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Artistsof Hull  Celebrating the Artists & Creative Community of Hull UK City of Culture. Supported by @CreativeandCulturalCo @HIPphotofest @igers_hull & @alanraw

Hull Artist Bob Swan
"My work is an exploration of the sculptural and textural possibilities of discarded worthless materials, and aims at elevating them to a higher level.
This often involves the painstaking collection of many waste pieces of the same element as they become available over time, or long hours pressing and forming multiple components into parts of a construction system I created myself.
"The final constructions are influenced by nature on a microscopic level, geometry, nanotechnology and mathematics, and their arrangement/positioning is often a comment on boundaries within the public space, how we interact with art and it's value to the consumer."
You can often see Bob invigilating in the #HIPgallery #princesquay for @CreativeandCulturalco
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#SueCaulfield is a multi talented artist. Currently leading workshops in the Creative & Cultural arts spaces in @princesquayhull Here's Sue's story so far: Sue was born in Portsmouth but settled in Hull at the age of 12. Sue says "I love #Hull ...
as a child I was forever drawing but when I left school and got a job I left drawing behind.
After working in the fish industry for many years I was made redundant age 37. I spent a couple of years doing various office jobs. While doing this, I taught myself some basic digital photography. I have practiced ever since. Subjects I enjoy are the female form or Scenic shots.
At age 38 I started to make #metalsculpture . I completed 2 #HullCollege welding courses and discovered a passion for industrial processes, especially with metal. I enrolled at Hull School of Art & Design on an applied creative 3D design Degree and gained a 2:1.
Over the last eleven years my main practice has been preoccupied mainly by the female form, where I investigate body image, imperfections and challenge the notions of what is deemed beautiful by the media. Although I am currently in the design stages for my first life size male form, which will be a portrayal of Human emotion, through body language.
I have designed and made sets for a small theatre company and also delivered a variety of creative workshops.
Although my Degree is in design, I am very much a maker. I have my own studio where I play with my ever growing collection of power tools and experiment with new materials. My last purchase was a band saw. When I go to a DIY store I’m like a child in a toyshop. I want to touch everything!" Sue has exhibited her sculptures and excellent photographs in Princes Quay. To find out more about Sue's workshops, pop into one of the @creativeandculturalco art spaces in Princes Quay and say hello :-) #igers_hull #igershull #artistsofhull #CreativeandCultural #photography #2017hull #hullcreative #HIPphotofest #sculpture

Alex Loughlin's work encourages the viewer to look at the world from an agnostic stand point. Believing that everything we know is purely a guess that makes sense.
"I create work that I know I connect with visually and try to open multiple narratives, because I myself know as little as the viewer. My guess is no more valid than anyone else's. By not knowing anything, every thing becomes possible."
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Robert Bentley is a Hull based photographer, with a love of street photography. He has been shooting for over 20 years, but only really took it seriously 7 years ago when he studied photography for his degree. He can often be found invidulating in the Hull International Photography - HIPgallery Princes Quay. Rob has a solo exhibition of his #POPphoto winning work in the POP gallery now.
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@JanetBark is a professional gardener by trade and an "Expert Gardener" according to a popular national gardening magazine, Janet also enjoys being a photographic artist. "I love
#photography and using my creativity allows me to incorporate my pictures with my love of #art." Janet is a valued #volunteer with The @creativeandculturalco , responsible for the #Exhibition Task Force and voluntary support worker for #HIPclub in Hull International Photography - #HIPgallery @hipphotofest . Tonight Janet has had 3 pieces of her own chosen for the Rebirth & Renewal Exhibition in POP II, @PrincesQuayHull . Come and meet her at the public preview 6.30pm.
Photo couresy of @alanraw
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Darrin Rooke is a highly skilled stone carver. He has recently been Artist in Residence at the POP gallery in @princesquayhull
He studied for his degree in fine art at the University of Central Lancashire in 1991 and trained as a stone worker at York Minster before settling in Hull. His paintings and carvings have been in several POP exhibitions and his Beatles appreciation band the BeatUlls are a regular attraction in the city.
Darrin can be found invigilating in POP and on social networks, here: @darrinrooke
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Andrea Lea @rahgnarok works between her home country Norway and Hull. Andrea came to the UK to study and is a Fine Art Photography graduate from Bournemouth Arts University, At the moment she is having a break before carrying on with teacher training. To gain more experience of teaching fine art photography in English, Andrea has been working with #HIPclub 12 to 16's learning fine art photography in Hull International Photography - #HIPgallery. You can see some results of her work with HIPclub in the #POP II gallery @PrincesQuayHull Public preview 6.30pm tomorrow night 15/01/16.
Andrea is pictured here with her own work in St Mary's Church during @HIPphotofest with @CreativeandCulturalCo
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See Arnold Dawson's work on the POP II Gallery "Contact Walls" This Friday 6.30pm to 8.30. Then daily 12 - 5, closing 4pm Sundays. Arnold Dawson email: Arnold is 67 and his interest in photography goes back to the early 60's. Having spent his working life in the gas industry Arnold has now retired and can spend far more time on his life long hobby. He says " Retirement gives me the opportunity to travel more and explore the photographic world" Photo courtesy of @alanraw
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See Keith Brittons work in the POP II Gallery "Rebirth & Renewal Exhibition" This Friday 6.30pm to 8.30. Then daily 12 - 5, closing 4pm Sundays. Keith will also have work in the widows of POP 1 and POP III. @KeithBritton has been involved in “serious” photography since 15th March 2011 when he had a damascene moment at Spurn point. he enjoys landscape and fine art photography, focusing particularly on long exposure to capture reflections and movements of sky and water. He was shortlisted for BBC "Show Me The Monet" in 2012 and a Larkin 25 award in 2014. He says he "I spend about 40% of my time on photography and generate approximately 2% of my income." "I also work as a supply teacher and a private tour guide, both of which help me to find and revisit places to shoot." He has a trip planned currently to Poland and Italy, and Keith is working on an exciting project linking Hull, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bruges for presentation at Hull International Photography - HIPPHOTOFEST. (Photo by Alan Raw) #igershull #igers_hull #2017hull #art #photography @eastridingphoto

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