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Maxine Vee  Artist and Illustrator from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 • FB: artofmaxinevee | DA: yaile • Artstation: Maxine Vee • 📸: @celestoile

Working on this new piece 🌸
! (I have way too many WIPS 😅...)

I painted a photo study of Zurich! This amazing photo is taken by my brother @venerism :D anyone here from Switzerland? Or have been there? 🇨🇭 This was quite a challenge since I tend to get carried away with the details...😅 Nonetheless it was a fun practice to study light and colour since I want to get into the habit of colouring my drawings :)

Decided to colour the sketch a bit more so here’s a super messy WIP! 🙈Can’t wait to work on her hair! 🖤
Also, question for artists: are you a traditional artist or digital artist? Or both? 😊

Thanks for all the feedback and support on my last post! 😊❤️ Painting environments is something I really wanted to do so I’m going to post more studies/other work from now on so today I’m sharing my sketches :)! These were drawn quickly without references just trying to sketch loosely and freely :)

I wanted to try something new and different so I did a painting this weekend! This was supposed to be a study of a photo I took in Okuhamanako, Japan but I ended up getting carried away by adding several things here and there. 😅
I was debating whether to post this or not since it’s very different to what I usually draw but let me know what you guys think! Should I post more studies? I’d love to hear your opinions!

“Burning Thoughts” process!🔥 Thought I’d share the stages of how I get to my final drawing. If you have any questions ask away! . .
Also, I’m deleting my Vero account, I’m just going to stick to Instagram and FB! Thanks to everyone who followed!

My friend and I tried on these beautiful dresses on Friday so I felt compelled to do a self portrait (and to do a study of lighting/material 😋.) I’m super shy when it comes to self portraits since well the last time I did one of these was around five years ago for an assignment!

“Burning Thoughts” 🔥
I finally updated my Society6 (link in my bio) SWIPE to see the prints and products! I’ll definitely upload more art there from now on 😋

Thank you for all the heartfelt messages and encouraging words on my last post, you have no idea how much I really appreciate it 💖💖
Your supportive words encourage me to keep working hard to achieve my dreams 😭❤️
I’ve been trying to focus more on creating personal illustrations and meaningful pieces so here’s a sneak peak/WIP of my latest drawing.

A little WIP
Feeling a little down about my art lately but gotta keep going 🌸

I finished drawing the last entries for my #drawmemaxinevee contest! I drew @slantypearcreative ‘s beautiful OC! And the loveliest @mins_arts
Hope you guys like it!! .
This was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! I didn’t expect so many entries!! 😱😱❤️❤️ I’ll definitely hold one again next time!! 😊😊

Here’s the third entry for the #drawmemaxinevee contest! I drew @ari.gibb last night! ❤️ hope you like it!
Send your selfies/photos/OCs before Friday, February 2nd, 2018!! I’ll see if I can do a couple more! Just remember to add the hashtag #drawmemaxinevee and @artofmaxinevee!

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