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OT❀  °The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will...° - Andy Warhol 👻sc: artist.avenue

°Would you run after me? Would you run, or do we Disappear Here?°
So... I recently became a HUGE fan of @badsuns and I really liked/like the cover for their album "Disappear Here" and so, I decided to recreate it with colored pencil. Enjoy :)

Ummm... first off, pls forgive my homework in the bg 😂...
Posting this older piece bc I never posted the full... And bc I don't have much else to post atm... I'm waiting for just the right time to post that one project on here, but anyway... Here ya go for now 😂😂😂😂

Colored in highlighter

It's late, this isn't a full piece, but like... I've been meaning to post something.
I've just been kinda bummed lately (that'll be for another day) but I'm still trying my best... Kinda... I have a lot of stuff I gotta do, but I WILL make some sort of effort to post more :]

I'm posting another progress shot bc that is all I have rn... Come a week and MAYBE I'll have more art stuffs to do/post... MAYBE... HOPEFULLY 😂🙂

So like... Here's another #workinprogress ...

Again, not much to post... I've got a few things, but until I take good pictures of them, here's a water marbled light bulb lol 💡💡💡

°Keep your ear to the shell...°
Well here's a cover painting I did of Wonderful Wonderful by @thekillers but like... School, man... It's kinda been making it hard to do art, especially w all this college nonsense... I just had time to do this bc I needed a painting for class... I mean I've done other things, but like... It hasn't been a lot recently...
Idk, It's quite a lot, but I'll get back on track... Hopefully 😂🤞🏼🤙🏼

° 'Cause that's what friends are for°
I know I just posted one but this one's the 2017 recap (I archived the other one, don't worry)
2017 was quite a year my friends, now we're nearing the end of our senior year & I couldn't have asked for a better group to be a part of. I love you guys! 🤗😘❤💕
Btw I know the last photo isn't in order but I like to end these w a group photo :)

Last drawing of 2017...
Um... I am not the mastermind behind this, I was in a block and took a suggestion from @eduardo_911 (hey best friend(: I already showed you this but, ya know... Lol )
Mmm that-that's it lolol
(PS I haven't created a first artwork for 2018 but I'll get to it soon)

A painting I did for my mom as a present (:

Anyone else notice that most of my #2017bestnine posts were inspired by music??? #🎶

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