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Artez  street artist & muralist

“Foundation” mural

While job of a man in Egyptian fisherman’s village is to provide food, role of a woman is to keep everything together - taking care of house, children, food, her husband, laundary and all the other daily jobs. These women, everyday heroes of today, are foundation of every household in small village of Burullus where this mural was painted. Mural portraits Dr Eman Ezzat, beautiful Egyptian woman and artist who also took part in organizing the event together with @ramishehab and his father Dr Abd Elwahab
Big thanks goes to all the people who helpend bringing me to “Burullus Art Symposium 2018” @unfpaegypt @bodirozasasha
Burullus, Egypt

“Dreaming” mural

Dream is a place where your imagination decides what is real and what is not. In my dream, people become a nest for all the birds of this world, a place where everyone is welcome, a place that can make you feel like home!
I guess that too many years living in a “suitcase” forced me to find my home in people around me. This one is dedicated to all my friends around the globe who made me feel like home - you know who you are! ✌🏽☺️ Thanks to @vatovec for the drone shot

Painted for @belgradewaterfront project

"Sand stories" mural
painted thanks to @unfpaegypt
Cairo, Egypt

This mural was inspired by the very common scene that can be seen around touristic places in Egypt. During my stay and especially during the time I was painting this mural, I have learnt a lot about country's rich history and tradition, and realised that Egypt is so much more than just Pharaonic times and camels. Subject I have choose to paint on this wall became an ideal platform for conversation and helped me to open the door of an amazing new world. Behind each mural, there is a story, and sometimes these stories trigger a change in the way we think and influence our lives more than we could have ever imagined. I have a feeling that this will be one of "these" stories!

“Find your way to fly”
painted somewhere in Belgrade long time ago! Can someone guess the right location of my hidden rooster?
Belgrade, Serbia

“Dreaming” mural
wall 2/3

Your book will never fall asleep - chances are that it will come to life when you start dreaming!
What’s your favorite book? Mine is “Narcissus and the Goldmund” written by Hermann Hesse

painted for @belgradewaterfront project

"Floating on a dream"

Reading can take you on a journey around the world and help you discover places that you wouldn't believe exist. It can make you start day dreaming or it can make you fall asleep. Crossing the line between reality and dreaming will make impossible possible and you might start floating on a dream in a place you have never seen before!
Big thanks goes to my friends @quam_____ & @finci1243 for helping me during this project, and to @argoargonaut for inviting me to take part!

Painted for @restarturbanfestival
Imola, Italy

“Head in the clouds”
WIP photo of the wall I have painted for @forhum_ project in Cossato, Italy 🇮🇹 2018.
Thanks to @joo_was_here & @meli_liska for inviting me to take part and to all the other beautiful people that made me feel like home during my stay there! ☺️
Shout out to my friend & assistant on this project @wuperkec ✌🏽

“Dreaming” mural
wall 1/3
Books can take you on a journey around the world and help you discover beautiful places that you have never imagined. Even though I am in my hometown at the moment, every morning I go back to India for a while thanks to Salman Rushdie and his book “Midnights children” that tells a story about independance of this forever intriguing country!
painted on the tram bridge in Belgrade, Serbia thanks to @belgradewaterfront project!

"Expected Surprise" mural

Playing Jenga with your eyes closed, recon only on your sense of touch, could be quite challenging. Mural is picturing the moment before falling Jenga activates the sense of hearing, the moment in which it is possible for an expected surprise to happen.

Painted for @callelibre festival
Vienna, Austria

Big thanks goes to @famiglia_vienna for making it happen!

“Summer vibes” mural
and a few amazing days spent together with some nice people at @graffitinagradele festival!
Bol na Bracu, Croatia

“Beautiful Journey”

Mural is dedicated to my dog iuna and those 11 beautiful years of friendship that we had! :’) Thanks to @muralistanbul for making it possible!

Also thanks to my friend @optics_traveller for being a model for this one!

Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷 2018.

Acrylic on canvas

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