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Art in Ad Places  Why are there even still phone booths?

#AdTakeover 21 of 52: "LSD & THE DEVIL" by @_fernbeds_.

Read more about the piece from @_fernbeds_ in the comments.

Photo by @lunapark

#AdTakeover 20 of 52 comes from @melkadel.

Mel says, "What a great opportunity this is, to place a piece of art in a spot that is strictly reserved for advertising. The original image would normally have been hung in a gallery, with a very limited audience who seek out art exhibitions. For that audience I am thankful, but this project breaks that wall down and brings art to our streets which are oversaturated with ads. My thoughts behind this image have to do with our strides to unify and keep a hopeful vision during a really dark and complex time. That feeling of unity might have been on my mind when making it, but like anything visual, everyone sees things differently. So whether it raises curiosity, makes someone smile, inspires contemplation, or is just noticed for a moment, I hope it draws people in for a change of scenery." Photo by @lunapark

#AdTakeover 19 of 52 comes from @todseelie.

Tod says, "I love seeing art in ad places. It catches your eye much more than standard advertising because it is not more of the same familiar bombardment that especially city-dwellers are so inundated with. It doesn't have an ulterior motive, it just exists to be appreciated and perhaps inspire thought. It is often more mysterious, interesting and engaging. It is a gift to the public, rather than an ask (for your attention and money)." Photo by @lunapark

#AdTakeover 18 of 52 comes from @heypatyeah. "Per my participation in the project; there's a couple simple things going on here. The first is that I'm enthusiastically committed to see the slow dismantlement of public advertising. Public ads interrupt our aspirations of what we could be, and should be reaching towards, collectively. If that sounds melodramatic, I'd argue that's only because advertising is so ubiquitous on our roads, sidewalks, buildings, and infrastructure that we all-too-easily forget how it hoses us down constantly. And like lead on our walls and in our water, we could eradicate its existence if there was a true feeling throughout our culture that the eradication of public ads was not only desirable, but pivotal. I truly believe it is. "Secondly, small, grassroots pushes and nonviolent, acts of disobedience are the matchbooks of societal change. They have been for centuries, and they shake power structures to the bones with anxiety. My grandma always said to never underestimate the impact you have in your own little corner of the world. In some little corner of New York, an ad was taken down and now there's a drawing in its place. Look at Buenos Aires' recently enacted policies on visual pollution. It's happening slowly, but we are clawing towards the light." - @heypatyeah

PS, we all know that dogs are awesome. If you can find this piece, we highly encourage taking a photo of it with a dog in the shot.

Photos by @lunapark

#AdTakeover 17 of 52 comes from @jetsonorama. "This piece speaks to the role of indigenous communities working on the front lines in the global struggle to protect the earth while acknowledging the need to take care of oneself. More specifically, in the current context of our political environment the piece encourages us to not normalize hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, homophobia, patriarchy, the unsustainable practice of exploiting carbon based resources and to nurture ourselves as we support our brothers + sisters in the struggle. In short, resist the bullshit." - @jetsonorama

Photo by @lunapark

#AdTakeover 16 of 52: The Ecstasy of St Katsuhiro Otomo by @nomi_chi. Photo by @lunapark. #nomichi's statement in the comments.

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#AdTakeover 15 of 52: An illustration from inside of Aleppo by @mollycrabapple, in collaboration with Marwan Hisham. "In 2015, my friend and fellow journalist Marwan Hisham visited East Aleppo, which was held by rebels at the time. Over a series of weeks, he sent me pictures of life beneath the Assad regime's daily bombardment, which I then drew from. This drawing shows the frontline neighborhood of Bustan Qusr, where residents had turned a bus into a makeshift shelter from snipers. As Syria makes its annual appearance in American headlines, this is a tribute to people who endured six years of war."
- #MollyCrabapple

Photo by @lunapark

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#AdTakeover 14 of 52: "Stop Telling Women to Smile" by @tlynnfaz​. Part of her @stoptellingwomentosmile series. "Stop Telling Women to Smile is one piece in a series of work about gender based street harassment. This work is challenging sexism in public spaces by taking the faces and voices of women and placing them in the environment that so often is hostile and dangerous for us: the street. "Art in Ad Places is important for work like this because it replaces the sometimes damaging images from advertisers, with artwork by artists and activists that can provide beauty and solace for passersby."
- Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Photo by @lunapark

#stoptellingwomentosmile #adbust #artinadplaces #nycstreetart #streetartnyc #streetart #nycart #tatyanafazlalizadeh

Ad takeover 13 of 52: "I will never sin again" by @tina_lugo13. Photo by @lunapark. "I use art as a way to reach people and talk about difficult subjects. Maybe it will elicit a feeling you can’t quite put into words. Maybe it brings up a taboo topic. That's what I want to ignite. I chose something that could be visually striking to look at, but it isn’t until you look past the bright colors that a darker turn of events takes place. I participated in this project because I am a born and raised Bronxite and it meant a lot to me to have that outer borough visibility, and hopefully show the youth in my old stomping grounds that art isn’t a 'dead-end job', and can take you from one stop on the 6 train, all the way around the world." - Tina Lugo

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Ad takeover 12 of 52: MY AD IS NO AD by @johnfekner. Photos by @lunapark.

This piece is a recreation of John Fekner's historic "MY AD IS NO AD" billboard from 1980, and was installed in solidarity with #subvertisersinternational's #subvertthecity campaign, an anti-advertising call to action taking place this week around the world. Props to @brandalismproject, @jordanseiler, and everyone else involved in that global ad takeover project. Ad takeovers are not new. We are not the only people taking part. You can too!

A message from John Fekner in the comments... #artinadplaces #adtakeover #johnfekner #adbust #nycstreetart #streetart #myadisnoad

Ad takeover 11 of 52: @jessxsnow, in collaboration with Jordan Alam. Photo by @lunapark.

Jess says that the work was made "in response to the recent anti-immigrant executive orders and as a love letter to the Muslim immigrant community." Jordan expands on that thought:
"'To Allah we belong and to Allah we return' is a rough translation of the dua said at someone’s death. Blessed is this temporary cycle. We are part of a long lineage, a history of others who have dreamed us into being (as Walidah Imarisha puts it in the introduction to Octavia’s Brood). We are ourselves complete and also part of this larger whole and while we are impermanent, we are irreplaceable. Remember that you have the hands of ancestors at your back, and the duty to dream of the generations ahead of you." #WeAreIrreplaceable #OurAncestorsDreamedOfUs #NoBanNoWall #ArtInAdPlaces #AdTakeover #AdBust #nycstreetart #streetart #resist #RefugeesWelcome #NoOneIsIllegal #NoMuslimBan

This week's #adtakeover is a two-for-one special from @jonburgerman. Photos by @lunapark.

Jon says, "I fully support the idea to disrupt the onslaught of commercial images that swamp our cities and shared environments. I wanted to share work with no slogans, mottos, tag lines or credits. Just an intriguing image. The pieces I chose are from a series of tiny sculptures I’ve been making, initially based on people, unknown to me, who I’ve seen in and around New York. I hoped the pieces would make people wonder who or what these things are, and perhaps find familiarity with the children’s modelling material that they are made out of. Maybe they will spark curiosity and joy and go someway to remind us that we were all once children, children who would play without any reason for doing so, and how wonderful that can be." #artinadplaces #adbust #jonburgerman #itsgreattocreate #nycstreetart

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