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One of the things I love about mountains is that every 200 meters, the surroundings change. You encounter new rocks, new plants , different trees. As you go up higher and higher you’re learning more about this world, about your physical limits and ultimately, about where you truly have to head next. When there’s no change, there’s little we learn, things stagnate... so ask yourself: are your ready for change ?

My mom is my hero figure👩‍👧. She’s always telling me: “you’ve gotta work less, you need to learn to relax, you need to switch off your brain”. And we always end up having great debates about it, because I always respond with “ I love what I’m doing, I don’t consider it work”. But you know what, she’s right, sometimes it’s good to switch our brain off, even from doing the things that you love. Doing a system reboot clears off your cache memory, let’s your brain run faster, and boosts your productivity levels as a result! Moms always end up being right. Is there something that your mom was right about even though you hate to admit it ?

Fam day chilling in the castle🙋🏻‍♀️🤗

That’s a wrap! @startupfest island goes to sleep! Thank you folks for such an awesome event. Special thanks to @bdc_ca for the Women in Technology initiative.🙌🤗😁

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Happy Friday, folks!

Triple Russian Entrepreneur threat at @startupfest
@amazemontreal x @vayoola_inc x @nestready
Who else is attending? Let’s brain date!

what are you goals in life ? 🧐🤨
Each time I ask a comrade this question, the answers range from “to be happy” to laying out a 10 year career or business plan. I’m more if the latter, and I’ve seen some people being startled once they hear “to be happy”, as if it’s not even a legitimate answer. When I interviewed people in the past, I personally never accepted that as an answer, as it seemed vague and immaterial. How do you measure that? How do you know you’re happy ? All these question popped up in my head as I tried to rationalize the irrational.
As the time passed, I’m realizing this objective might not be that bad, after all, it does take guts to embrace the undefined and shape your path as the life goes by without locking yourself to a fixed plan or clearly measurable goal. Life is full of adventures and the things you don’t plan sometimes are the best, don’t you think?

Got ruined dirty shoes, but a million dollar view is worth it!

There’s is something extraterrestrial in mountains🏔. The big giants that dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures used to walk on just like we walk on the street. Some time ago, millions of years ago, an unimaginable force of nature and persistence have pushed these parts of surface 🆙 to form mountains. Suddenly, these unremarkable parts of earth have become the most majestic, challenging and exciting parts of the world unreachable by majority of creatures that live on earth today. Today, thousands of people are fascinated, yet terrified by them. Many people devote their lives to conquering the most majestic mountains in the world - some come back a changed man, some yearn for more, and some just never come back.

What fascinates me about mountains is that it’s a constant reminder of our own insignificance in this world. As someone with a good chunk of ego, I try to constantly remind myself that there are things that are so bigger than us, bigger than all of us.

How can you break your paralysis and get past being scared of failure? You have to do two things:
1) Prepare to succeed: quitting is not an option
2)Change your attitude to failure: you’ll only fail if you decide you’ve failed.

Barcelona has a fantastic geography! Surrounded by mountains, each of them gives a unique perspective on the city, and the sea just nicely tucks into the city structures. No matter where you look almost every geographical location has been utilized wisely - be it for forts, cathedrals, bunkers, or magnificent parks. Well done, Spaniards!

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