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Painted this after @iambsax ‘s Kundalini Yoga class 🙏🏼
Definitely inspired by the cosmic resonance echoing through my body, thanks to the gongs played during savasana.😍
To me, this image reflects the downward flow of universal knowledge & information. As it descends through the subtle body energy systems, formless intuitive musings gain momentum and anchor their existence in physical matter. These colors & symbols represent the higher chakras and the unification necessary for information to flow easily. 🌐

I closed my eyes and saw:

A prismatic pool glowing in cosmic, stellar awe. Encircling it were henges of crimson rock ablaze with ancient forms, ancient thoughts.
I saw:
Abstract angels twirling in fiery praise. Stripped of form, light beams vibrating in molecular waves.
Each one patiently waiting their turn to dip their golden, fluid wings in the crystalline urn. Welcoming the Great Transition.
Flesh swallows & clothes the pure being of soul.
Oh, Life. Oh, death.
What stories you’ve told.
Of battles won & battles lost
Of light & dark
Of eternities crossed
Of countless bodies
& inherited shapes
Once again, we perform the Great Escape
from cyclical pain and temporal rape
Once again, laid to rest in the timeless tomb,
laid to rest in the chamber of Mother’s womb
Laid to rest
Only to be
Undressed of flesh
Laid to rest
0nly to
Converge and mesh
Laid to rest
Only to be
Born Again

💚Work in progress💚
Working on this piece is like entering into a deeper presence with myself. Reflecting upon my relationship to the earth - how our human bodies are microcosms of the macrocosm.
Our human bodies - maps of the entire cosmos. When we enter into deeper relationship with the elements composing our physical structures, we enter into deeper relationship with ALL. 💚

Throw away the idea that your individual actions don’t affect the larger scope. Every action reverberates and sends forth your intent, your instruction.
When we peel away the false constructs and projections of ego, we merge with the larger intelligence of nature. 💚

From the planetary bodies orbiting in space to the plants sprouting in forests - each consciousness housing knowledge that is available to us at all times.
There are codes of awakening written in the language of the subtle. The same language that instructs seed to take root in soil. The same language has much to divulge when you are ready and willing to listen. 💚

How do we do this?
By slowing down & practicing presence. Next time you’re out in nature, ask yourself:
“Am I here with my thoughts or am I here with the forest?”
Notice your surroundings intently. The slight breeze rippling across your skin. The rustling of leaves. The textures of tree trunks. The curves and lines and movement of every single organism. Can you quiet your thoughts enough to be able to hear the forest speak? It might not be an actual auditory noise. It might surface as a feeling. A knowing. A bodily sensation. Invite subtle exploration into the moment. Let presence be your teacher 💚

Before bed, I have been drawing a card from an oracle deck or opening to a random page in my sacred symbols book. I do this with the intention to meditate on the image and words during Dreamtime. 🌀
I’ve also been listening to those 8-hour long binaural beat frequencies with different assorted intentional programmings while sleeping. (You’ll find tons of them on YouTube 😊)
My dreams have never been so vivid and full of vital knowledge! I’ve been waking each morning in astonishment of the nightly guidance that has been revealed to me. 🌀
We spend just as much time asleep as we do awake! Use this time wisely and you definitely won’t be disappointed. There are so many inner worlds to be explored ✨ 🎨art by Kelly Del Rosso

“If we increase our shen [life force energy / “spirit”] , we increase our spiritual fertility, our greater creativity. The ability to manifest and balance input and outputs come from shen-fertility, and when we are fertile in this way, we are creative and reproductive as our higher selves.”
Came across this when reading about Reishi mushrooms. According to Chinese medicine, Reishi has been revered for thousands of years for its ability to nourish the shen. In ancient scrolls, it was referred to as “a bridge between heaven and earth”. 🍄

My own experience with Reishi and mushrooms in general has been absolutely profound. Immediately after ingesting, it’s as if an internal switch is flipped on and I am acutely aware of intricate sensory manifolds. I remember drinking Reishi tea while driving and marveling at the texture of the steering wheel 😂 it was so delightful, I could cry. 🍄

Reishi is a very potent medicine Mother that will lead you to the sacred depths of even the most mundane if you respect and cherish her. ❤️ Painting by @mysticalmorgan 🎨

