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What are the odds? Me and @freddieroach at the legendary @wildcardboxingclub during sparring! thank you for a pic big man!!! I have this crazy idea for a movie and this Is one of the reasons why I'm so into boxing and taking it so seriously. It's tough, it's very tough but I'm so willing to write another chapter in my life! Thank you my coach @eddiesboxingcrew and all of the guys (@andrezitto_ @ericgboxing) for support n showing me true Mexican style. I just need a Mexican wife n that's it #artemio #goldenaesthetics #boxing #strongerthantheworld

We all so different n so alike. I miss you guys n can't wait to see you in Ohio. @cdrobot you gonna take that title home brother!
#goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld

Never gets old...., anyways just a reminder Golden Aesthetics will be attending Arnold Classic in Ohio, supporting our Mr O @cdrobot and holding open work outs at the @powerhousebethel247 on March 2-3. Times will be confirmed and announced. See you all there. #goldenaesthetics #goldenaesthetics @schwarzenegger #tbt #bodybuilding #fitness #arnold #classic #art

Most of my life I chose to be alone. I'm not sure why, may be the way i looked at the world separated me from others, may be i thought too much of myself or may be I was just too curious about living and trying whatever I fuck wanted. I'm not a fitness guy that's for sure. I'm many things. I was just in Malibu on
Pacific One Highway, wind in my hair, sun on my face, ocean in my ears, Im riding. I am alive. I am where I always wanted to be. Like a hero of my own movie. Nothing else matters, the past, the future, mistakes and failures, solitude and broken heart, nothing, but this perfect moment. I am free... #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld
Look by @goldenaestheticsofficial

it all starts somewhere. u cant just go from 0 to being perfect. u can’t just be the best at smth without years of hard work, experience, failures. u don’t go platinum without a basement mix tape. U don’t get to Olympia stage without competing at the local small town show. i look back where i started n i don’t shy away from it, I’m proud of my humble beginnings. Proud of all my failures and attempts to do smh about my life. Im proud to be me, to express my thoughts, my ideas, my passion and put it all in visual reality, n I’m getting better and better at it. many shy away from adversity, shy away from being different, unique, they choose the same path as majority not to cause trouble. From the very beginning of our lives we set limits on ourselves - “if i make 100k a year ill be good” , “if i buy a house by 30-35 ill be good’’, ‘’if i place top 10 ill be good”; we think within  those limits and that determines our work ethic and our approach to life. I refuse to be like that. Refuse to think within limits and set boundaries. Refuse to think negatively about myself and my “unrealistic goals”. Its all about the mindset and what i determine for myself. I believe beyond any doubt to become an Iconic Brand, the one that inspires, motivates, the one with the concept people can relate to. Im determined to leave my own legacy behind. You may laugh, you may call me this or that, but if u do - deep inside you already failed to believe in yourself. What a great day to be alive, California. #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld

You know hitting bag and mitts is easy, it's so easy. Today, I walked into the legendary @wildcardboxingclub n truly got a grasp of the history, legacy and toughness of Boxing. It ain't pretty. It ain't comfy. it ain't pleasant. It's fucking hardcore. I walked around looking at the walls covered in old pics of Sugar Ray, Marciano, modern legends. I felt the same way when i was a kid looking at the posters of Arnold, Franco, Haney, etc. Man, getting in that ring with @jcllamasmma i was just excited. And the excitement was gone after a few first punches I got hit with lol n it became more of a survival instinct and all the mitts go out of the window. I realized i know nothing about boxing. Understanding the distance, the footwork, the breathing, and ability to take n give punches will take some time and long, long hours of practice. But I'm up for a challenge. All the way. All the way. Thank you @eddiesboxingcrew I won't let you down man, I'll work harder. And thanks to these guys here for being nice and supportive and giving a good advice. #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld

Haha, I let you caption this. Best one wins any item from @goldenaestheticsofficial
#goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld #boys
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Nothing makes you more stylish than confidence. And that's what @goldenaestheticsofficial is all about. Joggers from my black label collection absolutely killing the game, if you got one. #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld
Made in Los Angeles.

U know I been hearin lately that u don't have to push yourself to failure as long as u stimulate the muscle with exercise its gonna grow. I been hearing lately u don't have to diet as hard to get in shape cuz ur body doesn't know the difference between calories form chicken and donuts . I been hearing that Arnold and Frank Zane are bro science... The Internet is filled with little guys behind monitors screaming if u natural this or that approach not gonna work! There is a science, there are new supplements and new approaches that are more advanced and the key thing u don't have to work as hard any more! U know what, Natural or not u gotta leave your guts at the gym. I don't understand why so many guys without any physique or achievement up there talk shit and try to prove smth to the pro, they back up their weakness with some bs articles and science. If u got it all figured out u should be busy winning shows n posing for magazines not writing shit on the media.
Let me tell u this, nothing beats hard work, nothing beats mental n physical progress when u reach failure n push through it, nothing beats annoying cardio and packing on cold chicken n rice, nothing beats hours of posing and vacuuming. U can spit blood here with arguments I'm too busy molding my physique n my future! I hope all u get my point and head to the gym with a clear mind ready to push your boundaries and test your limits. #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld #menshealth

I've been thinking today, what's better? to make a lot of money doing what you don't like or make less money doing what you love? What's your opinion?

Shorts by @goldenaestheticsofficial

Denim is finally goin on the machines and will be ready for purchase in march. It's been a battle to put my own denim line together especially made in LA but i got it finally done and I can't wait to impress you. It does have the stretch and will fit those juicy quads. The Underrated top and beanie also by @goldenaestheticsofficial #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld

15 years ago I lived in Kiev, Ukraine. Right at this time i was walking to the gym, it was minus 20C outside, snow, wind. I had to walk 2 miles one way n then 2m back. I remember being upset I didn't have a girlfriend on the Valentine's Day ... Until now i remember that nite so remotely, in great detail, remember my fav adidas boots and the sound of the snow under them .... As I was gettin closer to the gym (which was just a big box made of steel sheets welded together) I could hear the sound of the weights, I stopped n listened, very deep inside I realized my true purpose n love for this sport. I felt like it was important to be alone that moment. I was 18. As I'm typing this I'm sitting on the Venice beach.... It is truly a surreal feeling to be able to go this far from that dark, cold nite, when I chose to be alone in order to work n progress ... And to be honest, I wouldn't change a damn thing.... I know many of you feel the same tonite but let me tell you, VALUE YOUR PURPOSE AS A MAN OVER ANY WOMAN OR RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE IT TRULY DEFINES WHO YOU ARE IN THIS WORLD!!!! #tbt #goldenaesthetics #strongerthantheworld

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