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With the og @dannyhester thank you for coming out Legend and sharing your wisdom and experience. Key West, March 2019 #goldenaesthetics #bodybuilding #fitness

Good morning everyone from Key West. Not in the best shape of my life but not feeling depressed about it any more. Moving forward knowing that the best is yet to come. Huge thanks to everyone for tremendous love and support, Key West Camp is truly a special experience. #positivity #fitness #longevity #bodybuilding #art

@liamkelly goes to war.

Not everyone on the pic but welcome to another epic Key West Lifestyle and Training Camp. #goldenaesthetics

Character. #miami

Yo! can I ask you smth, but be honest with me (and yourself), do you ever find yourself secretly (or openly) hating on someone? Is it because he or she does what you wanna do or has what you wanna have? Does it happen more on ig or real life?
It’s ok to feel that way though, it takes work to kill your ego n subconscious jealousy. Disconnect from anything that makes you feel that way. (I’m sure social media is the root of that 99% of all cases). Negativity will poison your mind and take away from being productive n will 100% contribute to depression n constant dissatisfaction with your own self.
On the other side if you get hated on, don’t invest into it, forgive those people, let it go. I know it’s not easy, but by holding that negative shit in your mind you will also suffer.
Sharing my own experiences on both ends. #positivitywins

Fitness is not about 12 weeks or 16 weeks of clean food. As a matter of fact clean food can be as harmful as an average Joe diet. (Joe I don’t have anything against you). Before you fall for another steroid abuser with a bunch of followers diet plan, do yourself a favor and educate yourself as much as you can, it’s free. The approach that works while you on steroids is not the same as when you are not. Besides strict bodybuilding diet (which I agree has to be strict at some point) can’t be sustained year around. Its counter productive n unhealthy. Over the years I have tried multiple diets and nutritional approaches and was able to develop something that works for me.
Wide variety of foods is key in sustaining a healthy, lifetime diet. Sure if you are broke, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by until you get back on your feet, but if you have access to a good produce, i highly recommend studying and experimenting with things,!us bodybuilders, deprive ourselves from. after all they are not as harmful as we think (fruit for instance). I haven’t had a craving for anything in a long run, n I have been shredded all along even during this injury. I address it to food and cardio... my point is that you can look absolutely shredded and be healthy year around and not just for 12 weeks of depriving yourself from vital nutrients!
how do you eat year around? #diet #health #nutrition #longevity #fitness #bodybuilding #transformation #arnoldschwarzenegger #food #core

What we create with these camps goes much beyond bodybuilding man. It’s a support system, it’s acceptance without any ego. People who come here are from all walks of life, different experiences and different characters but we all get a long and we all have fun, training our asses off and challenging each other, pushing each other to become better inside n outside the gym. When you come here this is the true Golden Days man, nothing like it. Excited to pack my bags and head to Key West tonite.
Not sure what I’m doin on this pic but this is a legendary Giant Killer Danny Padilla and the guys hangin after a gnarly session at @old_town_fitness #goldenaesthetics #originsofiron #bodybuilding #art #goldendays

Jim Haislop, the stud from last night post. One of the greatest bodybuilders in the history of the sport to never turn professional. He was 5”11 205-215 lbs. you can tell how impressive he was even when compared to Franco n The King.
Jim was known to train 6 days a week using an upper body/lower body split routine. As well as this, he would train for up to 3 hours per session in the gym to sculpt his incredibly balanced physique. It’s interesting how we know more these days about the science and nutrition but look worse. That’s actually an interesting debate. What is the main reason for that!? Let me know in your comments. Credit #goldenaesthetics #bodybuilding #art #oldschool #goldenera #classicphysique

It is the greatest sport in the world just because you control all the outcome. There is no one else in the mirror but you.... for me, this sport is not a stage under the lights, this sport is grind in the darkness.
I love it. I hate it. I live it. #goldenaesthetics #art #bodybuilding #fitness #arnoldschwarzenegger

I never ever planned on competing or even getting into fitness as a career. It happened accidentally or may be it was a destiny. I didn’t train to be popular on ig or get anything out of it rather than healthy and sexy body (women do love it, even if you are broke lol) and even if outcome was 0 I’d still do it, cuz I love it.
Later after my short journey into the world of fitness nonsense (politics, steroid abuse, fake supplements bs) I realized one thing, that this career is not really about the stage or me, it’s about people who truly need help with fitness and motivation. So here I am, creating my own platform from 0.
This was my natural form, again at 165lbs. Funny how this industry made roids “legal” and if someone is in great shape he is automatically using... #tbt #goldenaesthetics #shape #fitness #natural #bodybuilding #truth #goals #motivation #health

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