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Oldie but goodie. I dont know why i never posted this (again, i posted this only on my personal acc). Anyways this is sara cummings, one of my favorite models to draw.

#drawing #art #model #saracummings #artist #pencil #charcoal

I don't need a metaphor for you to know I'm miserable

No one looks up anymore
'Cause you might get a raindrop in your eye
And Heaven forbid they see you cry
As we fall in line

#art #drawing #artsy #danedehann #pencil #draw #draws #artista #artist

Failing miserably, drastically and then I crash dramatically
Into a wall I've hit a hundred times before
And yet I still ignore the dark red blood stains on the floor
I had 3 days off studing and i made like 4 drawings with this style. Also, im so lazy that i just dont draw hair or ears anymore lol

#art #drawing #danedehaan #artist #pencil #blood #creepy #aesthetic #arts_gate

I want to be alive
When you see my eyes
I found so many good pictures of dane to draw im really exited you'll be seing a lot of this kind of drawings ;)

Every class can be art class if you dont care enough.
The down side of drawing during class is that people start staring at how i draw and i get fucking nervous

Kinda shitty but i like the concept of te music in the background
Song: She Lays Down by the 1975

Ugh I hate it but its supposed to be just a practice

The one on the left is from February, the one on the right is from 2 days ago.
I can tell im not improving so much, but the fact that made this look so different is that i decided to use a different kind of paper, and differents pencils. I also started drawing the dark part and then add the light (last time was the opposite) and if i had to do another one, it would look so much better because i realized a lot of new mistakes i did in the second one.
So yeah, drawing again the same picture can be tedious or boring (that's why it took me like 6 months to do it lol) but it's important to do that in order to learn new techniques.
When people ask me "are you self taught?" I always say yes, but litterally i taught myself. Im constantly finding mylsef talking while im drawing and saying stuff to myself like "hmm next time, try less light" or "never use that kind of marker in this paper" (sometimes i even say them outloud, like i was talking to someome else). Im really intrested in drawing with grey paper and making it look as realist as i can, so i'll probably draw this a third time.
Last thing, i posted a better picture of this drawing in my personal @guadeeh but dont worry i'll post it here too soon. ALSO im obsessed with editing the background in pictures now and i'll probably do this a lot.

It's hard to understand

And I'm petrified of being alone
It's pathetic, I know
And I toss and I turn in my bed
It's just like I lost my head (lost my head)
And if I believe you,
Would that make it stop if I told you I need you?
Is that what you want?
And I'm broken and bleeding, and begging for help.

If I'm lost then how can I find myself?
The lyrics in this song fits so nicely with the concept of the drawing that i just had to write them.
Yes is the 1975.

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