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Art Shanty Projects  An artist-driven community that expands notions of art.

Art Shanty Projects’ 2018 on-ice program was successful beyond our wildest expectations. More than 40,000 people visited our new location on the frozen Lake Harriet/Bde Unma in Minneapolis. This was Art Shanty Projects’ first year in the city, after several years in White Bear Lake. Attendance increased more than three-fold from 2017, and was more than double our previous record year.
Recently, the Board learned that Art Shanty Projects was unable to secure the major grant funding needed to cover a significant portion of our expenses for the 2019 program, contributing to a shortfall in excess of $85,000. As a result of this situation, our Board is currently grappling with difficult decisions regarding the future of the program. In our current funding situation, it is not possible to present a 2019 on-ice program along the lines of last year’s program.

Bringing Art Shanty Projects to life occurs through generous support of donated building materials, tools, supplies, food and beverages, and many volunteer hours. In addition, hundreds of fans supported us through the membership program we established in 2017. The support we receive from our community is the most important contribution to the long term success of Art Shanty Projects.

We are immensely grateful to the community, our sponsors, supporters, members, and artists and performers for their past and ongoing support. Since 2005, Art Shanty Projects has organized the month-long public art happening that transforms public spaces into interactive, artist-driven temporary communities. We look forward to continuing the program, perhaps in a new way. We are open to ideas for moving forward and we promise to stay in touch as we seek solutions to continue the work of Art Shanty Projects in years to come.

Please stay tuned for a community meeting we will be hosting this fall where we will be seeking your input to help guide the future of Art Shanty Projects.
Thank you for your support.

We are hiring! Seeking a special breed of virtuosos of creativity and organization for our Executive Director and Artistic Director roles. Do you know someone? Send them our way!

Art Shanty Projects is hiring! We are excited to announce that we are hiring for the positions of Executive Director and Artistic Director for our fiscal 2019 year. For more details and instructions for applying, please visit our website:

A lovely afternoon at one our favorite art spots...and a fine place for a picnic!

Art Shanty Projects was started in 2004 with one shanty, a few artist friends and a really fantastic idea. My, how we’ve grown! Photo: Shine On Photos

This is Marlaine, Operations Director of Art Shanty Projects. She is also a former shanty artist and board member. She has all the knowledge! Marlaine is our go-to for on-ice logistics, grants, communications, permits, machinery procurement, contract language, and program sustainability and excellence. You’ll recognize Marlaine by her ever-present walkie talkie! She is also an amazing welder. When she is not on the ice, you can find her at her metal shop and design studio.
Photo: Shine On Photos

Our membership program is only six months old and already 300 supporters have joined us to keep Art Shanty Projects going and growing each year and to fairly compensate artists for their work designing, building and programming the events. Thanks to our proud supporters! For membership benefits:
Photo: Shine On Photos LLC shineonyoucraydiamond

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” ~Herman Melville
#artshantyprojects #eternalwinter 📷 Jill Emmer

This is Lacey, Artistic Director of Art Shanty Projects: spokesperson, fundraiser, creative collaborator, trainer, contract executor, graphic design director, newsletter writer, and relationship developer. If you asked her what’s going on, she would recite a list of 50 things she currently has in the Art Shanty hopper. Oh, and she is also a photographer, librarian and zinestress. Thanks for all that you do, Lacey!

This winter, we saw over 62 inches of snow. It’s been a long season but it made our time on the ice all the sweeter. Springtime, here we come!

We received over 4,000 responses to our audience survey and 70% were first-time visitors! #gratefulfornewfriends

Drum roll, please...! Opening day on Lake Harriet is January 19, 2019. Stay strong: frozen feet and intense windchills are mere months away. 📷: Jill Emmer

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