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Margo Theory  Peace and Productivity Violinist | Self-Mastery Blogger Wife | Mother | Virgo | Infj #MargoTheoryViolin

Plotting my next hairstyle.

Watching tv n stuff. ✨

Greetings ❤️

Natural Habitat. ✨ I caught a nice alpha state wave and I’ll ride it until it fades. Then try and summon it again. #PeaceAndProductivity #MargoTheory #SupremeOscillations #mTheo

I was a Freudian in my youth, but I’m a bit more of a Jungian now. ✨

Random Factoids: I despise mystery wet and random regular wet on my hands. It has to be intentional/planned wet. I love blue skies so much. I never get used to them, as if I’m seeing it for the first time every time. What a wonderful blessing it is to have that blue to look up at. 😩 Also, I despise overhead built-in lighting. I’ll opt for lamp life if I can. I hiss at overhead lights like a grumpy vampire if they are left on. I might as well be walking through Walmart when those lights are on in the bedroom....Bedmart. I love the look of movies that were made on film better than created digitally. Oh and I am actually 5’9” on the dot. I thought I was 5’8 and 3/4ths this whole time but I’m a solid niner. Lol ❤️ #MargoTheory #mTheo #RandomFactoids

Oil sessions. Olive, almond, scented. (I keep trying to almond oil my eyelashes but it always gets into my eyes. Oil eyes. Lol) Listening to some outrageously old music I’ve made. Thinking spontaneously of something funny I’d heard earlier. ❤️

I will sit and fiddle with something until I’m pleased with it. I have a pet hand. I sometimes have strange blinking patterns. ✨

Perhaps if I had put on a hat and moved my glasses to the outside of my hair I could be Cousin Itt from The Addams Family. I actually connect more deeply with Thing. Omg someone hire my hand to do stuff. I’d love to be Thing Addams 😍. I think my hand has more expression in it than my face does so I can do stuffs with that. I need like a green screen sleeve or something lol. I must watch Addams Family immediately. I’m craving it strong now. 😂🖖🏽

I’ll draw a bath this evening. I require so much hydration in all forms. I’ll continue to rewrite my novel out by hand this time around. My mind opens up in different ways to paper and pen. The digital version of my work leaves so much room for options. When writing within a finite space, I have to make more decisions and intentionally choose my words due to the nature of writing in pen. I hope your evening is swell. ❤️

I will pretend to read or watch something just so I can travel long distances in my head and not look strange sitting completely still staring at a wall for long periods of time. Like no, I’m not in a catatonic stupor, I’m busy working. Lol

That time I added reverb to Solange. #tbt #margotheoryviolin

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