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It's go time! Amalie Arena packed with motivated entrepreneurs for our 2017 convention. 🚀

WOW! WOW! WOW! Historic! WOW! 🚀🚀.
Belichick + Brady = Relentlessly Excellent 💯 #SuperBowl 🏈

Go on adventures 🚀. See the world 🌎. Meet new people to love 💛. The more you travel, the more you relate, the less you hate. 🤗
📷 My daughter in Thailand.

1. Look at this image 👀
2. Tilt your phone around 📲
3. 😜
4. Double Tap ✅❤️

Family time with @PhilRobbins1 & @SarahRobbins1 and beautiful Gabriel 👶
There are few things I cherish more than spending quality time with dear friends 🤗 and seeing our children start to develop lifelong friendships filled with moments, memories and adventures. 🚀 Blessed 🙏
Thank you Sarah, Phil and Gabriel for two great days of fun and for being family! Familia es todo! 🤗

Fun discussion filled 3-hour lunch with 25 great friends chillaxin on #KakaoBeach, #OrientBay on the French side of St Martin in the Caribbean.

Moments. Memories. Adventures. 🚀

Grand Turk. December. 81 degrees ☀️ Seeing sisters build an unbreakable lifetime friendship filled on a foundation of love 💜, #moments, #memories, compassion, support, understanding and adventure 🚀fills my heart with joy. 🤗

Greetings from 🇵🇷 #PuertoRico! ☀️
Memories. Moments. Adventures 🚀

Greetings from St Kitts! Romantic 💕 lunch on the beach 🌊 in the Caribbean ☀️

Tonight, my daughter's dream turns into reality. She will share the grandest stage in Houston with the one of the greatest ballerinas of our time, #MistyCopeland.

Ever since Dulcie was two, she dreamed of 💃 becoming the greatest dancer she could. As soon as she started walking she started dancing. Weekly dance classes, daily piano practice to work on her music skills, all with increased intensity each year. Currently she does 15+ hours of dance classes a week, even teaches dancers who are many years older than her. Her daily discipline, dedication, and passion has been nothing short of inspiring.

Tonight, as an 8-year young ballerina, she will perform in back-to-back sold out shows at the Houston Hobby Center (seating capacity nearly 3000, ticket prices $90-$275) along side one of the dance world's most popular figure's and arguable greatest ballerinas of our time, Misty Copeland.

Dreams do come true. Words can't express how proud I am of my baby-girl. ☀️👉 If you have a moment to share a few encouraging words for Dulcie, please do so in the comments below. She will read them all. Thank you 🤗

It's a mistake to believe the justness of your cause justifies using unjust measures. ☀️💯
#GlobenArena, #Stockholm

If you have time to entertain negativity, you probably aren't dreaming BIG enough. ☀️💯 #ArtJonak
#GlobenArena, #Stockholm