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Have you ever felt like you’re so full of ideas that you are about to explode? As new ideas pop up it is so easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. What do you do? How do you make sure you stay on track and remain productive? Here’s some of the things that have worked well for me:
1. Write all your thoughts down
2. Rank the ideas from the best to the worst
3. Take the top three, and rank them in terms of time to accomplish
4. Take the best quickest idea and EXECUTE!
5. Keep your eye on the midterm items. Revisit them regularly, some things may not be as cool tomorrow.
Do you have any more tips on prioritizing?
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Are you excited or scared about the AI taking over some aspects of our life?🕹 What if you had Google track your biometry during your daily activities like work and relationships. Imagine you need to make a choice on whether to take the job A or start a project B and you ask for google advice. Here’s what it would tell you: 🔮“Well, I know how your heart rate, breathing and brain activity change when you talk about both projects, I also know everything about all the people involved in these projects, and based on your personality and culture compatibility, combined with the data of thousands of other projects and teams, I would recommend going with the project B with a 85% confidence rate”. Would you use such an advanced Google assistant?

It’s that time of the year when you feel the cool wind for the first time in the summer🍁, when you freeze a little when walking in the evening🌗. Fall is right around the corner, my folks, and it’s going to bring a lot of exciting things for each one of us. I’m so sure of it - just keep the awesome ideas coming💪, never say no to a cup of coffee☕️ and always stretch a hand to the ones in need👋! What are the things you’re working on this fall?? Put in comments what your biggest struggle is, and I’ll match you up with the folks who can help! 👇

Sometimes there’s just too much noise flying in the air🐝. Have you ever felt like your mind is buzzing and you’re overwhelmed with things? When we’re in that state, we are not able to make right decisions, because we’re disconnected from what we truly are. We need a clear mind to 🔌connect with our true selves and understand what is it that we need to do to move forward and be happy. If you find yourself in that situation, if things don’t feel right, probably things aren’t right in the first place. Just take a break, disconnect and listen to what you truly want. 🤗🙏

I used to be not a morning person😒. I used to say I don’t have time to read books or exercise... but then I realized, there’s no such thing as “no time”. You just choose to make time for things and learn to consciously prioritize things that you think are important. Once you’ve made time for it, all it takes is to commit to it for at least 2️⃣1️⃣ days - that’s about the time it takes for us to form a habit. Once the habit is formed, it becomes all natural. Invest in yourself! 😉
PS: I am wrapping up reading Homo Deus book and it’s up for grabs, I’ll give it away to the first person who calls dibs for it!📚

Our time on earth is limited(for now🙈💉) so there’s absolutely no point in doing things you think you have to do or someone else tells you should do. Sit down on the grass☘️, take a deep breath and ask yourself “if no one in the world was watching, what would I do?”🤔
Do what feels good - no one else in this world knows you better than you. If a part of your life sucks, just walk away, drop whatever the garbage bag you’ve been carrying behind and storm into the next awesome thing. You’ll be surprised how easy it is, and, boy, how good it feels 😉

I love airports - the spirit of adventure and excitement is flying in the air. Too bad I’m not traveling this time. But hey, I’m up for an adventure! Who’s in? #mymazdastory

Miraculous things start happening the moment you take the first step. One thing I can be sure of, the first step is the scariest, hence so many never end up taking it! Don’t call me crazy, but universe DOES send signals to you. You just have to pay attention . 🔭🌉😏

Dear rationalists. Let’s talk ⛪️religion! Isaac Newton🍏, Francis Bacon📚, Galileo🔭,Francis Collins🔬 were hopeless Christians. Clock, coffee, algebra, maps and even universities emerged from Islamic institutions. Think about all the worlds most majestic structures 🌉that pushed the limits of construction technologies throughout the centuries for the sake of religion. Do you still think there’s no place for religion?

The year 2018 is halfway done and my reading goals are so far on track. The most impactful books have so far been “The art of not giving a fuck” and “Sapiens: brief history of humanity”. What’s your reading list like? What’s an absolute must to read this year ? 📚🙏

Rediscovering the Montreal coffee shop scene. This is a small coffee shop gem inside a grossly overpriced furniture store 😈

One of my New Years resolutions that I’m quite overdue on is to start meditating. Historically, it’s been very hard for me to get started because I’m generally a very anxious person who has millions of thoughts running through my mind constantly. Today is day 5 of consistent mediation, and there are some of the things I’m already noticing:
1. My thoughts and line of thinking are more clear and calm.
2. I am able to make little, everyday decisions with a little less anxiety
3. Coincidence or not, I have not had any night dreams since I started meditating
4. Even though I still struggle to get into the groove, I look forward to every session now!
Do you have any tips and tricks for meditation? How has it helped you in every day life ?

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