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A fantastic book I read in Erin Dionne's class at @montcollegeart along with Brave New World and The Giver. What an awesome semester! We were talking a lot about the Patriot Act then. #1984 #georgeorwell #surveillancestate #bigbrotheriswatching

The military jets fly so low so often. Scares the dogs.

My new puppy monster has kept me from my easel all week, but we're so in love with her!! I can't work around her. She'd try to eat a marker or stick her nose in my palette or get into some other mischief. She's a boss. πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸΎ

I thought this was an interesting shot.

Our new resident basset Shirley girl 😍😍


I hit the point where I just want the painting to be done already, so I stopped working. The surest way to ruin a piece is to keep working when I'm feeling impatient. It's getting close, but it's not there yet. #workinprogress #unfinishedpainting #petportrait

I started this piece last week. Finally moving away from markers and into some acrylics. I have no idea wtf I'm doing or where this piece is going. I've been trying to work on it when I'm feeling dizzy or when my head hurts because I don't give af about making a picture and just get to painting and exploring. Layers, layers, layers. This is going to morph so much more. #workinprogress #wip #acrylicpainting #unfinishedpainting #cells

The Getaway High Speed 2 is back up and running! #pinball #pinballwizard #getaway #getawayhighspeed2 #mancave #mcm

The camera doesn't pick up this strange yellow glow outside after the acid rain that just fell. It's hard to describe, but feels eerie and apocalyptic and just a bit off. The air is thick, and I can taste and smell the metals. This morning's cloud seeding made rain drops that were ginormous, and now I see peeks of blue sky beyond the artificial cloud cover after the quick shower ended. Just heard some thunder and now fighter jets. I knew yesterday after the chemtrails started to persist and stretch out in the sky that the temperature would plummet today and we'd probably get some precipitation. For a few days leading up to yesterday, aerosols were used to trap in the sun's heat and we had an intense, unnatural heat wave. When they spray to trap in the heat, it's more of a haze; the chemicals don't leave persistent lines in the sky. I saw an airplane fly into what looked like clear sky in front of the sun, but the plane got hidden behind a white chemical haze as it passed by. The sun felt so hot and intense on my skin - I guess that's the ozone being shredded by the metals. The weather is a yo-yo being played with by mad scientists. The sun scorched my strawberries and hydrangeas. Le sigh.

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