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Gustavo Rimada  Artista Mexicano ~ Coachella Valley @gustavo_rimada

This is my favorite picture of the great Frida Khalo. I took this at her exhibition with Diego at the Heard Museum in Arizona last year. It’s such a powerful and beautiful photo of her. Today marks 64 years since she passed. Rest in power Reina #fridakahlo #restinpeace #heardmuseum #arizona

Su Majestad. Finally after shipping orders and packing up my studio I am able to start on this piece for Haven Gallery in NY. It is for the Her Majesty Show next month. Hope I make the deadline 😬

White Rosa . Acrylic on approx 5x7 wood panel. ✌🏾

El Venado. Inspired by Frida Khalo’s famous wounded deer painting. I love the antique frame and was beyond excited to finally put it to use :) the painting is hanging inside my studio for today only during the Frida Khalo celebrations out here in Barrio Logan ! If you are in the neighborhood swing thru :) 2185 Logan Avenue studio 11 #fridakahlo #barriologan #sandiego #california

It’s crazy to think that my once little baby girl turned 9 today , I am so proud of the kid she is becoming ! I owe her everything that I am today. Happy birthday to my baby girl Benni !

Feliz cumpleaños Reina !!! Tomorrow from 3pm to 12pm my studio will be open . Swing thru if you are coming to Barrio Tomorrow for all the celebrations on the block ! 2185 Logan Ave studio 11 #fridakahlo #barriologan #sandiego #california

Small part of a large painting I am working on inspired by 3 sketches Frida did on her feelings towards the United States post world war 2. On my painting I want to capture those sentiments but in what’s going on today. The painting was meant for this weekends frida show at La Bodega but I had to put it aside a couple weeks ago when I realized I wasn’t gonna finish it in time. I wanted to post the only part of the painting did I finish “ los niños Héroes “ these brave souls that travel incredible distances to chase a dream , a flee from chaos and violence . I admire these children and their parents . As an immigrant myself I can’t help but put myself in their shoes an feel their pain. I don’t know where and when I will showcase this painting but it will be soon I promise you that . Thank you #immigrantchildren #sandiego #barriologan #sandiego #california

Lil ‘ Red. Acrylic on wood panel. Oldie but goodie #barriologan #sandiego #california

El Venado. Acrylic on wood panel. Antique wood frame. Painting will be on view in my studio this Saturday #fridakahlo #barriologan #sandiego #california

Acrylic on wood panel. Paintings is for La Bodegas Frida art show and celebration this Saturday. It is based on one of Fridas paintings I just changed some things . I will post more about this painting and it’s meaning later this week , I am on work mode right now and haven’t really gathered my thoughts about it #fridakahlo #barriologan #sandiego #california

Rosa Azul. Acrylic on wood panel. I got a couple more panels about twice as big as this little Rosita thatI will be painting soon :)

Little tiny blue rose. For my open studio next Saturday:) working on small paintings for that event ✌🏾

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