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Artez  street artist & muralist

“Find your way to fly”
painted somewhere in Belgrade long time ago! Can someone guess the right location of my hidden rooster?
Belgrade, Serbia

“Dreaming” mural
wall 2/3

Your book will never fall asleep - chances are that it will come to life when you start dreaming!
What’s your favorite book? Mine is “Narcissus and the Goldmund” written by Hermann Hesse

painted for @belgradewaterfront project

"Floating on a dream"

Reading can take you on a journey around the world and help you discover places that you wouldn't believe exist. It can make you start day dreaming or it can make you fall asleep. Crossing the line between reality and dreaming will make impossible possible and you might start floating on a dream in a place you have never seen before!
Big thanks goes to my friends @quam_____ & @finci1243 for helping me during this project, and to @argoargonaut for inviting me to take part!

Painted for @restarturbanfestival
Imola, Italy

“Head in the clouds”
WIP photo of the wall I have painted for @forhum_ project in Cossato, Italy 🇮🇹 2018.
Thanks to @joo_was_here & @meli_liska for inviting me to take part and to all the other beautiful people that made me feel like home during my stay there! ☺️
Shout out to my friend & assistant on this project @wuperkec ✌🏽

“Dreaming” mural
wall 1/3
Books can take you on a journey around the world and help you discover beautiful places that you have never imagined. Even though I am in my hometown at the moment, every morning I go back to India for a while thanks to Salman Rushdie and his book “Midnights children” that tells a story about independance of this forever intriguing country!
painted on the tram bridge in Belgrade, Serbia thanks to @belgradewaterfront project!

"Expected Surprise" mural

Playing Jenga with your eyes closed, recon only on your sense of touch, could be quite challenging. Mural is picturing the moment before falling Jenga activates the sense of hearing, the moment in which it is possible for an expected surprise to happen.

Painted for @callelibre festival
Vienna, Austria

Big thanks goes to @famiglia_vienna for making it happen!

“Summer vibes” mural
and a few amazing days spent together with some nice people at @graffitinagradele festival!
Bol na Bracu, Croatia

“Beautiful Journey”

Mural is dedicated to my dog iuna and those 11 beautiful years of friendship that we had! :’) Thanks to @muralistanbul for making it possible!

Also thanks to my friend @optics_traveller for being a model for this one!

Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷 2018.

Acrylic on canvas

"Soñando con San Borondón"
Santa Cruz De La Palma
Canary islands

Concept for this mural was inspired by the legend of San Borondon, a mysterious island which could be sometimes seen from La Palma, but never could be reached because of the mist that would cover the island as sailors approached the area. Because of its elusive nature, it is believed that the island is carried on the back of a gigantic sea creature, probably giant turtle or a whale. Even dough no one yet stepped on the island, we now know were to take a look at it!

Painted for "Capital del Color" project. Many thanks to @krijumcar_prizora for making it happen!

"Do not judge" mural

Painted for "Mural Fest Tirana"
Thanks to @167bstreet and @dekor_tirana for making it happen!
Tirana, Albania

About the concept:
Opinions are usually formed based on what we see, what we know and what information we are able to get about certain topic. However, it is easy to misinterpret certain story, if we are unable to see the whole picture. Peaceful atmosphere of this scene might be disturbed once you notice a small detail - bicycle lock. Image gets a completely different meaning and a number of possible scenarios occur. The viewer is not sure about what to think any more and in most cases he will take sides based on information the he was able to gather.
By controlling the flow of information, certain groups of people are able to manipulate the way we think and influence our opinions. Media control is a very powerful tool that sometimes becomes a weapon for promoting hate and fear.
After a short chat with me, one nice and polite lady had a very sincere reaction: "You don't look like a Serb" she said, "You are smiling and you are not scary at all"
I was really surprised and didn't know how to reply, so I just smiled and she smiled back. At that moment, I was sure that her opinion about my country is not based on her personal experience, but on the information that were served to her trough media. Unfortunately, it goes the other way around and that makes me really sad.
My intention is not to raise a political question (I really think that politics bring the worst out of people), but to promote the idea of forming your opinion only trough personal experience and only when you are able to get the whole picture. Don't let anyone scare you, because fear will bring hate and hate won't bring anything good. The key that will explain everything and unlock the bicycle lock is maybe lost somewhere, so until you find it try not to judge. Start thinking with your head and don't be afraid to smile, it will only do you good, I promise!

Big thanks to my bro @optics_traveller for being my model for this one!

Acrylic on linen canvas
Part of my solo show "Dreaming on Canvas" that was exhibited in @galoartgallery
Thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey, this was definitely one of the highlights of 2018. and beginning of a new chapter in my artistic career!
model: @useyourillusion4

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