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Art in Ad Places  Why are there even still phone booths?


On January 26th, find us at @lucaslucasnyc in Williamsburg for an Art in Ad Places exhibition, and the launch of a book celebrating all of our ad takeovers to date. We'll have photos from @lunapark, books, a special installation with the help of fellow ad takeover activist @jordanseiler, and drinks from @ilegalmezcal.

We open at 7pm. See you there.

And you thought we were done for the year! #AdTakeover 53, a bonus to remind us all that our work isn't done, comes from @faustnewyork. "Although this work represents the end of the Art in Ad Places campaign, I wanted share a message of resilience and optimism for the future." - #FaustNewYork

Photo by @lunapark

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#AdTakeover 52 of 52: "Jealous Lover 1" by @heatherbenjamin_

#HeatherBenjamin says, "I think it’s easy to experience a sort of tunnel vision when you’re running around in the city, it can be a kind of natural response to all the over-stimulation. But that can cause you to miss things going on around you that could be fresh opportunities for critical thinking or raw emotional reactions. Those could be moments where you might begin to think about something in a different way, or feel inspired, and at a basic level have a visual experience really resonate with you in some way. Public art is one of those things that can jolt you right out of your comfort zone and turn everything upside down for a few minutes, while you try take in and wrestle with something you weren’t expecting to see. And I think having that experience on a regular basis is an important part of feeling connected to the humans around you and their lives and emotions and experiences, how you can relate to them. That’s why I’m psyched on the #ArtInAdPlaces project and excited to be a part of it, it’s actively creating spaces in the city for those moments to happen. We need more of those opportunities and less visual stimuli that are just meant to force us into more consumerism." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement

#AdTakeover 51 of 52 comes from @0uizi aka #LouiseChen, who says "Rather than stopping to smell a flower, would you prefer to peer into it's soul? One of the reasons I make my art public is that it seems to give people a sense of pride and security in their surroundings. This project in particular does this by making an extra-ordinary space feel extraordinary." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement #ouizi

#AdTakeover 50 of 52 comes from @tenderlointelevision, who says “I'm participating because advertising undermines our sense of human purpose. Preying on physical desires at the expense of public welfare, in pursuit of financial gain. It's fear based consumer culture with an absence of a deeper meaning of life. As a firm believer of PMA, I wanted to show an alternative to capitalist plastic identity by leaving the viewer with an authentic feeling. An encouraging catalyst for introspection, reflection and inspiration...peace of mind." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement #tenderlointelevision

#AdTakeover 49 of 52: "Purchase the Proper Boots With Which to Pull Yourself By the Bootstraps" by artist, writer, and educator @kameelahr "'Purchase the Proper Boots With Which to Pull Yourself By the Bootstraps' is one of four posters from the 2014 project ‘How to Suffer Politely (and Other Etiquette),’ a series of satirical gestures. ‘How to Suffer Politely (and Other Etiquette)’ examines how expressions of anger and resistance to racialized violence are regarded as 'impolite' in order to maintain social order. Informed by etiquette guides that advise one to prioritize the needs of others before one’s own, these satirical sayings command the performance of exceptional self-control and triumph under traumatic circumstances. Inserted into public spaces in the place of advertisements, 'Purchase the Proper Boots With Which to Pull Yourself By the Bootstraps' acts as a not so polite intervention of traditional ad signage." - #KameelahJananRasheed.

Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement

#AdTakeover 48 of 52 comes from @alexkrokus "Advertising preys on the depressed, the hungry and the unfulfilled. I made this comic for Art in Ad Places proposing an alternative to how to reach out to those individuals. What if instead of struggling to buy happiness alone, they had a community that gave them a sense of belonging and support? What if instead of advertisements, a billboard's only intent was to make us laugh? Or think? Or have a conversation?" - #AlexKrokus

Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement

Gratitude for the people who shape us! Here’s a little something from AiAP co-curator @dirtworship in ‘15 after we’d returned from meeting #SpecialPatrolGroup in #Dismaland. Props to @jordanseiler and his keys for keeping the #adbusting community empowered and ever-growing! #yeahwegotkeysforthat

#AdTakeover 47 of 52: “Metal Eye” by @dazeworldnyc

#Daze says, "On a day to day basis we are all inundated with an endless stream of advertising. Every space seems to be utilized to see or promote something. Many times this creates a state of sensory overload. It's like several people screaming for your attention at the same time. I enjoyed participating in this project because it gave me the opportunity to invade a space that normally would be devoted to advertising. The image of the metallic 'Eye' is perfect in today's society where surveillance is everything." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement #chrisellis #chrisdazeellis

#AdTakeover 46 of 52 is a two-for-one: "O Ka Mea Ho'ōkahi Iwi (Portrait of Kumu Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu)" and "Portrait of Turtle Clan Chief Vincent 'Eagle Spirit' Mann of the Ramapough Lenape Nation" by @iankualii

#IanKualii says, "Kumu Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu or simply Kumu Hina is a Mahu/Transgender Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian/Chinese teacher, cultural practitioner and community leader whose boundless love and mana for her people has helped empower the Mauna A Wakea and the Hawaiian Sovereignty movements through dance, chant and the mele/song she composed 'Ku Ha'aheo E Ku'u Hawai'i' which serves as the rally song for the lahui. The struggle to project our sacred mountain and our identity as a sovereign illegally occupied island nation still carries on till this very day. "Chief Vincent ‘Eagle Spirit’ Mann of the Ramapough Lenape Turtle Clan spearheaded efforts to force the Ford Motor Company to renew remediation at a 500-acre site it had contaminated in the 1960s to the early 1970s. Chief Mann continues to serve as a passionate advocate for his people and the environment. Chief Mann and the rest of the Ramapough Lenape Nation have erected the Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp in Mahwah, New Jersey to protect their ancestral homelands and educate the public on the impending crisis of the AIM and Pilgrim Pipeline that threaten the water supply to millions of residents in the New York/New Jersey Area." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces #streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement

#AdTakeover 45 of 52: by @_sheryo and @_theyok
#SheryoandTheYok say, "Ads invade our public spaces and make us feel less about ourselves. Why do they get the right to tell us what to do and how to feel? Our piece for Art in Ad Places is a cheeky public service message that might inspire people to do what they want without waiting for permission to do it. Sometimes it's just more fun to do things without permission. No guidelines, no boxes to check. Just wing it." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces#streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement #yokandsheryo #sheryoyok #sheryo #yok #theyok

#AdTakeover 44 of 52: "Never Let Them Take It From You" by @sam_heimer

#SamHeimer says, "I’ve always had a soft spot for Halloween, and as the years pass I find lessons in the holiday that are more important now than ever. With the world on fire, it’s pretty easy to forget about the magic around us, about that fact that every innovation we have is a fine blend of cultural sharing, borrowing and at times stealing, that the veil between life and death is all too thin and we should celebrate both (life and death) while able, that we should be looking for guidance from those who went before us and got it right, and that the harvest, while rarely seen, is more important and frail now than ever. In the face of hardship and coming darkness, we used to light fires, feast, sing and dance, and revel in parlor tricks and games surrounded by our community. Now we just rant on Facebook and become more numb, scared, and distant." Photo by @lunapark

#streetart #adbust #artinadplaces#streetartnyc #nycstreetart #adreplacement #happyhalloween #halloween

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