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Arth Daniels  Artist | Painter | Carpenter | Maker. Londoner by the sea . *DM for sales and commissions*


Visited this one for the first time in a while and thought I’d share again - it’s always strange what makes me want to get back into more intensive painting..
I’ve always thought that I’ll never ‘top’ the way I managed to paint the fabric of the t-shirt in this painting BUT the drive to improve as a painter and need to replicate what I see in front of me has always been part of the incentive. Never the need to ‘express’ or make statements or anything along those lines. Possibly doesn’t make any sense, but whatever. Another main drive is to paint so I don’t have to think 👚🎈🎉

Sorry, I know my feed is a bit sunsetty at the moment..but it seems like the world is about to end, so, you know..

Should probably close the curtains..

Nice walk, no filters, no edits - not bad 🏞🌅🌌

Westgate much? #nofilter #newhome

Sad Face(s)
Oil on board assemblage
A ‘3D’ Painting/sculpture I did a long while ago that people found confusing and a little gross. Might revisit this sort of thing again - felt like it didn’t get much love at the time and I was pretty chuffed with it. The photo each piece was based on had a different of lighting set up for stark contrast between features. Nice to see again even if I do say so myself.
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Short stay/driving vistas n ting #lakedistrict

My contribution to your feed full of snow related pictures #snow

Frosty field innit. Pleasant.

Channel Zero: No-End House is 👌🏼 on so many levels. I’ve been a fan of @sarahsitkin ‘s work for a good while now and when coupled with a clever narrative it delves very deep indeed.
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