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Self taught1⃣6⃣Kik: artgeek98  🌷The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls🌷

Wasn't it silly of me to attempt a @colour_me_creative ? 😂 Cause this doesn't come close to the talent of Kristina... For what it's worth, I had a slight artists block and had no clue what to draw.
On a side note, the app SketchBook Pro for the iPad is currently free!!!! (Usually $3.99) for all the artists out there, get it while you can!✌

All done ✌
I'm really trying to find my own "style" of art and I'm starting by trying to come up with drawings. For this one, I took a pocket watch and added the peacock 😁

Guys, never attempt to draw birds 😂 the feathers take so long which is why I gave up halfway. Lets all admire the talented @morgandavidson (go follow her!) for creating an amazing and beautiful drawing which became inspiration for a big drawing I'm working on 👍

🇺🇸🇺🇸This is the official 4th of July drawing for all my fellow Americans (and anyone celebrating the holiday! 🎉) I hope that Arthur (the storm) hasn't/doesn't come in the way of your celebrations! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Yes it's true!!! Summer is finally here and I'm ready to dedicate whatever time I have to art! 👍For the last year, I lived in Asia where I attended an IB school! For those of you familiar with IB, you know exactly that you literally have NO LIFE because of all the work! 😑 I'm now moving back to the US and hopefully draw some more. For the followers who stuck around, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I also want to be able to interact with you some more so leave suggestions as to how you would want that to happen...(follower drawings, contests, etc?) tag people who might want to follow! 😁
I love you all! 💗

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! 🎁 I've been absent on insta lately and it kills me but I will try and get drawing again :) in the meantime, enjoy your Christmas Day!!! (For those of you who celebrated already, what did you do??)

This is just comes to show that the very cliché saying "practice makes perfect" is true 😊 cant wait to see how I progress over another year

About a year ago, I posted this exact same picture on Instagram. Since then, I have gained 10k amazing followers, improved, and learned so much about myself through art. I guess you could say its my "1 year Instagram anniversary" ☺ I will be drawing this same eye every year, and post a progress picture along, to see my journey with art. To all of you following, you are the reason why I'm motivated to draw. THANK YOU 💗

So I've noticed that @thedisneyworld is really excited about the new Disney movie called "Frozen" coming out soon, and I figured I'd draw Elsa (one of the characters in the movie) ☺ can you do me a favor and let them know I drew this on their last post? @thedisneyworld
You can let @disneydiaries, @disney or @waltdisney1901 know as well #waltdisney1901 #lookkristina

I just have an obsession with eyes 👀

Original type of drawing... I'm calling it "Watch of Wisdom" 😏 relating the wisdom to owls... #tkoart @tkowatches

I wonder how many miles I've drawn... 😳

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