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  Self taugh artist Argentina Personal acc @guadeeh


I dont like this one that much, but the bottle of wine on the floor is really cool so im like fuck it lets post it.
If you know who this girls are (i know their names yes) DONT TAG THEM, they were a couple, they are not anymore and i really dont wanna bother them because i think they even deleted this picture so its none of my business here. Im just an artist who draws to help myself to feel a little better everyday.
If any of the persons in this drawing asks me to take this down im gonna do it, just know that.

Hey havent been posting lately, im going through an art block and i've been pushing myself to draw (like the one on the picture) but i end up bored and hating it.
Also been feeling really empty lately so i dont really feel like talking to people (if you DMed me and i didn't answare know that its not your fault, im just not in the mood) and this is probably the reason for my art block but im too tired to do something about it.
Hope you understand and i wish you all the best 💕💕💕

Im so sick of being tired
Im so tired of being sick
Except for the hand this looks nice i like it. This is the second time i draw @renegades_ and i like this one much more than the last one and i hope you do too.

Also this is another version of the last one i did
ALSO I BOUGHT SOME NEW PAPER TODAY AND IM REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT (sounds stupid but, where i live, its not that easy to found the paper i use)

There's bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway
And if you have nightmares, we'll dance on the bed
I know that you love me
Even when I lose my head
Wait does people know im a female? I feel like some of you think im a boy (im non binary actually, but that just because i dont really believe in gender, i dont really care about pronouns, you could call me she/he/they and i wouldn't give a fuck).

Im actually done with the last drawing i posted but i wanna scan it so here's a new one im working on

I gave up on this style because is really hard for me to make the lines "blend" properly (its hard to explain it, i dont pretend for you to understand what i mean by "blending" lol) but luckily, with this picture i could make it work.

I prefer the other drawing but someone literally said to me that i have to post this one lol so here you have it

Light one up and hand it over, rest your head upon my shoulder.
Just wanna feel your lips against my skin.
Well as you can see this is my first time for real drawing hands so im not that good at this

I didn't post the last hand drawing finished, but thats just because i didn't have the time to take the picture, its actually done. In the mean time, here's another one

Drawing hands because its the most amazing part of the human's body (and also the harder to draw.
Also this step by step is not usefull to learn how to draw hands but is aesthetic af to me lol

Im mad that i didn't took any picture from the process of this drawing but well what its done its done
@madspaige one of my favorite tomboy out there

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