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C Y N T H I A L O K A S A R I  Mama to #kaialadybug, #myoliverconnor and #michapopup. God's child. Be kind. Hashtag blessed. 👻: artsylove5

Apparently someone wants to join in the fun... or he’s got his eyes on to the kids’ bath toy. I think it’s the later one. 😅 #michapopup “Winter has come” look every year (from Dec - March ish). #kaialadybug #myoliverconnor

OMG OMG OMG!!! I am SO happy that I got this on camera!!!!!! His first few steps and he crushed them! I’ve been so crazy busy with work that I haven’t seen them all day but when I got to see him walk, I wanted to cry 😢 Can’t you tell from my happy scream? P.S. I apologize for those who had the volume on so loud. 🤣🙌 #myoliverconnor

Bath time is one of our favorite times of the day nowadays. #myoliverconnor starts to dominate the bathtub by taking that pink jug and tries to pour water on his head but he tends to go over and instead, pours it to his sister, #kaialadybug. It’s fun to watch these two. Lots of giggling and water splashing. The aftermath has got me cleaning the wet floor 🤣 #bathtimefun

Happy 6th birthday to my first baby #michapopup 🎊🎁🎉 We love you so much and you bring out so much joy in our lives and give the best blanket to our feet! Thank you for loving us unconditionally!

Yeeeehaaawwww-ing on a cart in a store as of now, not a horse in a field just yet. 🤗 #myoliverconnor #aquickshot📸

Not striving for perfection, just happiness. 💝 #michapopup lay down right on top of my head as I pushed the capture button, while #myoliverconnor yawned and #kaialadybug was the only one ready and cheesing. I was honestly trying hard to get my fingers to push the button and not get my phone to fall down my face. 🙌😂 #firstselfie2018

Chef K: you hold the step stool sous chef, while I fix us dinner. Sous Chef O: i gotcha! that part is easy! #kaialadybug #myoliverconnor

May I live every day to see my kids grow to be the best version of themselves and to be surrounded with so much love, laughter, peace, appreciation, joy, forgiveness, health, and God’s presence. Here’s to another year! #2018 #kaialadybug #myoliverconnor

I told Andre that we experience the 30th twice this week due to the time difference!! I wouldn’t mind having another date with these ladies either! Missed you already @vharjadi and @jckliem. Thank you so much for spending some time with us in Jakarta. Love you!!

I cannot stop laughing from looking at this picture. These are my best ladies (missing you @stychii and @melindachristyningrum). Thank you so much for making my cheeks so sore from too much laughing. Your minis are adorable too!! To many more happiness, joy, and laughter for us to come. I love you, tante2 😘(eh salah... onty2) 😂

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🎁🎄If there was one thing that I could wish for is to get rid of this cold I am currently having. Other than that, I am so blessed! Love this family of mine so much! ❤️ #Christmas2017

Got to witness my childhood friend tied the knot in a beautiful venue (I mean look at that view!) and she looked amazing!! And finally met some of my good friends after years not seeing each other. I smiled from ear to ear and my heart was so happy! Also, how handsome was my date tonight? 🙌😘👌 #wedding #mydadandme

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