outfits from yesterday's shoot!! shirt: @toshikigirl, wig: @evahairofficial,📸:@ellydaze, edits: me

sorry for mia i'm trying not to die from life :') wig: @evahairofficial

i tried to recreate the intro HAHA except i can't wink well :- ( I might be starting a patreon soon though (with prints, fansigns, polaroids, etc), so stay tuned if you're interested in that haha 📸: @shutterfoo edits by me, bodysuit: @d.vastore

i got a new camera and idk how to feel about it... the quality is much better than my shitter phone but i just look so odd

i love waffles

my hands are slightly darker than the rest of my body bc i haven't been as stringent about covering up my hands when i go outside :'( i'm so sad it looks so strange, like some bastardized farmers tan... wig: @everydaywigscom watch: @danielwellington

shooting today in casual outfit ! ahh i don't usually like bare legs bc my calves are so big :- ( 👠: @ismilestore

man i just realized i could probably cos elsa with this makeup LOL kinda got tired of doing cutesy makeup but i don't think this style really suits me :') wig: @everydaywigscom

thanks for 50k!!


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