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Thank you for reminding me of where we are, and why we try so hard.

It's hard to explain, without sounding cheesy, but when I come out to Mt Tam, I feel grounded. There's clarity in all the complexity. No, my problems aren't solved, but my spirit feels calm and steady.
And though she's not as gigantic as Mt Tam, @issata is a force herself. She's been more of a steady rock than anything else out there. I always tell people, we are all so lucky she calls us her friends. Try to spot her next to the tree ;) #priime #priime_bluehour

Shooting fitness is another favorite of mine, where I can combine photography with something I'm passionate about. Sometimes shooting fitness isn't always just about heavy weights and grunting. A lot of it, like this shot, shows more than just a workout. In between sets of rows and crunches, I captured some portraits, though in this case sunglassed, that speaks volumes.
I've made staying fit and healthy a huge part of my life, where it's not a chore but something I look forward to every day. Maybe it comes from the fact that I was made very aware of my physical difference as a kid and wanted to change that, or just something I've found a love for. Either way, it has lead me to finding out the lengths of my pain tolerance, my ability to commit and follow through, patience, dealing with setbacks (like injury), and meeting incredible like minded friends such as @fithappyabs! She is a force at our @barrysbootcamp classes with @alvinholden8020 @nichole_b_peterson, and an inspiring supportive friend outside of the gym.
Anyway, check out my latest shoot with Abby on my latest @priime collection linked in my bio!

The @priime team has been hard at work developing the new Priime RAW app for iPad, to be released this week. I'm finally going to get some sleep. Look out for the final release in the App Store on Thursday! - full RAW editing. - 8ms draw times (unbeatable right now, even on desktop apps)
- wide color editing
- and a whole lot more

Can't wait to show it to everyone!

This is a photo from a recent hike up to Tam ;) The fog reaches forever!
#priime #priime_raw #priime_field

So much water and endless green as far as the eye can see.
#priime #priime_lr #priime_melbourne

It was a dream come true to visit the @georgiaaquarium this weekend. @issata was attending a conference here in Atlanta, so @lu5t and I met up with her for the weekend.
6 million gallon tank!? Just incredible. Seeing such majestic animals up close? Mind blowing.
Now I sit in the airport waiting for my super delayed flight back to SFO. What should I do for 3 hours? Maybe I should just go back to the aquarium for a few hours.
Photo edited with the new @priime Lightroom preset, Melbourne.

#priime #priime_melbourne #priime_lr

#OceanVoyager #sonyrx #sonyrxmoments #sonyrx1rm2

Someone asked me why centered photos look good when rule of thirds mean so much. Well, that isn't a rule that things are only desirable with this naturally occurring golden ratio, it's just one way to look at composition. But then again, centered also doesn't mean it isn't adhering to the rule. This photo I took of @klodid has a centered subject but also has a ton of 1/3 things going on.
Eyes right on the top third horizontal line, 2/3 of the wall on both sides, about 2/3 of body showing.

There's so much to making a photo, sometimes rules help, sometimes you bend them a bit. Sometimes you don't need them at all. Great things need a mix of science and emotion.

What do you think of the rule of thirds?

#priime #priime_melbourne

More work with shooting through wine glasses! It's really interesting to play with strange distortions and light refractions. Thanks to @emilywemilyw for the fun shoot. See my latest @priime collection with @emilywemilyw for more!

Lots of pit stops along the way home, because it looked like this.
#priime #priime_flock

This corner of @fithappyabs' beautiful home was too good not to photograph.
#priime #priime_cobalt

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