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Arturo Jimenez  DeadShakes/Bass/Guitar. Tulsa/Ok. Puppy daddy/Frankie/Fonzie/Maple/Ruby.


@ponygiff on drums

No. Sleep. Til Frankie gets better. She kept me up all night. She seems to be in pain. Excessive panting and shaking. Unable to sleep. Not breathing well. Stuck to me like glue, seeking comfort. #disneydreams #disneyprincess #farts

Anyone wanna lemme borrow $400? Maybe my secret Sanat, get at me.


We got a special order. Valentines day, I'm assuming. @caseycoman made these

@myhairyleggz bought some shit for her face. I tried it. #isthisbatshit

First thing i do when i get a motorcycle is do this pose


Swing my pony. Say hi to yo boy doing door. Mitch and Taylor slinging dem drinks all night.


Fam. #holachola