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Margo Theory  Crafting realms 💡 Seeking sanctuary Violinist | Fantasy Writer | M.Theo Wife | Mother | Virgo | Infj Peace & Productivity #MargoTheoryViolin

My Hydrangeas bloomed. 💕 How’s everything going? I’m in the mood to watch Matilda. I could also go for just about any heist film. I love heist films. #plants #mTheo

I have laundry to fold from at least a week ago. Definitely dropped the ball on that task. Tonight I’ll write 500 words for my #campnanowrimo goal. I need to complete my grocery shopping list for tomorrow. There’s really an art to coming up with recipes, strategizing two weeks of food per shop, budgeting the food and the household items and keeping it all at least moderately balanced as far as nutrition goes. We worked in the yard today. Getting rid of weeds and things. I’ve known this for a while but it’s really just now become clear that I have a strong fear of mushrooms. Why do they grow so fast? It’s outrageous. Finished my exercise and stretching for the day. Also, I posted footage of yesterday’s impromptu plant shopping on my igtv. Hope your weekend is going well. ❤️ #artlovescompany #margotheory #blackgirlmagic #stretching #procrastinating #gardening #exercise #writing #mycophobia

Several instruments are muted currently, mostly drums. And there also are some variations on the melody along with a change in synthesizer in regards to the chord progressions. Also another chord progression exists. Still figuring out the arrangement. Oh and the frequency placements are quite unbalanced, for now. Okay that’s all. (Parsley by #MargoTheory) #Musician #MusicProdcuer #InProgress #MyUsbPortsAreStraightGarbage

Omg why did I have coffee this morning? No wonder why my anxiety is resonating strong today. I keep falling for the same trap every time. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what thought is bugging me, what unresolved issue I need to work through. Like what’s wrong with me? But then boom... I remember...fckn #coffee. 🤦🏽‍♀️☕️🚫

Post-workout motions. Actively getting ready for #Afropunk season next month. I’m trying to get back into my old habits of movement. I’m actually trying to make my body my own again after my pregnancies. The emergency c-section/recovery I had earlier this year was probably the second or third most traumatizing experience I’ve ever had, mostly because I wasn’t prepared for it emotionally, psychologically or physically. Perhaps it would have been a vastly different story if I had more than a one minute notice that I needed surgery after pushing for so many hours. I’m grateful for the healing power of my body. It’s time to regain my shape, strength and flexibility. Also working on getting back into my splits, as well as working on my développé’s. ❤️ (Music: Goodbye, Grimecraft Remix by Spazzkid) #postpartum #exballetdancer #blackgirlmagic #margotheory

She’ll be six months in three days. 👶🏽 Also, I have the urge to play GTA or watch all the Jurassic Parks they put back up on Netflix. #queenie #momlife #frobabies #blackgirlmagic

I worked hard to compact this video to one minute. The full version is up on my igtv. ❤️ I had an idea that creators exist within a cycle, one comparable to the four seasons. Winter being a time where not much work is being accomplished. I’ve concluded it is a time for rest and recharging. Spring is when you are inspired to create, experience the thrill of productivity and actually produce an output. Summer is a time to share your work with others, or at least celebrate your accomplishments internally. And fall being a time to collect and gather inspiration. Multidisciplinary creators may have more than one cycle running at a time, possibly all in different seasons. I wish you cozy winters, brilliant springs, successful summers and inspired falls. 💡 #KnowYourSeason #MargoTheory #Afropunk #BlackGirlMagic #Musician #ArtistLife

Yesterday’s #Waterloo festivities. My favorite was the plant booth. I’m really craving some house plants. Big, vibrant, green leafy house plants. Full video up on my igtv. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. ❤️ (🎶Amsterdam by Peachy!) #waterlooartsfest #cle #summertime

I posted the footage of my day today in my IGTV. ❤️ What labels, negative and positive, do you assign yourself? A negative label would be Distant. It’s extremely difficult to get to know me. I could live with someone for years and they never see me do ballet or even play violin. I can be reclusive and extremely private. I want to balance that out a little bit. Just a little. A teeny tiny bit. And a positive label I’d assign myself would be Diligent. Rigorous..meticulous..methodical. #SelfLove #DayThirty #WaterlooFestival #MargoTheory #Introvert

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