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Artspct  Artspct brings together art & apparel. Behind each piece is an artist, a story, and influences. Owning an Artspct piece is truly owning a piece of art


To give blood is to give life. The Canadian Blood Service currently only has 12,000 to 14,000 units on hand. On minimum they require 20,000 at any given time! So if you can, please donate. @itsinyoutogive

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing dads out there. Where would we be without your "Dad" jokes? •

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This week we had the opportunity to sit with Andrea An and learn a little more about her projects and her perspective.

• "I’ve learned over the years that it’s okay to have many interests and hobbies, even if they all turn into professions. Personal growth is a huge part of my life and I never want to stay stagnant. I have such a creative brain, and I need to try or learn something new every day or else I’ll get bored. To me, life isn’t about just sticking to one thing, it’s about doing all that you can before it’s all over.”

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We miss shoots with one of our favourite photographer: @irelandjonesphoto . Be sure to check out her page to see her amazing grad photos 💕.

Have you ever wanted to get into a car and travel around North America? That is exactly what @thebusadventuress did. Kieren has never been shy to take the leap of faith and just go for it. In efforts to find other like-mind individuals, she founded @theladyalliance . A place to learn about other bad-ass women adventures (sorry mom for the language, but how else would you describe them?). We had the chance to sit down with her and find out just a little more about her. •
What is your favourite memory so far?

Something my grandfather had once said. A friend of his doubted my ability in some way, unconsciously implying that it was due to me being a young 17-year-old girl. Though I can't remember in what capacity, I'll always remember what my grandfather immediately declared. "Kieren can do things that most others can't." He didn't say "Kieren can do things that most other girls can't". He knew my gender didn't determine my outcome. He compared me to the general public. And though I believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, his unwavering confidence in my ability helped shape who I am today. •
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We are loving this summer weather. Where is your favourite place to wander in Saskatoon? Ours is Innovation Place.

@coolneighbor and Darlene Bourque are co-owners of @solaroppositesclothing . Solar opposites clothing is a festival inspired, fluff-tastic, colour rich, glitter frenzied collection of costume pieces and (not so) casual wear. All pieces are up-cycled thrift finds or one of a kind creation made exclusively by the most radical mother-daughter alien duo known to the western region of Canada.

Not only are they great business partners but they also share the mother daughter bond. we were able to sit with them to learn just a little more about their unique relationship:

Can you tell us about your guy's relationship?

Our relationship has always been close. Growing up and still to this day, ALL of my close friends ended up developing a personal relationship of sorts with her. She is quite literally just a very stereotypically cool mom! She and I bring out each other's creativeness, goofiness, and honesty. We challenge each other and make really amazing creations. We get each other so stoked about creating things and brainstorming new ideas, I absolutely adore when we start stirring the idea pot because we will just go on forever. We're both daydreamers, young at heart while simultaneously wise beyond our years. We both understand the importance of growth and growing within pursuing the things we love. I mean sure, sometimes she yells at me for getting glitter all over the freakin house but we're still best friends at the end of the day.

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We are a fan of @olavolo work. What are your thoughts ?

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful moms out there💕. Today we had the chance to sit with Joelle and her two beautiful moms to learn their perspective. •

"Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with your mothers?

That's a big question, as relationships are such an ever-changing process, and it's looked very different throughout the years. I was adopted at birth, so I always knew I had a birth mother. To me, she was a fun, loving woman who would always be there for occasional visits, and the "big" events, such as my birthday, or Christmas. As I got older, I started to understand that she could be a bigger part of my life, and we developed a relationship that involved coffee dates, deep conversations and discovering our odd similarities. From dimples to food preferences, it's eerie sometimes how alike we can be.

As for my mom (Faye), I would say we get closer day by day. Adulthood has allowed that to happen. I see her as a warrior and admire her for the strength she shows in every situation. We both love to have impromptu coffee or lunch dates, bake, and I can honestly say I wouldn't be in the position I am today without her support. I believe Jocelyn's choice allowed me to be raised by the best mom out there (maybe I'm a little biased).” •

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We had a blast taking part of @shoptalkyxe and meeting other local creatives. Be sure to check out their page for more details. #yxe #yxelocal

@mmmikepayne isn't your typical prairie boy, he is an innovator. Mike is part of the group who launched Wallstreet Commons in Saskatoon. A co-working office space in Saskatoon Warehouse distraction. Mike also started @thisisfancy.ca , a local design shop. Between traveling, exploring restaurants, and shooting some hoops we were able to sit down with Mike and ask him some questions. Here is Mike perspective:

What gets you out of bed every day?

To be honest, for a good part of my adult life it was really hard to get out of bed in the morning. I’m a night owl so I’ve always stayed up too late, at times I worked jobs that I dreaded, and the other stresses of life stacked on top of those things made mornings fairly difficult. In the last several years, however, I’ve collected a lot of reasons to become more of a morning person and be more motivated overall. Obviously, we all still have our stresses and anxieties, but these days I find myself really enjoying routine. Most days I wake up without an alarm around 730am, throw on a t-shirt and work at the kitchen table for a couple of hours as I casually prepare a light breakfast and knock out some quick priority items. I like to hit the gym late morning for an hour or so, and then work steadily from noon to whenever (usually 6 or 7 pm). At that point, I’ll either re-group at home or meet up some friends for a couple of hours. I like to get on my computer again late evening to check for anything urgent, set my priorities for the next day, and then wind down with Netflix or a good book. Ultimately what keeps me charged and pushing forward on the daily is a bigger vision to beautify my surroundings, progress in my short term goals year-over-year, and to equip other creatives and self-starters with the perspective and tools they need to do what they actually want rather than get lost in survival mode or the whirlwind of the corporate world.

To learn more about Michael be sure to check out the full blog post on our website. Link in our bio.

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