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Artemus Dolgin  IFBB PRO/Artist/Designer Golden Aesthetics®/GoldenOrganics®

Been stabbed in the back so many times gonna start walking backwards. 🦂
Gettin my conditioning up during next 6 weeks before the camp.

One of the most memorable camps in Key West. We are coming back August 26-29. Tickets at the link in the bio.

The Golden Aesthetics Camp is a rare chance to take part in the brother-hood and camaraderie for the sport of bodybuilding shared amongst the entire GA Team. Join us in one of the most revolutionary camps today for the sport of bodybuilding and lifestyle - come and have your questions answered, get inspired and skilled up.

What the 4-Day Pass Includes:
3 Training Sessions per/day at Old Town Fitness - one of the most iconic and notoriously known gyms representing the classic days of bodybuilding.
6 Meals per/day
Housing near 500 feet of ocean front in one of the most exclusive and scenic mini resorts in Key West, Florida (formerly used by the MTV network.)
All day access to seminars and more.
Check-in: Transportation will be arranged for pickup in Miami at 9 am on Sunday for check-ins.
Check-out: Transportation will be arranged for drop-off in Miami on Wensday for check-outs. *airfare is not included.
We hope to see all of you who are able to attend and experience this one-time opportunity to truly re-live through the golden era of bodybuilding. - Golden Aesthetics Team

How does a man five feet six inches in height (I’m 5’9 don’t confuse lol) appear six feet tall standing alone at a distance? How does he look like he weighs 215 muscular pounds when he barely tips the scale at 176 pounds? Why does his waist look 28 inches, when its actual measurement is 32 inches? How does he step onstage at a bodybuilding competition and blow away competitors who outweigh him by 20, 30 even 50 pounds or more? Why does this man’s body look like a beautiful piece of classical sculpture, while much larger men look misshapen and blocky? The answer, in a word, is symmetry. Symmetry refers to the qualities of balance, proportion, shape and classical aesthetics. It was first described by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who explained it in terms of mathematical relationships. Leonardo DaVinci later expanded on and explained these concepts by way of his “Canon of Proportions” (also known as the “Vitruvian Man”). When you think of those who have achieved such classical proportions, they are few in number and include such elite company as Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda, Frank Zane, Bob Paris, Francis Benfatto , and Lee Labrada. In order to truly achieve the classic physique, you must strive for a few things. Low bodyfat, small waist, broad shoulders with emphasis on medial delt development, wide sweeping lats, wide plated armor-like chest development with emphasis on upper pec. Small hips and glutes (lay off heavy deadlifts/back squats, opt for rows and front or hack squats), and as much calf/forearm development as possible. All beginning bodybuilders, I find, are too interested in the scale and the tape as yardsticks of progress. They seem to think if they weigh or measure a certain amount, that this automatically produces a perfect build. Nothing could be further from the truth. What they don’t seem to remember is that they do not weigh or measure you on the physique stage; they determine the best build by shape, size, and symmetry. Inspired by Lee Labrada.

Hear me out. Tickets available now. Link in the bio. #goldenaesthetics

I was looking forward to see @pete.hartwig at Arnold Classic. He didn’t win but he touched my heart with his posing and classic flow. There are great posers out there, but let me tell you, no one can touch artisticism of this guy. No one. His posing and expression is magical, there is a soul, intelligence, passion. It takes your breath a way. And that rose trick he does..., who does anything like that these days??? @pete.hartwig will be joining our camp in Key West with his Posing Clinic August 26-29. Tickets go on sale tonite 8 pm. #goldenaesthetics
#art #realclassicphysique

What do you expect from your bodybuilding? Seriously, what do you think you gonna do with it in life? How you gonna use it or let it use You!? What opportunities do you see in terms of your future and spending most of your time in the gym and eating more chicken? #tbt

Never done this to my hair before. Thank you @barrbie007 I rock it.

Never trained my delts without intensity. My shoulder work out last 45-50 mins of straight up fireworks. Non stop. It’s a small muscle group and also very gentle, you don’t want to go heavy, seriously put those 140lbs dB away, you ain’t here for a short term praise, you don’t want to grind down your rotator cuff n then be it. No more bench, no more curls, even leg days won’t be the same anymore. Smash your delts with good volume and super short or no breaks at all. I prefer to work with dB pretty much on all my shoulder presses, upright rows and lateral raises. You can do 5 giant sets and your work out is done and you will be drained. Here it is 6 giant sets by 12-16 reps in each exercise, see if you can handle:
Seated db press x 12, Arnold Press x 12, Side lateral raises x 16, Front Lateral Raises x 16, Seated bend over lateral raises x16, dB upright rows x 12. Then 2 mins break and at it again 4 more times. I just literally made this up and gonna do it tonite. Let me know if you can hang. Look from Summer2.

Putting together some epic group of individuals who will attend this upcoming camp in Key West to teach, motivate and entertain. If you planning on goin I highly recommend you to get in best shape possible as we gonna do a bit of a classic contest this time...
More announcements coming soon.
Tickets go on Sale tomorrow night. #goldenaesthetics

I love to make clothes. I love to design and make my own looks. I love to experiment. It’s a risk, so anything else worth doing. I was able to pick this company up by bits and pieces without any loans or shortcuts. Some things worked out and some didn’t but I kept moving forward... and I will keep moving forward. All the way to the top. I appreciate you, I appreciate all on my journey, positive or negative - you still make me better.

Whenever you feel weak, whenever you get disappointed in people, whenever life throws bricks at you... You've got to love yourself so much.... that your willing to take all the world's shit, like an iron shield that feels nothing, knows no one and fears willing to go through all the pain no one else can stand to feel. you have to shut your mind off to the clutter...and at the end of the day....after all the hatred, disrespect, and ignorance. stand within yourself, be proud, and run through anything that stands in your way... #goldenaesthetics #strongerthatheworld

This is from last year GA camp. @liamkelly1987 def took us back in time with his physique and his posing. He is a rare talent and most definitely the closest guy to old school with that mass. His work outs is the sight to be seen. Pure madness. He will be attending the Key West Camp August 26-29 and I’m sure you can learn a lot from this beast. Tickets go on sale Thursday. Spots are limited.
Btw can u guess the track!?? #goldenaesthetics #bodybuilding #oldschool #classicphysique

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