Experience is teaching me that the whole scope of a month depends greatly on the few days that I am bleeding. 💌

The more present, attentive, and nourishing I am to my body at this time is directly reflected in all occurrences throughout the rest of the month. 💌

After this time of vital rest & nourishment, projects are taken on with a flourishing vitality and excitement. My cup overflowing with creative inspiration and empowered action to take the necessary steps towards granting formlessness its desired form. 💌

The more I take care of and provide for myself without relying on or longing for anyone else to, the deeper wholeness I recognize. The roles of provider and receiver embodied in one vessel. 💌

I now hold myself the way I longed for someone else to and realize that I am responsible for my own pleasures, my own pains. Life is not happening to me, I am actively creating it with every breath in & every breath out. 💌 🎨art by Peter Engelhardt

✨🙏🏼🎨 .

Intuitive painting is a wonderful way to learn about the complexity of your own body. .

Each layer of paint mirrors each layer of your being. From physical, to mental, to emotional, to spiritual, & on & on into the depths of the NeverEnding. .

You voice speaks in strokes of blossoming color, cooing your mind into a calm acceptance. .

There is a world of wonder waiting for you to explore within and outwardly express. .

Spent “International Women’s Day” surrounded by the beauty of feminine presence. Spent the majority of it singing & dancing in multiple different kitchens today 😂 @patti_444 sent me an article yesterday called “The Magical Herstory of Food.”
Here are a few excerpts from it:
“And to put it very simply, women’s food magic had one central purpose, to honour and nourish the great mother of all – who in turn nourished them.”
“Women were linked with food not only because they cultivated and prepared it, but also because their own bodies, like the great goddess, were a source of food and life.”
“The kitchen is a holy place where the gifts of nature are transformed into physical, emotional, and even spiritual forms of sustenance”. ✨✨
I feel that so strongly after an incredible day of nourishment with dear sisters. Elements from last night’s dream still fresh in my mind: a line of women in goddess pose. There were raging winds blowing bright, vivid colors across the fabric of time. I will always remember this feeling: euphoric sexual ecstasy, flowing like a current of divine love through our bodies. So fierce. So vulnerable. So wild, pure, and raw. An opening of our innate orgasmic connection to All That Truly Is. ❤️
This photo was taken at @tantric.alchemy ‘s Menstruation Magic temple. I’ve used this mandala tapestry in several women’s circles. It holds the energy of our collective creation and I am honored to continue sharing space while the earth returns to its roots. ✨✨🙏🏼
Thank you to all of the fabulous women in my life. I love you all. I learn from you all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ❣️

Starting a new painting based on an experience I had with the magical herb, Mugwort 🌱✨
I’ll share the full story as the piece gains more definition.
Using this photo of myself from last Summer as a reference. ✨
When the canvas was blank before any pencil or paint, I lightly brushed it with the herb’s flowers. I breathed deeply, synchronizing to the beat of the vision within. Visually extending my intentions forth, permeating the space with peace. 🙏🏼

Dancing to the music of our hearts ❤️🙏🏼😂
Reunited with my love @seedsinspace !

I invite you to imagine a scene with me:
A circle of sisters gathered as one, hearts beating, voices sharing, bodies moving in union with the force of divine, ecstatic breath. The intoxicating scent of rose and sea water arousing sensual rememberings deep within. Waves lap upon the shore singing the earth’s song of fluid freedom. Raw power. The land trembling, alive with the presence of ancient Gods & Goddesses. Their myths embedded in the very nature of our being, their stories delighting cultures for thousands of years. Unearthing hidden truths. Healing planetary wounds.
Our wombs pulsing as one, a collective creation growing, building, exciting & enlivening our purpose, our passions, our power as Women. It is time to write our own stories, to delight & inspire our culture with a cultivation of both the ancient and the new. What sits in the center is pure presence. ❤️
You are invited to join us for Shakti Camp on the Greek island of Paros August 6 - 11. There are many moments like this waiting for you, dear sister 🙏🏼
Visit artformyoga.com & view schedule to learn more and book your spot ✨

Blessed to finally meet @iambsax , @rebecca_atma , and the other fabulous @golden_prana ladies ! 🎨✨ we shared a powerful day of Kundalini yoga & painting for global peace. 🌎❤️

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